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February 28, 2011

A Win-Winner

RGGI, the ten state compact that auctions carbon emissions, has raised $404 million to fund energy efficiency products. Learn more

Iceland: Harnessing Volcanos

Iceland considers how to capture the power of its volcanoes for generating electricity and sending it to Scotland. Hot stuff

What Went Wrong

Another installment in the Destiny development debacle. More soon

Financing For Energy Efficiency

Looking for ways eliminate the up-front-cost barrier of making buildings energy efficient? Look here

China: Weigh Enviro Impact of Plans

China sees the need to shift toward rating project proposals on their carbon footprints as an economic imperative. Look ahead

Supply The Demand

Expecting growing demand in the UK market, a German PV manufacturer builds a plant in Kent. Plug in

Fracking Follow-Up

Some thoughts in the wake of the major investigative report on hydrofracking in the New York Times Testing, testing

February 26, 2011

Midwest Loves Mideast

US farmers who raise corn and soybeans, feedstock for bio-fuel, set to profit from high global oil prices. Plow in

February 25, 2011

ESCO Education For NYC

Energy service companies offer to remove PCB laced lighting fixtures from New York's schools at no up-front cost to the City. Plug in

California Break In

California is set to raid its dedicated low income and energy efficiency improvements kitty and put the money in the state's general fund. Bye bye

Conservative Call For Conservation

Bob Inglis calls for an energy conservation tax to support national security.

Buyer's Remorse

The German nuclear power industry has second thoughts about a law that extends the life of old plants and imposes a tax to support alternative energy. Learn more

Sydney Cycles

By 2016, car-dependent Sydney Australia will have a 200 kilometer bike lane network. Pedal in

A Nuclear Provocation

With headlines aflame over imperiled access to mid-east oil, this provocateur's paean to nuclear power is timely. Ready?

February 24, 2011

Tell Me Why

Scientists and media professionals try to determine why Americans remain unconvinced about the findings of climate research. Listen in

Breakthrough Breakdown

The Breakthrough Institute attack on energy efficiency, based on the idea that more efficiency lowers costs, which leads to more consumption, doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Get it straight

Live In A Green House

Check out this NYC resource guide for greening your home, staying healthy and saving money. It's easy

Germany: The Great Coal Rush

The EU's carbon trading system induced a building boom of new coal fired power plants in Germany by distributing free emissions permits in 2005 Look into it

Not A Leg To Stand On

A Commerce Department report is the latest investigation to conclude that Climategate charges against government researchers were baseless. End of story

Campus CHP Stars

The EPA gives Energy Star awards to three university campus combined heat and power projects. Rah rah rah

Denmark: Yes We Can

Denmark sides with England and other EU countries seeking stricter climate goals and its economic benefits. The green team

The Three Rules Of Green Real Estate

Location, location & location. Home rules

UK: Cheers For High Speed Rail

A government proposal to link London to Birmingham with high speed rail wins business support. Get on board

Looking For Something To Read?

Here's a short list of websites and books on climate science for all you general readers. Start here

Australia: Carbon Tax Coming

Australian Prime Minister Gillard vows to have a carbon tax in place next year. Details ahead

Antarctica: 20 Century Explorer, 21 Century Science

New studies of tiny sea creatures collected by an early 20th century Antarctic explorer reveal increases in CO2 on the ocean floor. Climate clues

February 23, 2011

2010: More Climate Disasters

Insurance giant Swiss Re calculates that 2010 was a record-maker for climate-linked losses around the world. Risky business

From AC To DC, Only Better

Is there a way to cut energy losses when an electronic gadgets convert AC power for use as DC power. Google it

Nuclear Power Fans

An industry-sponsored poll finds wide support for nuclear power and there's even more support for government loans to develop low-carbon energy projects. Learn more

Can A Canal Come Clean?

Consider what it will take clean up the notoriously polluted Gowanus Canal Wade in

Hybrid Math

How long will it take a car owner to make back in fuel savings the up-front cost of a hybrid? It depends

France: Nuclear Make-Over

In the face of stiff international competition, France will modernize its nuclear power industry. Plug in

Waiting For The Bus

Just as New York City's job and population takes off outside Manhattan, bus service is lagging. Hop on

EU: Market Reacts to 25x20 Plan

EU carbon trading market players are divided over the proposal to set a target of cutting overall CO2 emissions 25% by 2020. Priceless

Signal or Static?

Research detects a price signal in rental and purchase values for green, high performance buildings. Fine print

February 21, 2011

If Market Failures Are The Problem

Can market tools solve the 'problem of the commons' when it comes to enivronmental protection? Ask Professor Stavins

Cut Cabon To Grow

A UN report makes the case that greener economies have rosy prospects. The 2% solution

DIY Food

Umbra reports on DIY yogurt without any electric gadgets. Be part of the solution

In Praise Of H.R. 61

Amending the federal tax code is the linchpin of a cleaner, more self reliant domestic energy policy. De-code this

122 Million Dollar Green Build Investigation

The IRS investigates a developer who promised everything green In Syracuse, NY. Destiny's fate?

Bank Launch Languishes

The UK government proposal to establish a green infrastructure bank inches along. Stay tuned

UN's Green Price List

Getting specific about a recharging a global economy and making it climate-smart, the UN lists sector by sector costs. Spend some time

Behind The Green Curtain

The latest wave of green journalists look behind the press releases, but issue fatigue is a problem. Report in

February 20, 2011

The Great Indoors

A San Francisco office building will treat its wastewater indoors wiith power from its solar panels and reuse the treated water for non-drinking water functions. Living machinery

February 18, 2011

Look Here!

Take a tour of some awesome-looking clean power generators. What's not to like?

Some Like It Hot

House Republicans line up to vote on bills that would strip away EPA's climate powers. Showdown soon

Ikea: Power Generator

Ikea will build wind turbines to create electricity for its seventeen stores in Sweden. What about Red Hook?

Covering The Climate Beat

Revkin looks at how the media covers big climate science stories. Decode it

Deep Heat Rising

Research suggests that warming deep ocean waters help explain observed global sea level rise. Dive in

What's The Score

The League of Conservation Voters does an annual eco-rating of members of Congress. Here's how things played out in 2010

February 17, 2011

And The Break Even Number Is...

If oil costs $100 a barrel, investments in carbon-cutting clean energy and carbon start to pay off, according to a senior UK official. Adds up

Too Cheap To Meter?

With rising demand from China, global uranium prices are predicted to hit new highs and stay there. Count on it

California Market Skeptics

Will California's cap and trade program succeed in shrinking its carbon footprint through market choice and innovation? Consider this

Quick Calculations

Compare Republican and Obama budget proposals for energy programs. Advocate with authorizations

Going To Extremes?

A comment about the science behind the headlines on extreme weather events and climate change. Fine print

Kill The Messenger

The House votes to slash $8.4 million from the GHG registry budget. Why might that be?

Incubating Clean Tech Biz

What's the secret to the success of six ARPA-E supported clean tech start ups able to attract $4 of private investment for every $1 of public money? Look into it

Amazon Tipping Point

A mass die-off of trees in the Amazon caused by last year's drought could mean a critical loss of CO2 absorbing capacity for the planet. Lost horizons?

Winning The Word War

While climate activists cast around for catchier monikers, US climate deniers are on a roll. Warm up here

Is Diesel Soot The New Black?

Diesel-powered generators used at New York Fashion Week raise environmental and health concerns. The latest thing

February 16, 2011

More PV Power For Gulf State

Abu Dhabi to get another 100 MV of new solar voltaic power in 2013. Plug in

Scarce Oil?

Exxon's purchase of a company with significant oil reserves suggests that it's getting harder to find new supplies. Drill down

ETA For 2nd Ave Subway?

Decades in the making, the Second Avenue Subway is on the way. Swipe here

Boulder: Invest In A Green Campus

Investment in a revolving loan fund to improve energy efficiency at a college campus in Boulder, Colorado pays off. Get smart

Tighten Market Security

In the wake of recent frauds, Britain urges the EU to improve security of its carbon emissions trading registries. Must trust

First Galileo Now Climate Science

Are Republicans going down the same path on climate science as the religious establishment that declared the astronomer Galileo a heretic? Move on

Haul That Waste!

Three states challenge a Nuclear Regulatory Commission policy allowing long-term storage of waste fuel at power plants. Away we go

South Warms To Nuclear Power

The first wave of new US nuclear power plants to be built in decades is concentrated in southern states. Watts up?

February 15, 2011

Sacramento Schools Get A Green Fellowship

The US Green Building Council will spend $300,000 to assist Sacramento, CA schools to get more energy efficient and eco-friendly. Making the grade

Rocky Road For Climate Chief

Connie Hedegaard, the EU's chief climate official faces problems old and new. How's she doing?

EU: CO2 Caps On Vans

Starting in 2014, CO2 emissions will be capped from vans operating in the EU and violators will face financial penalties. Drive in

What Republicans Want

Learn something about Republican budget proposals for energy-related research and development, clean technology, energy efficiency, etc. Want more?

UK: Industry Oppposes Carbon Cost

Energy intensive industries in Britain sound an alarm over government plans to create a floor price on CO2 emissions. Ring a bell?

Schools Fail PCB Test

Tests find PCBs leaking from light fixtures at three more New York City schools. Learn more

February 14, 2011

Patchwork Changes

Scientists predict that weaker trade winds over the Atlantic will mean more rain for the Amazon region and less for the Sahel. Here & there

My Urban Valentine

For Valentine's Day — and the days after — a love letter to cities and their role in getting American moving again. XOOX

China: PV Lessons From Europe

China studies how Europe grows its solar power market to decide how to proceed at home. Learn more

Sun Shines On Solar Growth

2010 was a boom new for the installation of new solar power capacity. Here's why

Bloody Battle Looms Over Green

One of the fiercest budget battles in Congress will be fought over EPA and energy programs. Coming soon

Hands Off Our Tax Breaks!

The oil and gas industry denounces the President's budget proposal to cut its tax credits. while Gingrich's previous green moment may cost him future tea party support.

David & Goliath Koch Industries

Koch Industries responds to a put on about its climate politics with a law suit against the spoofers. Wham!

Making The Economics Case

Wade into the debate over the impact of climate regulation during a time of low investment and stalled job creation. Start here

Eager For Lower Gas Prices?

A review of the prices of gas at the pump shows they drop with terrible economic conditions. Supply & demand

UK: Greens Pivot On Carbon Price

British environmental groups oppose a floor price on carbon emissions, fearing 'windfall' profits for the nuclear power sector. A new twist

February 11, 2011

France: Less Carbon, More Steel

Steel-making is a very carbon intensive industry, but a giant French manufacturer could lead the way towards decarbonization. Super man!

What's A Terawatt?

Consider what it would it take to replace fossil fuels with clean energy over the next three decades. Uh-oh

Climate Science: An Editor's View

The editor of an earth sciences journal explains the editorial process and comments on a controversy. No funny business

It's Not Easy Going Solar

Speaking from experience, a homeowner weighs the red tape and the reasons for a PV installation's paper work. Plug in

New Amsterdam Or Venice?

Anticipating the impacts of sea level rise and storms on NYC and the south shore of Long Island, what is being done to plan for the future? Dive in

Doing What Is Necessary

The EU might impose mandatory energy efficiency standards if the voluntary program doesn't produce results. Get serious

EU: 30x20? Fuggedaboutit

EU leadership dismisses prospects for cutting GHG emissions 30% by 2020, but has hopes for 25%.

Meeting Goals While Making Do

Programs to improve energy efficiency in federal facilities are likely to meet their 28x20 goals despite budget freezes. Learn more

China & Its Coal

Scientific American reports on China's current economic reliance on coal and its next five-year plan. Dig in

To The Moon Alice

While most Republicans oppose action on climate change and demand steep EPA budget cuts, some also call for NASA spending to send more humans into outer space. Honest!

So Much To Do, So Little Time

New York City's Department of Environmental Protection sets its sights on 100 goals and initiatives for 2014 while another agency will cut government's carbon footprint 30x17

February 10, 2011

A Green Economy Needs $$$$

Growing a green economy and green-collar jobs requires ready, willing and able financing. Spend some time

SF Buildings Made To Measure

San Francisco now requires commercial buildings to benchmark and audit their energy performance. Way to go

UK: Follow The Carbon Profits

Auctions of carbon permits in the UK have raised a billion pounds, but proceeds won't go to green projects. Sold!

S.S. Superfund

Preliminary clean up work at Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal Superfund site finds a sunken ship. All aboard

Chile: Go With The Flow

A drought in Chile that raises hydroelectric power costs, stimulates interest in newer renewable power sources. Learn more

Big Tech Breakthroughs Take Big Bucks

Is federal funding essential for major energy tech research and does it attract private development investment? Consider this

Protect Us From Illness

Polling finds when the Republican bill to revoke EPA's powers to control GHG emissions is explained in terms of added health risks, people in Republican districts oppose it, but big industry groups call environmental and energy regulations burdensome.

About That Pyramid

In case you're wondering whether the high-concept pyramidal condo proposed for Manhattan's far west side will be eco-friendly, it's going for a LEED Gold rating. Learn more

Economists & Climate Change

The Economist has faith in the ability of economic systems to withstand the impacts of climate change, but has doubts about the resilience of political systems when confronted with such impacts. Your thoughts?

In Warm Water

Researchers report a stretch of the North Atlantic off the coast of Greenland is warmer than any time in 2,000 years. Melt in

February 09, 2011

Republicans Attack EPA Budget

House Republicans propose to gouge $1.6-2.0 billion from the EPA's budget. Stay tuned & Dig in

Cure For The Split Incentive

Can landlords and tenants find shared incentives to improve a building's energy efficiency? Consider this

Wikileaks On Saudi Oil

According to Wikileaked documents, the US worries that Saudi Arabia lacks the oil reserves to keep global prices down. 'Peak' in

Japan Targets New Nuclear Markets

Japan develops strategies to expand export of its nuclear power technologies to developing nations. Look into it

Waste Not, Want Not

New York City wants to use methane, a by-product of sewage treatment, to power its waste water plants and even heat homes. Waste assets!

Bush Ignored EPA

A newly released document reveals that President Bush ignored the findings of the EPA on climate science and its authority to regulate GHG emissions. Wonder why?

State Energy Code Upheld

A federal court in Washington State finds its energy efficiency code is not pre-empted by federal law. Fine print

February 08, 2011

Housekeeping Tips

For everyone who uses a clothes drier, here's how to save energy and keep the air cleaner. Yes you!

France: More Solar, Less Subsidy

France announces it will beat its 2020 solar power goals while cutting its subsidies. Win-win

Time To Climateproof

UK engineers call for action now to climateproof the nation's critical infrastructure systems. TIck, tick...

Do Nothing

Three Republican members of Congress file papers with the Supreme Court arguing the judicial branch has no business deciding on climate, a strictly political matter, while challenging EPA's power to regulate CO2 emissions. Really

EPA Won't Roll Over

In the face of concerted Republican attacks, the EPA defends itself on the basis of the public health and economic benefits its policies provide. Stay tuned

Setting Clean Energy Standards

The Center For American Progress builds a case in support of President Obama's Clean Energy Standard and making it happen by 2035. Begin the race!

NYC Smart Gadget Hits The Airwaves

A smart-outlet device (developed in a New York City green tech business incubator) that makes it easy to control an air conditioner's energy appetite is featured on the Martha Stewart show. Think eco

New Mexico Freezes Cap & Trade

Despite a court ruling, New Mexico's Governor Martinez refuses to lift her freeze on the state's CO2 cap and trade program. What now?

Let There Be Snow

Climate science explains why to expect more massive winter storms. Dig in

February 07, 2011

The New Normal? Not Yet!

Given the promise of energy efficiency, why are there so few takers? Acute observations

Solving An Arcic Climate Riddle

Scientists explain why the ancient Arctic Ocean was so warm when other weather conditions resembled today's. Dive In

Koch Power

The brothers Koch gain influence in the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Learn more

Outside The Sphere Of Consensus

Why do reporters report the way they do on climate change? Look into it

Australia: We Will Price Carbon

Australian Prime Minister Gillard vows to put a price on carbon and values climate action as an economic boon. Dollars and sense

Come Together

Will inter-agency cooperation improve the prospects for off-shore wind power? Plug in

Nuclear Stuck In Neutral

Plans stumble for building a new generation of US nuclear power plants. Here's why

Nuclear-Powered Turkey

Japan seeks a deal with Turkey to build the country's first nuclear power generator on the Black Sea. Stay tuned

The Price Of Uncertainty

While some states put prices on carbon emissions, federal inaction creates a climate of uncertainty that chills investments in cleaner development. Here's one way forward

It's Historical!

The federal government will renovate a ninety-two year old Colorado court house and make it the nation's first net zero-energy historic building. Trend-setting

Patent Battle In Court

Mitsubishi and GE head to federal appeals court in a clash over patents for wind turbine technologies. Ideas count

UK: Leading By Example

The British Department of Energy and Climate Change beats its own carbon cutting goals. Cheers!

February 04, 2011

Bob Vila Does the Bronx

"The most trusted name in home improvements" tours a green, affordable apartment project in the Bronx. Hop on.

The Must-Have Gadget

Just imagine, borrow a hand-held meter from a local library and find out how much electric each home appliance costs to run. Plug & play

The Amazon Desert?

If drought trends continue, the Amazon River basin could face the end of its eco-system. Trek in

Rethink & Refuel

Strengthening and upgrading the EU's energy infrastructures is critical to breaking its fossil fuel habit. Network here

Nations's First Carbon Permit

A Louisiana steel plant is the nation's first facility to receive an EPA-required CO2 emissions permit. Start here

EU: Carbon Market Weakness

The EU carbon trading market reopens after a recent theft of credits, but traders stay away. A trust bust?

Look Under The EV Hood

A critic of the proposal to provide federal subsidies for the purchase of EVs makes his case. Follow the numbers

NY's Nuclear Options

An upstate Congressman calls for a panel to consider construction of a new nuclear power plant in New York. Learn more

The Portable Electric Bike

Weighing just 22 pounds, take your electric bike to work and recharge it at your desk. Pedal in

Energy Stars

DOE plans a superstar rating for top energy performers in its much-criticized Energy Star program. Way to go?

February 03, 2011

Where's Winter?

While much of the US is having a record-setting icy winter, Arctic areas are setting a different record. Head north

Smart Or Sick?

Grist covers the controversy over whether smart electric meters are bad for your health. Look into it

Fool Some Of The People

Three Republicans circulate a draft bill to kill EPA's power to regulate GHGs. Some of the time

Presidential Energy Initiative

President Obama announces a Better Building Initiative to boost weatherization of commercial buildings with the Small Business Administration encouraging lenders to make money available for energy efficiency improvements.

Another Opening, Another Show

Stars shine at the opening of Home, an image-filled documentary about climate change. See here

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

A high performance building industry insider sheds light on an unexpected obstacle to green construction. A true story

February 02, 2011

Follow The Wind

GE plans to open a $152 million wind turbine plant in the UK, already home to 40% of he world's installed wind power. Turn here

EU: The Dreaded Funding Gap

The EU may lag in the global race to develop a smart electricity infrastructure due to a $138 billion funding gap. Mind the g**

Court Ruling Risky For CA Carbon Biz

The kick-off of California's carbon cap & trade program could be blocked by a tentative court ruling that the state failed to consider alternative ways to act on climate change. Who's suing?

Are You Buying That?

Find out who is on EPA's annual list of the largest purchases of green power in the US. Plug in

UK: Green Bank At Risk

Plans to create a green infrastructure bank in the UK encounter objections from the Treasury. Banks a lot! and More

Cuomo's Eco Budget Rx

Green groups think Governor Cuomo took a scalpel not an ax to the state's environmental budget. Stay tuned

Snow Gets In Their Eyes

House Republicans moving to nullify the EPA's power to regulate GHGs. Watch out

February 01, 2011

UK: GHG Emissions Down

Economic woes in the UK are credited with cutting annual GHG emissions 8.7% in 2009, but household levels stay constant. Now what?

What's Smart About Smart Cities?

The rise of all-new smart cities offers chances to learn what's intelligent. Plan it

Control Your Power

A French computer services company teams up with Intel to make it easy for consumers to manage their home and appliance energy use and the competition is heating up. On-line service

Energy Policy By Way Of The Chamber Of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce calls for expanded fossil fuel drilling and less regulation. Same old SOP

Warming Antarctica - Do The Science

One scientist who studies warming in the Antarctic posts comments on the research of another scientist. That's what scientists do. Hard at work

Beware Plan B

Now that a concerted international agreement to cut GHG emissions is off the table, is geo-engineering a feasible alternative? Look into it

Homo Economicus - Not

When it comes to climate issues, does behavioral economics need to include the impact of values and ethics? Think about it