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April 30, 2011

The Rules Of The Game

If Washington politics is not about policy and compromise, what is it about? Let's find out

April 29, 2011

Court Upholds CA Car Emissions Standards

A federal appeals court upholds California's authority to set auto emissions standards for CO2 more stringent than the national standard. Learn more

Will Green Bonds Bloom?

Bonds to fund green private sector and infrastructure development could be financially fertile. Spend some time

Tornado Impacts: Known Knowns

While the cause and climate link of tornadoes remain unknown, the consequences of extreme weather are all too clear. Start here and Read more

China: Carbon Peak Ahead

China's carbon emissions could peak by 2030 while maintaining strong economic growth, according to a US study. Come on down

Mexico: Oil Importer?

Mexico could be an oil-importer within ten years instead of the third largest source of oil for the US. Stay tuned

April 28, 2011

Emissions Rise Slows

The rate of increased GHG emissions slows and the US won't hit 2005 levels again until 2027. Good news?

LA: Park It On A Freeway

Plans for the Hollywood Freeway Central Park, built atop a downtown highway (shades of NYC's High Line), are more than a dream.

Singapore: Low Carbon, Hot Tech

Singapore emerges as low-carbon, high impact ICT global hub. Visit

Concentrating Power

Exelon - not a fan of building nuclear power plants - buys Constellation Energy, becoming one of the nation's largest electric utilities. Plug in

EU Carbon Trading: Save or Scrap?

After six years of operation, the EU's carbon trading scheme is beset by critics but retains some support. Learn more

Copper: The New Green

A little something for everyone who cooks. It's material

April 27, 2011

NYC Trash Plan Not Loved

PlaNYC's ideas for what to do with Gotham's garbage arouses controversy. Stay tuned

Fukushima: Hotter Than Ever

Radiation levels hit new highs at Japan's disaster-disabled nuclear reactors. Get the latest

EV Batteries - Not Dead Yet

Research is underway to adapt electric car batteries too old for EVs for new uses. Plug in

Like Nuclear Power? Don't Read This

Rolling Stone paints a dire picture of the aging US nuclear generator fleet. Read it anyway

Saying No To VT Nuclear Power

Why would an electric co-op turn down the chance to buy cheap power from a Vermont nuclear generator? Look into it

Can't Eat From Dust Bowls

Soaring global food prices are becoming the new normal and this is not good news. Causes & consequences

Responding To PlaNYC

PlaNYC 2030 is a complex proposal, attracting wide-ranging reaction. Streetsblog it

April 26, 2011

Pilot Green Home Loan Program

A pilot energy efficiency home loan program to be launched by the Federal Housing Administration working through 18 lenders. Learn more

Export That Footprint

Under Kyoto Protocol rules, a country doesn't have to account for the carbon content of imported goods even as global trade grows. It adds up

Will France Fall Short?

France could fall way below its 2020 green energy goal if it doesn't cut red tape. Snip snip

Dare Not Speak Its Name

A federal report on a warmer and more drought-prone west shows how the Obama administration highlights the impacts of climate change without using the words. Psst

Smaller Is Beautiful

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Ford has a very good quarter due to energy-efficient car sales while rising gas prices cut Obama's poll ratings, but not Republicans numbers.

Tokyo: Summer Power Rationing

Tokyo hopes last summer's heat wave won't recur because this summer electricity might be rationed. Stay tuned

EJ v Cap & Trade

California environmental justice groups go to court to compel the state to consider alternate ways to cut CO2 emissions. EE News

April 25, 2011

China: Goldwind Blows Toward US

Goldwind, a Chinese wind turbine maker wins new orders in the US. What's the role of subsidies in green tech market growth?

Hot Britannia

England is set to have the warmest April on record. Whew!

The On And Off Problem

The intermittent nature of solar and wind power stresses nuclear and coal plant operators. Plug in

High Tech Teething Pains

Mayor Bloomberg's invitation to 27 universities to compete for opening a world-class high tech program gets mixed notices among local schools. Stay tuned

Everything You Want To Know About Smart Meters - But Are Afraid to Ask

The UK experience with smart meter programs Part One and Part Two

Oh Know!

A pubic opinion poll finds Americans are confident about their understanding of global warming, whether or not they think it's occurring. Believe it

April 24, 2011

Infra-depenent In Seattle

A Seattle public school cuts loose from the waste water system. Alpha testing?

April 22, 2011

Climate Costs: State By State

There's no question that climate change impacts will be costly, the only question is when to start paying. Find out what it will mean for your state

Why Buy Green

Some marketing strategies succeed for green consumer products Which ones?

Mother Love

Planet Earth, it's the only home we've got. Celebrate Earth Day 41 and make time for this faith-based Call to action

Good News In 30,000 Years

Research suggests that Earth systems can remove extra CO2 from the atmosphere in less than 100,000 years. Rush in

Capture Carbon In Clarkstown

Clarkstown, NY will be the home of one of eleven pilot projects to sequester CO2 emissions underground. Drill down

Celebrate Earth Day This Summer

Get a leg up on the 2011 volunteer NYC Cool Roofs project. Start here

April 21, 2011

PlaNYC 2030 2.0

Get the new PlaNYC 2030 version 2.0

Terminal Case

What explains the across-the-board failures of the environmental movement in national politics? Here's a menu

Investing In Renewables Transmission

Goldman Sachs will invest in a New Mexico power transmission line that must dedicate 30%, (around 6,000 MW) of its capacity to renewable energy. Climate Wire [Subscription]

Bulgaria: Too Much Of A Good Thing

Bulgaria seeks to slow the growth of renewable energy, claiming its electric grid is being overwhelmed. Really?

Exxon Predicts Nuclear Constant

Exxon sees nuclear power holding constant in the global energy mix over the next thirty years. Stay tuned

NYC's Solar Sliver

While NYC now has 5.7 megawatts of photovoltaic capacity, not nothing, it may never be a solar capital. Plug in

Bubble, Bubble, Toil And...

Check out some reactions to the Pennsylvania gas-extraction fracking blowout. Strange brew

When's Weather Climate?

Scientists tackle the threshold question of when are weather events evidence of climate change. Learn more

April 20, 2011

ARPA-E Applies Money To Ideas

The Energy Department's ARPA-E announces research projects with $130 in funding. Brain power

EVs In China's National Interest

A report prepared for the World Bank finds that wide-spread adoption of electric cars is in China's national interest an oil-importing country. Gear up

Germany: Chance For A Green Chancellor

With the soaring success of the German Green Party, who might become the next Chancellor? Stay tuned

Honing The Green Competitive Edge

The Citizens Budget Commissions explores the nexus between New York City's green agenda and its urban competitiveness. Fine print


If politics is the art of the possible, why are Germans willing to pay a premium for renewable energy while Americans are not? Look into it

EVs - Looking For A Plug

The major challenge facing electric vehicle owners is where to plug in and recharge. WSJ

Picturing Infrastructure

Pay a virtual visit to New York City's biggest sewage treatment plant, in sight and in mind. Just click

Texas Reactor Plans Shut Down

Even the prospect of federal loan guarantees is not enough to keep plans afloat for two new nuclear reactors in Texas. What's the problem?

April 19, 2011

The Yawning Climate Gap

The gap between people who identify as Democratic or Republican in holding that climate change is underway has become a chasm over the decade. Peer in

Greenpeace: Koch Update

Greenpeace updates its report on Koch family spending for climate denial, now totaling $55.2 million. Did the Kochs get their money's worth?

Rochester: Rx For Neighborhoods

Consider the lessons learned from a Rochester, NY neighborhood stabilization program rooted in green building upgrades. It's HOME

It's Guaranteed

A $2.1 billion federal loan guarantee makes a big difference for a California solar power project. For sure

Tracking Our Footprint

Citizens of developed nations use a bit less energy than they did twenty years ago, but the overall human footprint is growing Plug in

Black Swans And Nuclear Risk

Will a deeper understanding of plate tectonics impact the siting of nuclear power plants in east Asia? Look into it

April 18, 2011

Japan: Fukushima Takes Toll On PM

70% of respondents to a Japanese poll want the Prime Minister to step down due to the government's response to the Fukushima nuclear reactor and tsunami disaster. Learn more

Invisible Efficiency Heros

The success of the green building movement relies on the boilers and other machinery never seen by the public. Look into it

Italy: Nuclear City Opts For Solar

Montalto di Castro , home to the last nuclear generator built in Italy opts for a PV future. Plug in

Tracking Fugitive Emissions

The hydrofacking debates open a window onto scientific efforts to calculate life cycle and fugitive emissions impacts of many GHGs. Fine print

Put Cities To Work

Find out how US cities can incubate new manufacturing businesses, (green ones too). Report & case studies


Need help to figure out Local Law 84, the NYC building benchmarking law? Dial 311

April 19: C-Day

The Supreme Court signals it will rule against Connecticut and other states seeking to cut CO2 emissions from power plants. Get updated & look into the SCOTUS blog

China: Solar Boom

It's boom times in China both as a maker and market for PV equipment. Watch out west!

April 17, 2011

New York Loves Biophelia

Biophelia, learn from nature how to make materials, design builiding and zone cities, is a recipe for urban resilience. Wild!

April 15, 2011

Climate Fighters Fight Back

The League of Conservation Voters targets four House members who voted to strip EPA's climate regulating powers. Inside the beltway

April 14, 2011

Money Flows To Clean And Green

Investors are returning to clean power, efficiency and other green-themed projects after a lull. Spend some time

Won't Tweet, Can't Friend

Why are social media failing to spur an energy efficiency revolution? What a question!

The Eco Counter Offensive

Inside the Washington beltway, environmental advocacy groups gear up to target opponents and praise supporters of climate action. Get the latest

Let's Hear It For Latvia

With 36.5% of its energy coming from renewables, up from 5.45% in 1999, Latvia leads the EU. Hooray

Sunlight For Sustainability

Sunlight, in the form of abundant, high quality data on building energy performance is just what's needed to make cities centers of sustainability. Here's why

Mind The AC Gap

Buildings that hope to be energy efficient take a big hit on gaps created by window or wall-mounted air conditioners that mean $130-180 million in higher energy bills. Learn more & get the UGC report

April 13, 2011

The Green Envelope, Please

Who are the world's top ten climate capitalists? Find out

Tortoise Power

With a $168 million Google investment and a $1.6 billion federal loan guarantee, the only outstanding obstacle to a Mojave Desert solar project is 140 tortoises. Read slowly

Clinton-Bloomberg: The Urban Climate Connection

The Clinton Climate Initiative joins forces with the Bloomberg C40 to make cities labs for climate innovation and action. Reimagine metropolises

Korea: Promises, Promises

In 2008, South Korea announced its Green New Deal. Time to measure up

The Economics Of Fat Tails

Ecological economics tackles rare but high risk events like climate change. Fine print

Germany: A CCS Revival

The German government takes another shot at launching legislation to support the capture and storage of CO2 emitted from its coal-burning power plants. Stay tuned

Carbon In The Court

Read papers just filed by the Tennessee Valley Authority and electric utilities for the April 19 Supreme Court hearing of AEP v. CT.

April 12, 2011

Australia: Tax Or Cap Or What

Outlines appear for Australia's hybrid strategy to cut carbon emissions but much work remains. Devilish details

Make It Infra-Green

High performance buildings are only as green as their infrastructure. That's valid

The Greener Dry Cleaner

A New York City dry cleaner recycles hangers, provides reusable garment bags and more. Cheers

Poland: 17x19

For a country relying on coal for 19% of its electricity, the goal of getting 17 of Poland's power from non-fossil sources by 2019 is bold. Stay tuned

Natural Gas Debate Heats Up

After we reported last week on research findings about the big carbon footprint of natural gas, read today's story in the Times all the way down. Meanwhile, researcher frustrated by lack of access to good data

Energy Security:Getting It Right

The Bipartisan Policy Center identifies energy security and clean energy innovations as critical to the nation and calls for the management, metrics and accountability to succeed. Fine print

What's Your Energy Plan?

The National Journal seeks reactions to Obama's call for fossil fuel independence. Speak up

Spain: Solar Steam

Concentrated sunlight converts water to steam for generating electricity and the water stores heat for use on cloudy days. Hot stuff

This Is A Test

A Boulder, CO participant in the city's SmartGridCity program likes the concept, not the outcome. Plug in

Budget Woes For EPA and DOE Clean Energy

Buried in the $38 billion cuts to the federal budget is $1.6 billion slashed from the EPA, a 16% reduction from 2010 funding and DOE clean energy loan guarantees are imperiled. BTW, high-speed rail funding was zeroed out

April 11, 2011

Goldman Awards Announced

A German homemaker and four other global eco-activists are each awarded a $150,000 Goldman Prize. Five cheers

China Embraces Carbon Trading

China will launch a regional carbon trading program by 2013 and scale up to a national program by 2015. Intensity targets

UK: Not Nuclear Dependent

According to a UK government minister, delayed plans for new nuclear power plants will not stop the nation from meeting its GHG reduction targets. Plan B?

PS 166 Does It Again

For a second year in a row, PS 166 wins the Green Cup with energy cuts of 23.25%. Here's how

Climate Cred: Find A Different Messenger

With credence in climate change polarized by political affiliation In the US, there's a need to find a better messenger while polling finds an uptick in aspirations for climate action.

More Money For Clean Tech

Clean tech investments in the US are up and outpace those in Europe and Asia. Spend some time

Philly Navy Yard Gets Green Biz

The venerable Philadelphia Navy Yard is now home for a growing energy efficiency services company. Learn more


The Los Angeles Architecture + Design Museum mounts a decidedly unconventional exhibit on green building and electric vehicles. Review it

April 10, 2011

Big Frack-Footed

An academic study calculates that over a twenty year period the methane released by hydrofracking would have a carbon footprint like coal burning. Go figure

April 09, 2011

The Deal Behind The EPA Deal

As part of the deal to remove the Republican climate rider from the budget vote, Democrats agree to an interagency review of EPA impacts. Learn more

April 08, 2011

US: Climate Role Model

Russia and Japan say no to further Kyoto climate treaty commitments. Some model

Let's Move To Reykjavik

New calculations indicate that Reykjavik will be safe from rising sea-levels but New York City will take a bath. Hello Iceland

How To Get Some Respect

What would make elected officials take environmental protection more seriously? Consider this


Friday morning Twitter reports "GOP aides and Reid say #EPA #climate rider out of budget talks. More here while NYT focuses on "abortion funding" as the remaining budget dispute

Picture The Problems

What are the drawbacks of current energy options? LOL if you can

GE Goes For Thin Film PV

GE will build the largest thin film PV plant in the US by 2013, at a location not yet announced. Plug in

Trash Plan Cuts

Mayor Bloomberg wants to zero-out funds for trash-processing marine transfer stations , three of them slated for Manhattan. SWMP-ed

Choices Will Be Made

What are the energy sources that will fuel our future and how should choices be made?
Listen up

April 07, 2011

Sickness And Heat

In East Africa, malaria spreads as the climate changes. What's the connection?

Rocky Road To A Nuke-Free Germany

For the German Green Party in office, just saying no to nuclear power gets tricky. Stay tuned

The EUCA Connection

The EU and the state of California consider how to reduce carbon together though the Emissions Trading Scheme. Make more from less

Bald Eaglet Hatches

All together now AWWWWW!

EU: CO2 Emissions Rise With Room For More

If the aim of the EU-ETS is cutting carbon emissions, it did not work in 2010, with emissions up over 3% but still under the cap. Learn more

The Beginning Of The End

Could the tsunami of tea party-type attacks on climate action be on the way out? Look into it

UK: 53x19

The UK plans to install 53 million smart meters by 2019 and save consumers some money. Get wired

Break Out Of The Nerd Loop

Cringing at what passes for climate messaging. Start over

Subways A Bargain, Buses Not

The New York City subway system maximizes the use of every dollar but buses and commuter rail don't do as well according to the Citizens' Budget Commission. Travel in

Seeking Sustainability In Oberlin

In a world that seems less and less secure, Oberlin Ohio aims to make itself sustainable and resilient. High hopes

The Great Railroad Race

The race is on for getting the $2.4 billion in high speed rail funds rejected by Florida, including a $1.3 billion ask for improving service between Washington & Boston. Track it

April 06, 2011

Hot Pink Is The New North

Recent temperatures in northern polar regions are so high, NASA chart makers add a new color, hot pink Take a look

The UK Pulls The Plug

The UK cancels a PV feed-in tariff that would underpin its own projects. Solar suicide

Boston: Hot For Green Steam

Reviving an old technology for 21st century goals, Boston buildings can be warmed and cooled with waste steam from a Cambridge power plant. Co-gen lives!

Greening KKR

Often locked in battles with environmental advocates, the efforts of investment firm KKR to green its assets is 'a work in progress'. Look into it


Scientists discover that Pacific mangroves are world champions at soaking up atmospheric carbon. Learn more

The Obama Budget Promise - Not

Parsing press releases about what environmental budget provisions the President would veto turns up wiggle room.

More Digging, More Drilling, Less Oversight

The Republic budget scheme seeks to lift bans on fossil fuel extraction and defund industry oversight. Greenwire [Subscribers only]

April 05, 2011

Lower Manhattan Gets Green Mojo

With lease language to prove it, lower Manhattan becomes a green real estate magnet. Very attractive

Local Locavores

Read this blog on a NYC conference that digs urban farming. Start here

Climate Hearing Post-Mortem

Miss last week's House Republican hearings on climate science? Ministry of magic demystified

Solar Goals

The solar power industry goal is cutting costs by 50% over the decade to become competitive with fossil fuels. Stay tuned

The Acid Test

Grist asks, if the acid rain program didn't create pollution hot spots, why should the California cap and trade program? True or false

Arctic Ice Melt Is Climate Wild Card

As fresh water from melting Arctic ice enters the ocean, expect unexpected climate impacts. Dive in

Nixing Yucca Mt: Let's Investigate

Fred Upton, chair of the House Energy & Commerce Committee opens an investigation into the Obama Administration shut down of plans to store high level radioactive waste at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Imagine that

Spain: Wind Outpaces Nuclear

Last month, Spain got 21% of its electricity from wind and 19% from nuclear power. Plug in

Wind Faces Double Whammy

The recession and rock-bottom natural gas prices shrink opportunities for wind power expansion and talk of cutting renewable energy requirements doesn't help. WSJ

April 04, 2011

MDs See Health-Climate Link

Doctors are starting to see patients who's health is affected by climate change. Learn more

UAW Defends EPA

The United Auto Workers supports the EPA's authority to set fuel efficiency standards for vehicles and opposes the Upton bill. Stay with CAFE

Close The Courthouse Doors

Republican bills would overturn the right of environmental groups to recover legal fees if they win cases in federal court. Learn more

The Future Will Be Different

Face it. Energy will become scarcer and more expensive everywhere. What to do?

Working On The Railroad

California's high speed rail plans move along. Get on board

Sustainable Start-Ups

See a need for sustainable packaging? DIY

A Rose By Any Other Name

Are pollsters right who say activists should avoid the words "climate change"? Sniff sniff

Fukushima: Biggest Blow Of All

UBS AG calls the Fukushima disaster the worst thing that ever happened to the nuclear power industry. Here's why

Germany's Nuclear NIMBY

With Its nuclear power plant moratorium, Germany becomes a net importer of nuclear power from neighboring nations. Plug in

Q: What Costs More Now?

A: One barrel of oil, at its highest price in two years. Buy in

EU: Carbon Trading Challenged

An American-based airline challenges the EU's right to add foreign aviation emissions in the carbon trading scheme. Friendly skies?

April 02, 2011

Climate Denial Shocker

When a researcher funded by the Koch brothers testitied at the House climate hearings, his warming trend data looked a lot like data reported by other climate scientists. Muller that

Vertical Factories: Yesterday and Tomorrow

An exhibit of how cities like New York once built factories -- vertically -- offers ideas for a future of urban-scale industiral design. Visit

April 01, 2011

Blowing Our Way

Plans to create an offshore wind power transmission system running from Virginia to New York City take a step forward. Tap In

Kill The Messenger

Consider the costs and consequences of cutting funds for climate research & data-gathering government agencies like NOAA because of political hostility to climate action. Start here

Frack Freeeze In France

France halts plans to permit hydrofracking to prospect for natural gas. For good?

From Coal To Biomass

Dominion, a Virginia-based power producer, plans to convert three plants from coal-burning to biomass for 150 MW of electricity. Here's why

NYC: Time To Recycle E-Waste

This is not an April Fool's joke, it's the law. Got a problem with that?

Q: Why Should EPA Regulate GHGs?

A: Because it's the law. Lisa Jackson interview