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March 31, 2011

EPA Budget: Rumors Fly

Will Obama ok cuts into EPA's power to regulate GHGs as part of a budget deal? Look into it

Psst! Wanna Cross This Bridge

With a national bridge survey flagging Verrazano-Narrows' deficiencies, state budget woes create worries about undertaking repairs. Drive in

UK: GHG Emissions Soar

2010 saw UK GHG emissions rise by 21%, the biggest jump in decades. What's up?

Is Science Being Taught In Our Schools?

The House Science Committee climate hearings are deadly serious, but The Onion front page will make you LOL

Tepco TipToes Out Of Texas

Tepco, the Japanese company that owns the Fukushima nuclear plants, will exit from a new Texas project. Step in

A New Kind Of Friendly Skies

The climate impact of business-as-usual for the aviation industry signals changes ahead. Land here

Energy: Finding A Way Forward

This page will link to a changing menu of US energy policy ideas over the next few days. The nuclear debate rages on.Monbiot v Caldicott Let'sspend less on gas How to spend less for gas Developers of new coal-fired power plants promise new jobs for the host community Do they deliver? One key to effective energy policy is high performance building

Research Horizons

Climate research suggests a zero global net loss of arable land over time, but specific local factors - like which lands will prove fertile - are unknown. Fine print

March 30, 2011

Certain Facts About Uncertainty

Don't let uncertainties in climate science rattle you. A scientist explains it all for you

China: Less Nuclear

China now favors scaling back its plans for building new nuclear power plants. Learn more

The High Speed Rail Rationale

The trend for Americans to live in mega-cities makes the case for building a high-speed rail system. Concentrate

Funds For Nuke Waste Untouched

A $24 billion fund for managing nuclear fuel waste cannot be spent to help manage 70,000 tons of spent fuel stored at reactors sites. Puzzled?

Bank Predicts Emply Oil Barrel

HSBC predicts the world is on a path to run out of oil in fifty years, with painful price shocks along the way. NYT

EU: Drive Them Away

The EU announces a goal of eliminating gas-powered cars from member-nation cities by 2050. Free at last

Obama: 33x21

President Obama calls for the US to cut its oil imports one third over the coming decade in the name of energy security. Here's a first reaction

In Defense of Nuclear Power

The International Energy Agency makes the case for nuclear power. Here it is

Germany: Pivot On Nuclear Power

German political parties find new unity in demands to abandon nuclear power. Stay tuned

Power Politics At NYPA

Will there be a change in leadership at the New York State Power Authority? Look into it

March 29, 2011

SFO: Eat Before Flying

San Francisco's new LEED Gold airport terminal will offer sustainable and local food. Dig in

The Good News: Fukushima Isn't Chernobyl

The bad news from Japan's crippled nuclear reactors is bad enough. Stay current

Looks Like A Leaf

MIT scientists invent an artificial leaf that uses photosynthesis to power a house. Plug in

Follow The Clean Money

Which are the top ten nations for attracting clean energy investments and how do they compare? Find out

March 28, 2011

EPA Support In Purple States

Poll finds 63% of respondents in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania support EPA regulation of industrial GHGs. Dig in

Sydney: Precinct Power

A controversial plan advances in Sydney Australia, or dense, but energy efficient development able to send electric power to where its most needed. Learn more

Conservatives Use The O Word

ObamaRail is becoming the new ObamaCare for the right. Why is 'rail' a four letter word?

CEO: Europe Must Regulate To Go Green

A French executive warns the EU that regulations are needed to support green economic growth or China will dominate it. Plug in

India: Tiger Popuation Up

OK, this story has nothing to do with urban sustainability, but it shows how tricky environmental measurement and verification can be. Roar in

Germany: Watch What You Wish For

Will German election results lead to burning more coal? Stay tuned

Come To The Fair

The 2014 East River Cleantech Expo aims to bring the world to New York City and make some changes. Start now

Energy Efficiency: Making It Work

Which policy options ensure that building energy efficiency laws really deliver? Find out

March 26, 2011

Japan: Spring Forward

To cope with rolling electric blackouts following the earthquake, Japan may adopt daylight savings time. Get set

March 25, 2011

Testing, Testing

NYC muni buldings will be test site for brand new energy efficiency products and for boosting local employment. 1,2, 1,2,

Some Like It Off

A California utility bows to customers who oppose smart meters in their homes by offering to turn the devices off. Oh

EV Power

Forget batteries to power electric cars, think ultracapacitors. Ultra what?

Republican Support For The EPA

Former EPA chiefs who served under Republican presidents defend the agency and oppose stripping its regulatory powers. Anyone listening?

France's Nuclear Embrace

Will France start to shift away from its dependence on nuclear power? Look into it

Norway: Hydro-power Alert

Two years of low rain fall imperils the hydro-power system Norway relies upon for domestic electric and its role as Europe's 'green battery'. Plug in

Breathing Can Cause Death

Research finds that people with lung transplants who live near large traffic arteries are more likely to die from organ failure than other recipients. Learn more

Make Your Vote Count

Vote in Treehugger's 2011 poll for the best green watchdogs, green blogs, green policies (you get the idea). The ballot

NYC's Ambitious Waterfront Plan

A serious plan for remaking New York City's waterfront and its relation to the rest of the metropolis merits serious consideration. Dive in

The 2012 Climate

Reviewing the climate records of potential Republican Presidential contenders turns up some surprises, but not many. Look back

Choices Will Be Made

Join the tough, fractious and critical discussion about making energy choices. Think hard & learn more about the next generation of nuclear power plants slated for Georgia.

City Centers 2025

Pay a virtual visit to the world's leading cities of 2025. Enter here

March 24, 2011

Japan Could Go Icelandic

Iceland, a very geologically active nation, relies geothermal power -- should Japan? Look into it

Koch Lab Gets RGGI CO2 Dollars

A new MIT lab building named for David Koch gets energy efficiency technology with the help of state RGGI dollars. Any objection?

Less Arctic

The maximum expanse of Arctic sea ice for the winter of 2010-2011 ties with the all-time low. Dip in

International Wind Power Deal Dies

A joint venture with German and Indian firms to develop wind power collapses. Spin out

Call To Free NRC From Captivity

Citing a New York Times Op-Ed, Climate Progress calls for a freeing the Nuclear Regulatory Commission from its history as an industry-captured government agency.

UK Carbon Tax Aids Nukes and Renewables

A new UK tax creates a guaranteed price for carbon while boosting revenue for nuclear and renewable power suppliers. Pay in

March 23, 2011

Greening A Greene House And More

A 1903 house built by Charles & Henry Greene gets a sustainable restoration. and Carnegie Hall renovations go for LEED Silver

China: April Is Atomic Month

China will start construction of a helium-cooled nuclear power plant in April, adding to its current 10.82 GW reactor fleet Fired up

UK: Caving In On Zero

The UK will go lax on definitions of zero-carbon homes to satisfy developers. Criteria count

Japan's Energy Plans

According to official sources, Japan will stick with nuclear power, seeing blackouts as the only alternative. WSJ

Feel The Burn

New York City revives the idea of incinerating or using other technologies to get rid of its waste. Won't keep on truckin

Cap and Trade Derailed

A court order in California may succeed, after a voter referendum failed, in halting the state's carbon cap and trade program. Explain that

March 22, 2011

Rethinking Nuclear Safety

What are the greatest dangers posed by US nuclear power plants? Look into it

Germany: CO2 Ups and Downs

Germany's CO2 emissions were up 4.8% last year, but down from 2008 levels. Please explain

War On Wheels

Need a break from news about foreign wars? Cycle to New York's bike lane battles

UK: Carbon Capture Defunded

The UK drops plans to finance carbon capture projects with utility bill surcharges, saying carbon market revenues will have to do. Stay tuned

Rewrite To Get It Right

Senators Bingaman and Murkowski circulate a clean energy policy White Paper seeking public input on what to do. Learn more

A New Climate-Flood Link

UK researchers find people who have been in floods are more concerned about climate change. Are you experienced?

India: PV Floats

India will use an Australian technology for a PV power plant that floats on water. Smart or stunt?

Built In 1909, LEED Gold Today

In New York City, renovations at a 102-year old building earn LEED Gold for Core and Shell. Never too old

March 21, 2011

Above The Waterline

Can the Mayor's new waterfront plan make New York City more reslient when faced wtih higher tides and fiercer storms? Find out

Touch The Earth

The Tangible Earth is a computerized media installation that offers new ways to see our planetary situation. Get terrestrial

The Sports Pages

Six major league sports organizations join up to form the Green Sports Alliance. Play ball

St. Paul Gets Solar

Built with federal stimulus funds, St Paul, Minnesota unveils a one megawatt solar thermal installation. Get connected

NYC's Bike Lane Battle

To deploy economics arguments in the NYC bike lane battle, the external costs of cars must be included. The Economist

UK: The Color Of Money

Will UK funding for its Green Investment Bank be just Pale green?

France: Trust In Nuclear Power

A poll by the state-owned electric utility finds French public opinion favors domestic nuclear power 55-45%. Learn more

London: Making A Green Run

The UK Green Party picks a candidate to run for the Mayor of London. Who is she?

Uranium Prices Plunge

In the wake of Japan's nuclear power woes, the price of uranium mining shares sinks 15-20%. Dig in

March 18, 2011

Britta's Windowfarms

A New York City, web-savvy, eco-entrepreneur would like to sell you her windowfarm. Grow with crowdsourcing

Turkey: Undeterred

In the wake of Fukushima and a history of 14 earthquakes over the last century, Turkey affirms its plan for Russia to build it a nuclear power plant. Really?

Japan: High Speed Good News

Outside the earthquake epicenter, Japan's high speed train system was resilient and safe. All aboard

Blowing Our Way

New wind power capacity in the US is just behind that of new natural gas plants and competitive cost cutting ideas are circulating. Plug in

A New Google Search

Google Ventures puts $20 million into developing mobile refineries that make biofuels from wood chips and agricultural waste. Don't be evil

Compare Chernobyl And Fukushima

Design features of the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear power plants shed some light on different ways things can go wrong. Let's hope

Radiation-Illness Unknowns

Medical understanding of how radiation exposure makes people sick is incomplete. Learn more

Green Tide Ebbs

The list of lost green initiatives keeps on growing. Come on down

March 17, 2011

World: Nuclear Reactor Map

Check out this map that tags every planned, opened or shut nuclear power plant on the planet. Get the picture

Scotland: Tide Power Coming In

Scotland okays construction of the world's biggest tide-powered electric generator in the outer Hebridies. Dip in

Will Turkey Nix Nuke Plants?

Greenpeace urges Turkey, an earthquake-prone nation, to drop plans for developing nuclear power while the country agrees to a sustainability plan with the European Reconstruction and Development Bank.

Learning From Nuclear 'Near Misses'

The Union Of Concerned Scientists reports on fourteen 'near misses' at US nuclear power plants in 2010 and identifies what worked for the NRC and what did not. Fine print

The Science Terminators

Nature fears the Congressional rush to overturn EPA's authority to regulate GHGs shows science has lost its power to convince. Stay tuned

Illuminating Light Bulb Standards

Separate fact from fiction on federal light bulb efficiency standards. That's bright

North Pole: Theater of War?

The US Navy is warned that melting polar regions could be a magnet for international conflict in a race for natural resources. Strategic thinking

March 16, 2011

Making It Safer to Inhale

The EPA proposes limits on mercury lead, arsenic, chromium and other airborne toxic emissions from coal-fired power plants and the usual suspects object. Absorb that

China: Amber Light For New Nukes

China suspends construction approvals for nuclear generators pending new safety rules. Stay tuned

An Inconvenient Question

The New Republic asks "Do we need nuclear power?" The answer is...

Ferries Make A Splash

Is more ferry service a feasible transit option for New York City? Look into it

The iBank Idea

A proposal for a national infrastructure bank has numerous supporters, but its prospects are uncertain. Invest some time

Global Energy: The Known Unknowns

The unfolding disaster is Japan is just one part of the instability facing world energy supplies and markets. Consider this

March 15, 2011

NYC Covers The Waterfront

New York City launches a plan for its 520 mile long waterfront with short and long terms goals. Get it here

25 Energy Star Cities

See if you live in a city that's a top Energy Star and how much you're saving on carbon emissions. The list

EZ Job Creation

Consider the argument that investment in mass transit is a key job growth strategy for New York. Where's the Gov?

EU: Carbon Market At 2-Year High

The price of CO2 emissions trading permits is at its highest since 2008 in the EU-ETS. Blip or trend?

GHG: No Threat, No Rules

An amendment to the House bill to strip EPA's power to regulate GHG's specifies that it goes into effect only if climate change won't hurt the US economy. Follow Matsui

Cali: Shake Rattle and Roll

Operators of two California nuclear power plants claim their facilities are built to withstand strong earthquakes. Elvis lives!

Powering Ahead On Nuclear Power

The Department of Energy affirms its support for nuclear power. Learn more

Some Nuisance

State Attorneys General, respondents in the upcoming Supreme Court hearing on whether CO2 emissions will be declared a common law nuisance, ask the Court not to act. Get briefed

March 14, 2011

Is California Dreaming?

It's going to take a lot of efficiency to cut California's GHG emissions 80% by 2050. Start here

Germany: Aging Out The Atom

Reversing its position on repermitting 17 old nuclear power plants, Germany will review their safety and reconsider its energy policy. WSJ UPDATE: Seven pre-1980 plants to be shut

Before The Disaster

A WSJ poll conducted last month found elimination of subsidies to build nuclear power plants topped the list of federal spending cuts ideas. Check it out

Debating Disaster

Although it's too soon to know the full extent of what happened or will happen at Japan's crippled nuclear power plants, the debate over lessons learned has begun. Start here & Don't stop

When Solar Isn't Simple

Realizing the dream of using North African sun to power Europe is going to be complicated. Look into it

March 13, 2011

Korea: Smart Infrastructure

South Korea installs wireless sensors to gather data on conditions of bridges and other infrastructure facilities. Measure to manage

March 11, 2011

French Fracking

France extends a moratorium on the use of hydrofracking for fossil fuels until June 15. Learn more

Drilling Is Not A Plan

Obama calls for a comprehensive plan to ensure America's energy future. Stay tuned

Real World Experiment

Scientists don't know much about the impact of acidifying oceans on marine life, but with more CO2 entering the world's waters, they will find out. The acid test

Utility Invesments Clouded By Uncertainty

Will financing of American utilities become easier with CO2 emissions rules? Look into it

Creative Destruction

John Stewart grills Rand Paul about the benefits of having environmental laws. Watch it

60 Is The New 40

Action on a federal green light permitting the 40-year old Vermont Yankee nuclear generator to run for another 20 years could be halted by the state legislature. Forever young?

March 10, 2011

What Republicans Want

House Republicans want to pass energy legislation based on the premise that what America needs now is more domestic drilling for fossil fuels. And don't forget Senator Inhofe

The Devil's In The Details

Crafting regulations after a law is key ot its impact and the public has the right to comment on New York City's draft building Benchmarking law rules by March 21. Fine print

Russian Heat Wave

A new scientific paper finds last summer's blistering Russian heat wave was not the result of global warming, but it is a warning of what a hotter world will be like. Whew!

Small Reactor Legislation

What's in the Senate bill for developing and demonstrating small modular nuclear reactors? Find out

Mad Men Pitch Rail

Mad Men make the pitch for high speed rail.. Sold!

Under The Ice Sheets

Drill into the scientific meaning of recent findings about Antarctic ice. Who knew!

PA: Fracking Anyone?

Pennsylvania's pending budget bill would grant the Department of Community and Economic Development, headed by a former energy industry executive, power to 'expedite any permit or action pending in an agency where the creation of jobs may be impacted'. Drill down

March 09, 2011

Rate That Building

Check out this library of building rating systems and how they cam make performance comparisons possible. Off the shelf

Fission Ahead

A bi-partisan Senate bill would accelerate construction of small modular nuclear reactors by pre-approving specific designs and other means. [E&E Daily 03.09, Subscribers only]

Trouble Ahead

The US fuel-oil supply chain is seizing up and prices could soar. Look into it and then Look out

Build Better Mousetraps

Inventors and investors at MIT's green tech conference hope the start-up world will beat path to their door. Knock, knock

Fill 'Er Up With Hydrodgen

The UK rolls out a road test of hydrogen-powered vans. Look under the hood

Think Outside The Box-Paint Your Roof

What do climate change action, peak oil, economic security and painting your roof white have in common? Here's what

Food, Drink & Fuel

Soon, Japanese vending machines will be plug-in refueling sites for electric cars. Get connected

Science Fails

Scientists' testimony on climate change at Congressional hearings falls on deniers' deaf ears. Say what?

March 08, 2011

LNG Export Venture

A South African firm and a Canadian natural gas driller explore a project to covert natural gas to LNG for export. No more imports?

Let's Talk It Over

Social scientists look for ways to talk with climate doubters to prevent long-term political deadlocks. Fine print

On The Cusp Of Crisis

The Chairman of the Hess Corporation warns industry executives and politicians about a global energy crisis likely to be triggered by oil demand. Pay attention

A Paradox Makes The Point

Frigid temperatures in the Bering Sea offer insights into the workings of climate change. Dive in

EPA To OK: Scrub Or Switch

EPA orders coal-fired power plants in Oklahoma to add emissions scrubbers or switch to natural gas. Stay tuned

NYC's Conversion Experience

With final rules on the way, New Yorkers will soon be converting their boilers from dirty, unhealthy #6 home heating oil to cleaner #4 oil or something even better. Do it!

Spotlight On ARPA-E

Want to learn more about recent developments at ARPA-E, the federal agency created to fund the research and development of cutting edge energy technologies? Plug in

Shareholder Power

Twenty public-traded US firms agree to comply with the demands of shareholder environmental resolutions. Stock up

Live Blog Of House Climate Science Hearings

Can't be there? Keep up with them here & get the legal ABC's on what the Clean Air Act can and cannot do

UK: Green Collar Apprentices

The UK will fund the training of 1,000 young apprentices learning how to insulate homes and save energy. Learn more

March 07, 2011

WSJ: Not The Paper Of Record

What happens when the Wall Street Journal prints an article about the EPA that contains factual errors? Look into it

UAE: Solar Power Potential

Abu Dhabi and European investors raise $600 million for a 100 MW concentrated solar plant in the UAE. Plug in

From Farmhouse To Your House

Since sustainable cities can't survive without productive farms, the impact of climate change on agriculture is a critical matter. Make a connection

Australia: Semi-High Performance

Australia leads on high performance commercial buildings but lags on green homes. No worries?


What can US cities learn form 120 cities around the world with bus rapid transit systems? Enter here

EU: Carbon Goals Without Means

While the EU upholds its GHG cutting goals, it is silent on how to use permits to achieve them. Learn more

March Madness - Capitol Climate Week

This could be a pivotal week for the EPA and climate action in Washington. Don't miss Tuesday's climate science hearings while Waxman waxes wroth.

NYC: Benchmarking Begins

The deadline for owners to submit the first annual report measuring building energy and water use is May 1 and compliance consultants are in high gear.


Here's how to link communities with investors to forge a local, livable, sustainable future. Step-by-step

March 04, 2011

UK: Shifting From Coal

Now, biomass is 12% of the fuel burned in the UK's biggest coal fired power plant. Learn more

Save Our EPA Funding!

Follow the trail of EPA's proposed budget cuts that Republicans want to restore.

China: Infrasructure Diplomacy

China is building a high speed rail link to Laos. Fast company

Less Sunny Italy

An Italian government decree ends subsidies for solar power installations on May 31. Why?

Anatomy Of A Cut

California utilities have come close to meeting the current target of getting 20% of their power from renewables. Here's how

Closed-Loop Messaging

Grist raises the alarm that climate change advocates haven't learned the important lessons of Climategate. Get it

Glory Fails

Glory, the NASA satellite for measuring aerosols and studying how the Sun interacts with the atmosphere to anticipate future climate change impacts, failed to achieve orbit after its launch. Come on down

Built That Way

These 1899 drawings illustrate that density and verticality are in Manhattan's DNA. Enjoy

March 03, 2011


Scientists rethink the behavior of glaciers and its implications for climate studies. Chill

Destination Gowanus

Despite its designation as a Superfund site, new housing (some LEED-rated) is being built and bought near the Gowanus Canal. And away we go

The Price Of Oil Addiction

The UK faces the worst economic shock in forty years as oil soars to $100 a barrel. Time to detox

Pressure Eases On EPA

A key House Republican says he will drop restrictions on EPA's climate program to get a budget deal. Stay tuned

Eye Witness News

New Yorker Bruce Rosen attended this week's City Council oversight hearings on hydrofracking for natural gas upstate and took some notes.

Fracking Abroad

The US is not the only nation where hydrofracking for natural gas extraction arouses controversy. Drill down

Effiiciency Investment Leaders

In 2010, public sources, not private investments, dominate energy efficiency investments around the globe. Trend or blip?

Navy Green

The Navy urges the military to go green as an essential part of enhancing national security. Aye-aye

Fracking For Oil

Domestic oil production is at its highest level since 2002, with extraction boosted by hydrofracking. The new normal?

LA Lights Up

Los Angeles goes green, saves money and grows jobs by converting its streetlights from incandescents to LEDs. See here

March 02, 2011

What's New At ARPA-E

Catch up with what's happening at ARPA-E on the new energy technology front. Dr. M explains it all for you

Carbon Market Failure

The once-lively European carbon emissions trading market is moribund. What can save it?

Tell Me Why

It's official - warmer worldwide temperatures create more moisture in the atmosphere which in turn fuel heavier winter snows and spring floods. And that's not all

Not The SOS

Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers wants to see major federal R&D dollars go toward making wind and solar power as cheap as coal. Learn more

More Power To The NY People

A long-stalled plan to bring more electricity into New York City from New Jersey gets the green light. Plug in

UK: Time To Measure Up

With homes and government buildings being energy benchmarked and making the results public, commercial buildings to do the same. It's right to know

More Oil For The Capitol

The House votes to end use of biodegradable cafeteria utensils and replace them with oil-based styrofoam products.

Is This For Real?

Ever wish you could figure out if the promises made by promoters of new energy tech products are credible? Start here

Toronto: Seeing The Subway

Toronto raises the bar on new subway design. Enter here

March 01, 2011

Schwarzenegger: Overturn The Old Energy Order

As collapsing of old regimes making headlines, Arnold Schwarzenegger calls on ARPA-E to end the old energy order and advance better times. Stay tuned

Biophilia For City Life

What is biolphilia and how can it make our cities places of resilience? Find out

With Friends Like These

While Senator Murkowski praises ARPA-E, she opposes funding requested by President Obama for cutting-edge energy technologies. No!

Remix For Swiss Power Mix

With four aging nuclear power plants and domestic controversy over their replacement, Swiss hydropower may no longer be on tap for export. Look into it

WI Power Plants For Sale?

Wisconsin Governor Walker wants to sell state-owned power plants and Koch Industries might be in the market. Pay to play

Sustainable Is The New Black

Don't miss the latest trend, greening the apparel supply chain! Timeless