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January 31, 2011

NJ: More Fossil-Fuel Power

Governor Christie signs a law encouraging construction of new fossil fuel power plants in New Jersey. What's the deal?

Containing The Critics

After reviewing safety criticisms of the new Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear reactor, a panel of safety advisors recommends design approval to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Learn more

Green But Not LEED

ASHRAE awards four buildings for incorporating innovative energy technology and design. News on the new

Eco-Kombinis For Kyoto

Fluorescent lights at 7-Eleven kombinis (convenience stores) in Kyoto are being replaced with energy-sipping LEDs. Stop by

Comment On Climate Action Plan

Find what what New Yorkers are saying about the state's draft Climate Action Plan. Get involved

EU: Attracting Money

The EU urges member states to align renewable energy subsidies to help attract $95 billion a year in new investments. Get co-ordinated

What Do Evolution & Climate Science Share?

Find a over teaching the science of evolution and conflict over climate curriculum won't be far behind. Look into it

Scotland: Renewables Energized

Hopes for investment and job growth in Scotland's renewable energy sector are being fulfilled. Learn more

Listen For Snipping

The energy industry mobilizes to protect its federal tax and other financial benefits in a time of government budget dramas. Stay tuned

UK: High Climate Anxiety

A UK poll finds 83% of respondents view climate change as a current or imminent threat. Vox pop

Smart Meters Make Strange Bed Fellows

Opposition to home installation of smart electric meters is uniting the left and right in California. Plug in

Nowhere, Man

While President Obama shares some blame for the failure to pass climate legislation, the absence of any reference in his State-of-the-Union is entirely his responsibility. POV

January 28, 2011

Cleaner Heating Oil Coming

New York City issues draft rules to phase out use of the dirtiest heating oil and slash sulfur levels for the rest. 30 days for public comment

Call For Climate Entrepreneurs

With prospects dim for federal climate action, leaders at the world economic summit call on US business to take the lead. Anyone listening?

They Are Not Amused

Koch Industries files a lawsuit against the 'John Does' who spoofed its well-known stance on climate action. LOL

Get Energized About Climate Action

"If you think there's an existential danger facing the country, you say so. That's part of what it means to be a leader." Grist

India: Cashing In On Wind Power

Wind turbine providers in India, could more than make up for delays in UN carbon credit payments through a new domestic renewables market. Turn around

Arctic In Warm Water

The temperature of North Atlantic currents flowing into the Arctic Ocean are the warmest in millennia. Stay tuned

Cementing Carbon Capture

Using a new way to capture power plant CO2 emissions, an Australian firm claims it can store the gas in 'green cement'. Who knew!

January 27, 2011

Too Late Already?

Hot: Living through the next fifty years on Earth — Stop and listen.

Who's A Climate Believer?

People who believe that climate change is a risky business share other identifiable world views. Think in clusters

Tenants Value Green Building

An international survey of commercial tenants finds a preference for energy efficient buildings that varies by country. Learn more

Decongestion In Albany?

Mayor Bloomberg says any action on congestion pricing is entirely up to Albany. No breath-holding!

The Opposite of 'All Aboard'

Republicans vow to block funds proposed by the President for building high speed rail. Exit here

January 26, 2011

Obama Overlooks Energy Efficiency

Since the President did not mention energy efficient buildings in his State-of-the-Union address, here are three ideas from NRDC. 1, 2, 3

Euro Carbon Market Still Closed

After computer hackers stole $40.3 million of emissions permits from the European carbon trading market, spot trading remains suspended. Cyber insecurity

Obama: 80x35

What did President Obama mean when he called for 80% of US electricity to come from renewables by 2035 in his State-of-the-Union speech? Start here Consider the absence of the C-word & compare the POTUS energy policy to the RSC's. Grist calls C-word silence a Moral & political failure

A Browner Post-Mortem

What is the climate and energy policy significance of Carol Browner's departure from the White House? Final words Now, who's next? Maybe nobody

January 25, 2011

A New Twist On Co-Generation

A British government council proposes to warm the local swimming pool with heat from a nearby crematorium. DOA?

Two Cheers For Tesco

UK supermarket giant Tesco is a leader on greening its supply chain and its operations. Here's how

Energy Star Shines For Engineers

Energy Star, the EPA energy efficiency rating rating system for buildings, is a boon for engineers. Learn more

France Goes Offshore

France seeks developers for 3,000 MW of wind turbines off its Atlantic coast. Catch it

Benchmarking San Francisco

San Francisco city government will consider creation of a benchmarking law for its commercial buildings. Start now!

UK Nuke Power: Liable For More

Nuclear power plant owners in the UK could face sharply increased costs to clean up accidents. Risky business

Say It Ain't So!

According to the EPA, natural gas may be just 25% more climate-friendly than coal when the release of methane and other GHGs during drilling and transport are taken into account. Look at lifecycles

January 24, 2011

Hotter By The Dozen

Rolling stone rolls out its list of the twelve biggest opponents of climate action. Get it here

Rethinking Recharging

Now there's more than one way to design an electric vehicle recharging station. Get connected

Energy Efficiency? It's Academic!

The University of Maine raises $2.3 million to improve energy efficiency in campus buildings. Here's how

Who's In Harm's Way?

Damage to food production in poor nations could be among the worst impacts of climate change. Learn more

Nitty-Gritty? Skip It!

European governments seem reluctant to tackle the the nitty-gritty of energy efficiency. More than last week's news

Start Your Electic Engines!

Mazda will start making an electric car for leasing in Japan. Plug in

Sunnier News For PV Makers

Goldman Sachs reports things should start improving for solar panel makers and recommends some investments. Feel renewed?

Climate Suits Or Emply Suits?

Prospects are rising for law suits resulting from damage caused by climate chaos, but chances for success are murky. Stay tuned

NYS Comptroller v Hydrofracking

New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli leads a shareholder group in filing resolutions calling on energy companies to disclose plans for managing the risks of hydrofracking to drill for natural gas. Explore that

January 21, 2011

Scholarly Green

New York University is taking big steps to go green. Study up

10 Steps To Green Financing

Go a green construction project to finance? Here's one ten step plan. Sharpen your pencils!

Permit Heist Clouds Market

The theft of $40.2 million in permits from the EU carbon emissions market sows doubts about its long-term viability. Stay tuned

Exxon Mobil: Beyond Skepticism

Exxon Mobil predicts climate altering carbon emissions will increase 25% over the next two decades and urges aggressive action on energy efficiency and low-carbon technologies now. Yes, that Exxon

US Loan Guarantee For Solar Project

The US awards $967 million in loan guarantees to the developer of a giant PV power project in Arizona. That's a promise!

Bury The BQE

Plans advance for putting a park atop the urban trench in South Williamsburg known as the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Dig in

Psst! Want To Buy Some Power?

Now that New York has signed off on plans for a new power plant in Queens, the owner has to find customers for its electricity. Plug in

January 20, 2011

Sustainable Brain Power

New York City launches a university-based center to develop and commercialize green building technologies locally. Get smart

EU Sags On Energy Savings

The EU is on a trajectory to miss its 2020 energy efficiency targets by wide margins. What now?

A Little Is Not Enough

While headline-making renewable power innovations are inspiring, climate trends won't change without a great global energy transformation. Get started

RGGI: Getting & Spending

New York's CO2 RGGI emissions permit auctions have earned $266.3 million. Program spending totaled $115.8 million and $90 million was redirected to state deficit reduction. Data galore

Gone Phishing

Computer fraudsters steal $9.4 million in carbon emissions credits from the European trading market in the Czech Republic. Enter here

Bad Apple

Chinese environmentalists rank Apple's local factories worst in responding to their environmental and worker health concerns. Smack a Mac

January 19, 2011

The Mayor's State Of NYC Address

In his annual State of the City Address, Mayor Bloomberg said, "We'll look to partner with a top university to build a new applied science and engineering facility. We'll fuel the growth of clean energy firms by encouraging new wind and solar power projects. And joining with Columbia, NYU-Poly, and CUNY, we'll create a center connecting green building pioneers to real estate developers and building owners."

Got The Right Green Stuff?

Join the debate over whether the US can be a contender in the global green tech industry. Start here

Fixing The Blame

Darrell Issa, chair of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee, blames the DOE for a generation's worth of failures to cut energy use. Instead, he should look in the Republican Party mirror. See here

Makeover For Milwaukee Energy Efficiency

In light of low interest in its home energy efficiency programs, Milwaukee seeks a killer app. Interested?

Cleaner Air Deal?

Polititco reports electric utilities and the Obama administration are thinking again about how to cut air pollution. Look into it

US & China Seek Energy Cooperation

During the visit of China's President Hu to Washington, efforts are underway to find common ground on clean energy cooperation. Content and context

Chinese Tech In Europe

Chinese solar panels are beating out domestic products in Germany and sophisticated wind energy, telecom tech, power transmission and high-speed trains are on their way to Europe, Fast forward

Everybody Into The Pool

A federal task force recommends that carbon emissions trading markets, including those for state-level programs, be open to a wide range of participants. Dive in

Another Top Rating For China

China ranks at the top of a 30-nation Renewable Energy Attractiveness Index, with South Korea, Romania and Mexico also making the cut. Find out more

Curb Cuccinelli's Enthusiasm

Ken Cucccinelli, the Virginia Attorney General who attacks climate science by issuing civil subpoenas against scholars at the University of Virginia, may have his power curtailed by the legislature. Stay tuned

January 18, 2011

S*** Happens

Paul Krugman saluets Joe Romm for skewering the common argument that CO2 should go unregulated because we all exhale it. Read on

Come Closer

Now more than ever, rating a high performance building depends on its location and the transportation burden it imposes on occupants and the environment. Close in

Path To Energy Efficient & Affordable Housing

Developers identify what works and what doesn't when it comes to making and marketing energy efficient, affordable homes. KISS

High Performance Ohio

A survey of Ohio businesses, professionals, governments and advocates involved in growing the high performance building market identify barriers to growth. Fine print

Haste Makes Waste

The World Wildlife Fund urges a joint British Petroleum Russian Rosneft venture to slow plans for oil drilling in the Arctic. Learn more

Gotta Eat

Researchers in grain genetics get $25 million to make wheat and barley more heat-resistant and more productive to feed a growing population in a hotter world. Dig in

EU: Wouldn't It Be Nice

The EU proposes to spend $1.3 billion on a comprehensive electric power grid able to integrate renewables from many sources while cutting consumer costs. Plug in

What's Obama For?

In President Obama's announcement of a sweeping regulatory review, he cites support for environmental protection rules that provide benefits which outweigh their costs. At the same time, expect tougher going for climate rules. Meanwhile, questions are raised about the openness of the White House scientific integrity process.

Transit Food Fight

New York's Senator Schumer takes a swing at New Jersey Governor Christie's spending on roads and bridges, not a cross-harbor rail tunnel. Dig in

China Banks On Oil

China overtakes the World Bank lending levels, including loans-for-oil to Russia, Venezuela and Brazil. Money=power=money

January 16, 2011

NYC's Liquid Assets

Get updated on the tunnels that carry NYC's drinking water and the new filtration plant in the Bronx. H2O forever

January 14, 2011

NY Greens' Agenda

Leading New York environmental advocates have a twelve part to-do list for the Governor and state legislature. A new leaf

What's In A Name?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is trying to make sense of 'green jobs' and locate their role in an economic recovery. Work on it

Signs of 'Climate Chaos'

From Brazil to Brisbane, you know something is happening here. Tell Mr. Jones

China: More Pollution Control

China adds to its list of regulated air pollutants and targets major industries for emissions cuts. Start here

UK: Offshore Wind On Line

New power from offshore wind turbines now flowing into the UK electricity grid. Plug in

Big Yellow Tax Ideas

New York City's competition for a new yellow taxi design sparks some outside-the-box, and outside-the-competition, ideas. See here

Rebound On The Way

Industry experts project growth in US energy efficient commercial and industrial construction. Look ahead

Hot Under The Collar

With new numbers in on a hotter planet, supporters' frustration rises over failure to pass federal climate legislation. And?

EVs: Cleaner Than What?

An MIT research report on plug-in electric vehicles concludes that the kind of fuel a power plant uses has a major impact on how much greener electric vehicles are than gas-fired ones. Get connected

Buying Into Energy Efficiency

GE invests in the acquisition of energy efficiency capabilities. Imagine that

PA: Who's Minding The Shale?

The new Governor of Pennsylvania names two top officials who will oversee natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale. Learn more

January 13, 2011

Is There A Tiger In Your Tank?

Scientists say sewage could become a significant source of renewable energy. Flush it

Japan: The Hydrogen Path

Japan's big-three car makers join to develop hydrogen fuel cells and a network of refueling stations. Faster forward

What's New in NYC's Parks?

All parks are green, and soon NYC's will be high performance. Take a stroll

Snow Melts NYC Recyling Program

New York City's spate of snow storms is putting a big dent in its recycling program. Here's why

More Insulation = Less Death

Deploying insulation on military structures in US war zones would save lives and money now lost in transporting fuel. Green is red, white and blue

What A 20% Cut Looks Like

With the Republican goal of a 20% to the federal budget, what would mean for clean energy programs and why would the GOP want to do it? Plug in

Applying Behavioral Economics

California will enforce its carbon cap and trade program by imposing 'surrender obligations' on emitters that don't meet their targets. Fearsome

After The Flood

Australia's devastating flood could add to spiraling worldwide food and energy prices. Connect the dots

No Room For Weather Problems

With soaring global food prices, experts worry about weird weather events cutting crop production. Learn more

2011 Predictions

The World Resources Institute spotlights key environmental stories in 2011 for Washington and Wall Street.
Take a look

January 12, 2011

It's Officially Warm

NOAA announces that 2010 ties for the warmest year on record. Details & More details

MA Solar Plant Shut

Citing lower-cost Chinese competition, a Massachusetts solar panel maker goes dark. RIP

The Return Of Rising Emissions

In 2012, after a brief decline, US CO2 emissions are predicted to rise 2.39%, but fall below the 2005 base year level. Stay tuned

Environmental Justice Grants

The EPA awards $7 million in grants to research health impacts when pollution exposure, poverty and stress are linked. Learn more

Down On The Wind

The swooshing sound of wind turbines distresses some neighbors. What to do?

January 11, 2011

Siting That Train

The Regional Plan Association identifies keys to building a US high speed rail system. Make tracks

Chamber Attacks EPA

The US Chamber of Commerce vows to block EPA ability to regulate GHGs. More to come

Cool To Coal?

The success of pro-climate control (and BTW pro-nuclear) Duke Energy could mean the future of coal is dimming. It's an argument

Low Carbon Investment Surge

Markets respond with rising investments to nations that put low carbon policies in place. Make a connection

In Defense of 'Made In US'

While we live in a global economy, the US military decision to buy domestically-made solar panels is not knee-jerk protectionism. WTO rules

Mind The Energy Info Gap

A national survey finds Americans both low-ball energy savings and energy-consumption of fifteen typical activities. Fine print

China Is Coal Country

Tour Chinese coal mines past and future. Clear enough?

Old King Coal Still Rules

Global coal prices are at a two year high and still provide much of the world's energy. Dig down

Who's The Wind Power Winner?

China has 40,000 MW of installed wind power compared to the US' 36,700 MW and is doing more, faster. Take a spin

January 10, 2011

Age Old & Brand New

The Bible's environmental catastrophe was The Flood and ours could be climate change impacts. Mass migrations and more

Power Purchase

Duke Energy, a utility that favors climate legislation, makes a bid for Progress Energy in a trend toward energy industry concentration. Plug in

I Spy

The CIA gathers intelligence on climate change to assess emerging threats of global instability. Take a peek & Think twice

There They Go Again!

Congressional Republicans seeks to thwart EPA action by slashing its budget. Stay tuned

Taxes & Techno Innovation

It's a truism that taxes affect behavior, but precisely how can they encourage climate-friendly technological innovation? Fine print

January 08, 2011


National environmental organization launches a website that focuses on New York. Scalable news

January 07, 2011

Houston Energizes Energy Efficiency

Using a US Department of Energy block grant, Houston, TX to offer commercial building owners cash incentives to make existing properties more energy efficient. Here's how

NJ: Save $$ With Eficiency Gains

494 local governments around New Jersey look to save taxpayer money with improved energy efficiency. Less is more

UK: Solar Power Soars

The UK incentive program for solar power is paying off with 42 MW of new capacity installed in 2010. Plug in

Batteries On Line

To work right, the electric power system must maintain certain critical energy flows and a battery storage plant in New York is a new tool. Get technical

Does The Media Ignore Good Climate News?

A Forbes Magazine story blaming the media for ignoring good climate news and fanning irrational fears is subject to fact-checking. Check it out

Beyond 'The Efficiency Dilemma'

More than a critique of the New Yorker story on the Jevons Paradox facing energy efficiency, get some ideas about what it will take to really shrink our carbon footprint. Start solving here

Green Build Battle

A Minnesota builders association files a lawsuit challenging the Green Star building standards it had helped to develop. Get the lowdown

January 06, 2011

What's Up At The Empire State Building?

Nearing completion of its high performance building renovation, new tenants are moving into the Empire State Building and it signs up for Green Mountain electric power. Raise that profile

Carbon Markets Inch Up In 2010

The value of carbon emissions permits on global markets increased 1% in 2010 although total volume was down. Details here

If A Tree Falls In The Forest...

Mainstream media coverage of climate issues nearly disappeared in 2010. See here

London Loves Sadik-Khan

London's The Guardian has a a glowing write up of New York City transportation Commissioner Sadik-Khan. Get on board

The Lord Said To Noah

A new Bible-themed park in Kentucky with its Noah's Ark will be built to be green and use thermal energy. Re-genesis

Driving That High Speed Train

China becomes a global contender in the manufacture of high speed rail equipment. On track

City Lights Add To Pollution

Research in Los Angeles finds that typical night time lighting increases ozone in the morning. Learn more

EPA v Texas Shootout

Experts believe the EPA will prevail over Texas in the gunfight over authority to regulate GHG emissions, but it's not over yet. Stay tuned

January 05, 2011

Suns Shines On US-China Deal

A US maker of thin-film PV modules partners with China to build a 30 MW power plant in Mongolia. Plug in

Cities Reflect On Cities

While New York was the home of comprehensive planning, to meet its PlaNYC 2010 goals it's time to learn from other urban leaders. Take a look

A True Energy Star

A Honolulu office complex aces its EPA Energy Star test for using 50% less energy than similar buildings. Take a bow

NY: Home Energy Efficiency $$

New York State rolls out $112 million for free home energy audits and low cost loans for energy efficiency upgrades. Learn more

NY's New Eco-Chief

As the new commissioner of New York's Department of Environmental Conservation, Joseph Martens faces fracking decisions and staff cuts. Stay tuned

The Price Of Floods

The massive floods in coal-rich northern Australia threaten to raise global coal prices. One world

Better Batteries Needed

Scientists urge policy makers to support research for new battery technologies needed to make renewable energy systems feasible. Beyond AAA

January 04, 2011

Election Post-Mortem

Former Congressman Boucher weighs the role of voting for the climate cap and trade bill in his November 2010 defeat. Dig down

China's Nuclear Milestone

China reports it will reprocess spent nuclear fuel, a technology banned for export from the US in the 1970's. React

Good Enough For Dinosaurs

Since Earth's history shows wide climate swings, why are we so concerned now? Hear Hansen

White House Greenery

Environmental economist Nathaniel Keohane will join President Obama's National Economic Council. A new leaf

Another Round On 'The Energy Dilemma'

Can't get enough on the debate over energy efficiency and the rebound effect? Here Schipper and Nadel Get the last word

Measuring Up

Applying the adage "to measure is to manage", how sustainability is measured is key. Compare & contrast

Yes EU Can!

The EU is on track to beat the goal of getting 20% of its electric power from renewable sources by 2020. Here's how

Global Carbon Almanac

Here's the state of the world's temperatures, carbon emissions and intensity. Just the facts

Another Inconvenient Truth

Not long ago, new Chair of the House Energy and Finance Committee, Fred Upton, supported action on climate change. No more

Veterans' Affairs

Veterans organizations call for Congressional action on climate change and energy policy as a national security priority. Yes sir

January 03, 2011

Running On Fumes

Gary Wills is no friend of climate protection or energy efficiency and his call for scientific progress as the key to US economic revival is ridiculed by Joe Romm. Wham bam!

In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

Ideas for advancing the high performance building agenda. Reveille!

OH Fights Tougher Building Code

Supporters of a more energy efficient Ohio building Code challenge the cost and savings numbers used by opponents. Start counting

Energy Sipper Or Slurper?

With NYC's energy benchmarking law now in effect, a data base of building energy consumption will start to take shape. Stay tuned

Urban Time Travel

With cities consuming 73% of the world's annual energy budget by 2030, what will urban life be like? Stick around

Coal On The Back Burner

For a second year in a row no new US coal-fired power plants were built in 2010. What's the alternative

Still Just Saying 'No'

Congressional Republicans will try a rarely used tactic to stop new EPA GHG rules from going into effect. Check it out

Starting Now

EPA rules for vehicle efficiency standards and industrial GHG emissions are now in effect. Just a reminder