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November 30, 2010

Writing On The Walls

Greening Modernism, a book by Carl Stein, seeks to reunite the impulse behind 20th century modernism with 21st century ecological goals in architecture. Reviewed here

India Innovates In Cancun

India puts solid proposals on the Cancun climate bargaining table. Learn more

Climate-Friendly Fridges

The potent greenhouse gas, HFCs, will be phased out by 400 refrigerator makers by 2015. Cool!

What's The Story?

Follow the fate of media reports on an academic study of what climate message is most effective. Start here

Out With Coal, In With Natural Gas

Owners of coal-fired power plants faced with requirements to cut pollution switch to low cost natural gas. Adds up

Fracking Bill For NY Gov

A bill imposing a moratorium on hydrofracking to drill for natural gas in New York State passes both houses of the legislature, but it is unknown whether the Governor will sign it. Stay tuned


The UK aims to have 20% of all cars be electric by 2020 and offers subsidies of $7,800 to buyers. Gear up

November 29, 2010

China: Green Giant

China's booming clean energy tech sector is second to none and may swamp any competition. Plug in

Stimulus Shortcircuits Green Standards

An investigative report finds widespread exemptions from federal environmental requirements for stimulus funds recipients. Look into it

A High Performance 2011

Three legal eagles weigh in on what to expect on the green building front next year. Start here & Continue now

UK: Floor Price For Carbon

As part of its emerging energy policy, the UK will set floor prices for CO2 emissions. Learn more

Clean Tech: Our 21 Century Space Race?

Department of Energy Commissioner Steven Chu calls China's leadership on the clean tech front as America's 'Sputnik' wake up moment while the likely new chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee keeps up attacks on climate legislation. Catch up

Robbing Peter/Paying Paul

States redirect revenues from carbon dioxide permit auctions away from energy efficiency and clean energy projects to plug budget gaps. Sustainable policy?

Sweden: Nudging People

Some economists believe behavior can be changed through small inducements and Stockholm Sweden wants to see if that can work to cut car use. Get moving

Israel: No Oil? No Problem!

Israel, a mid-east nation with no oil, is an epicenter of clean tech opportunity. Power up

No Bailouts For Planet Earth

Unlike tottering financial systems, the perils facing the climate can be saved only by systemic change that the Cancun meeting won't deliver. Sorry

November 26, 2010

Uranium Prices Soar

China's demand for uranium to fuel new power plants is raising prices on global commodity markets. Plug in

Wanted: Mass Transit $ For Other Things

Nassau and Suffolk County officials eye funds rejected by New Jersey for a cross-harbor rail tunnel to pay for highway and sewer projects. Stay tuned

Hotter Slower But Hotter

New data from he United Kingdom finds the Earth is heating up slower than in recent decades, but it may be hotter than previously believed. More data soon

States' Rights?

While California leads the nation in the fight against climate change, coastal Virginia gets flooded.

Q: How To Dispose of Old Nuclear Power Plants?

A: Here's one way

Something New Under The Sun

Los Angeles has the plans and the money to expand its subway lines. Head underground

November 24, 2010

2010: Climate Coverage

What is the overall direction of US media coverage on climate issues ithis year? Just the facts

Catch The Wind

The Obama Administration will identify areas along the Atlantic coast where off-shore wind projects would be most feasible. WEA!

African Cities: 60x50

By 2050, 60% of all Africans will be city dwellers. Consider the implications

Look Who's Moving In!

Toyota and Panasonic are getting into the green home business. Make the connection

How China Leaps Forward

As a condition of winning contracts for building new nuclear power plants in China, Westinghouse will hand over its design data. Plug in

Sun Power: How Low Will It Go?

The cost of solar power could drop 10% a year and be on a par with fossil fuels in a decade. Stay tuned

How Far Will A Leaf Go? It Depends

While federal agencies don't agree on the mileage figures for the new Leaf EV, they leave gas in the dust. Start counting

UK: Renewable Potential

Deutsche Bank analyzes the potential to scale up renewable power and associated infrastructure in the UK. Think big

Cities Of The World Unite!

Got the Cancun climate blues? Cheer up. The World Mayors' Summit on Climate in Mexico City shared initiatives cities take to reduce emissions and the frustrations of being locked out of financing for broader programs. & check out Latin America's Green city index

Grow Your Own

One day, will we live in homes built by using biomimicry? Think Brooklyn

November 23, 2010

One Bryant Park: Behind The Curtain Wall

Rating the energy performance of One Bryant Park, a LEED Platinum office tower, is a tall order. What was learned?

Climate Clues From The Dead Sea

Researchers drill into the Dead Sea floor seeking a deeper understanding of natural disasters and how to cope with climate change impacts. Historical

Billions Over The Limit

By 2020, likely levels of carbon dioxide emissions will not prevent the world from warming more than 2 degrees C. Get ready

Energy Policy Italian Style

An elderly cancer doctor is named to restart Italy's nuclear power program after a twenty-three year moratorium. Mama mia!

Green Consumer Education

In the market for a high performance, green home? here are ten questions for the architect. Just ask

Cancun: What's In a Word?

Stay tuned for the Cancun climate talks and watch for China's definition of "developing nations". Learn more

Q: How Is A Smart Meter Like Dating?

A: A successful smart meter program, like a good relationship, is built on trust and transparency. Gotta love it

Schwarzenegger's Stance

Governor Schwarzenegger urges states to stay in the vanguard on climate protection because national change will come from below. What a cyborg!

November 22, 2010

Going Incandescent

Conservative Congress members launch a fight against the ban on incandescent bulbs slated for 2012. Watt?

Aim For Global Green Growth

A policy paper by the German Marshall Fund calls for targeting global green economic growth as the solution to the current worldwide political climate impasse. Fine print

Solving The Renters' Dilemma

Can crowd-sourcing come up with solutions to the home renters' dilemma over whether to weatherize? Welcome in

Record Breaker For CO2

2010 is on track for reaching new highs in global carbon dioxide emissions. Lower 2008-2009 levels due to the recession, not climate action. Sorry about that

Election $$$, The New Normal

Here's a thought experiment. Read this New York Times editorial about campaign money, the insurance industry and election results and consider whether health care was the only area of donor interest. Normal?

NRG Plugs Into Houston

Owners of electric vehicles in Houston soon will be able to recharge at home or at any of 50 stations around town if they have three-year contracts with network developer NRG. Stay tuned

Bike Lanes & Behavior Modifcation

With nearly 500 miles of new bike lanes and more coming, New York City drivers, cyclists and pedestrians need new ways to share the streets safely. Be civil

November 20, 2010

Spark Plug For Wind Turbine

A CUNY professor campaigns to built wind turbines on a Red Hook pier. Citizen action

November 19, 2010

The $3 Billion Ask

Ten New York Congress members make an official request for $3 billion of the transit funds rejected by New Jersey but how would it be spent? Look into it

NY Sea Level Rising

Now's your chance to comment on a draft report that offers responses to the complex challenge of sea level rise along New York's shoreline. Dec. 10 deadline

EPA: Act On Acidified Oceans

The EPA urges coastal states to declare ocean waters impaired under the Clean Water Act due to rising levels of dissolved CO2 linked to climate change. Dip in

Don't Upset Us, We're American

Is the current popularity of climate deniers the result of an American don't-worry-be-happy mind set? Read post & comments

Better Than Money In the Bank

New York State regulators grant National Grid a rate increase to achieve a 9.3% return on investment. Risky business?

Deliberate Distortion?

The Scientific American magazine is outraged by misuse of its climate science poll and other research in climate skeptics' Congressional testimony and op-eds. Grim stuff

Rain On Spain's Solar Program

Spain slashes it's support for solar power, cutting funds for new plants by 45% and home feed-in tariffs by 5%. Plug in

November 18, 2010

Plans C & E

US companies hoping for a boost from federal climate legislation now look to business in China and Europe. Small world?

Who Leads The Global GHG List?

The UAE, Australia and the US are the world's biggest GHG emitters according to a new UK study. China's 26th. Here's why

Posh Green

London's iconic Savoy Hotel re-opens after a deep green makeover that does not rely on carbon emissions offsets. Visit

Some Ideas Are Keepers

Although New York State will get a new Governor on January 1, 2011 the proposals contained in the 2010 Climate Action Plan should not be forgotten. Chapter 6

Edible Detroit

Reusing Detroit's 5,000 acres of vacant land for intensive cultivation of fruits and vegetables could reinvent what it means to be urban. Dig in

Cash For Clunkers Clunks

New calculations of the actual emissions cuts from the cash-for-clunkers auto rebate program fall far below expectations. Add up?

Everyone Into The Pool!

Want to join a global climate research network? All you need is a computer and web access. Enter here

LEED 2010: Report From The Front

Based on new data, it's clear that LEED is grappling with a tough market and a steep learning curve. Fine print

Wool Bricks & More

Get the latest on innovative products for greener building construction. Materialize

November 17, 2010

IN: Climate Impacts Coming Soon

Researchers predict by the 2030's India's temperatures will be 3.6° F higher and droughts and storms will be fiercer. Future is tense

NY Close To NJ Tunnel $$

New York is poised to receive some of the billions in federal stimulus funds rejected by New Jersey. Subway to Secaucus? What a concept! say NYC real estate owners.

Bye-Bye Carbon Market

The only national CO2 trading market will shut down in December. Autopsy here

November 16, 2010

A Lump Of Coal For Poland

Plans to replace Poland's aging fleet of coal burning power plants are on hold due to loss of project financing. Blackouts loom

Plan B On Climate Action

WIth the failure of Democratic Congress to pass federal climate legislation, the Environmental Defense Fund is rethinking its national action strategy. Outcomes matter

Home Improvements

Thinking about weatherizing your home, but don't know what's entailed? Start here

The Volt Jolt

GM reports surging demand for its Volt auto and orders more electric batteries from South Korea. Profit from green

GE's Green Shopping Spree

GE awards $55 million to smart grid and energy efficient producers to update product lines it likes. Imagine that!

November 15, 2010

What's Out Of Control?

Saying the federal budget deficit is out of control, Grover Norquist and Fred Upton urge the incoming Congress to freeze funds for Energy Star and home weatherization. Watch out!

Two Cultures?

Social scientists report on a possibly unbridgeable divide between climate scientists and climate skeptics. Mind the gap


RGGI cannot CO2 in the northeast unless its emissions permits are reduced by 25%. Get serious

Self-Suficient Cities

A book with 708 proposals from 116 countries about creating self-sufficient cities gets the mind working. Re-imagine that

Bringing It All Back Home

Live in a coastal city? This is what rising sea levels could have in store for you. Get adapted

Beat the Odds

Despite the dismal state of the US building industry, the percentage and dollar value of green construction grows. Get the numbers

Climate Clue: Roman Fish Tanks

Insight about the impact of modern climate change on rising sea levels is gained from a study of ancient Roman fish tanks. Get hooked

UK: Set A Floor Price

According to UK utilities, resolving the furor over proposed subsidies for new nuclear power plants will require setting a floor price on carbon. Start here

Australia: Get The Price Right

In a sign of it's interest in a price method for cutting GHG emissions, Australia will study carbon pricing mechanisms around the world. Stay tuned

Green Above Union Square

Now adding to the green of its Greenmarket, come the green roofs atop apartment buildings at Union Square. Look up

Climate Q&A

Revkin asks, Lomborg responds. You think

Florida Freezes Solar Rebate

Florida shutters a program to repay home owners up to $4 per watt of installed solar power. Thaw in sight?

Sell It? Rent It? Disclose It!

Owners of commercial buildings in Australia wanting to sell or lease space must provide energy performance ratings. Information please

November 13, 2010

Are Smart Meters Stupid?

Consumers suspicious about rising utility bills blame their smart elecricity meters. Plug in

November 12, 2010

Water Scares Scare Business

Changing global weather patterns create water shortages, floods and rising prices that pose big problems for business. Tap in

Bg Blue Sees Tiny Green

IBM scientists see a new generation of water-cooled, super energy efficient supercomputer processors no bigger than sugar cubes. Sweet

Reflections On Fracking

Former New York State Environmental Conservation Commissioner, Pete Grannis is interviewed about drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus shale. Past=prologue?

Leading By Example

The MoMA exhibit Small Scale, Big Change: New Architectures of Social Engagement offers real world, workable, and community-rooted examples of sustainable building design. Review it

Green Is The New Rainbow

When it comes to what it will take to make environmental and economic progress, brown, black and white are all in it together. Join in

Grid Upgrade

Why the US needs a 21st century super transmission grid for reliable and clean electric power and how to get it done. Get connected[Subscribers only]


Wonder why Congressman John Shimkus has no worries about climate change? The good book says

Tilting At Windmills

The lack of a national energy policy dims job prospects for retrained workers in a tough economy. Learn more

November 11, 2010

Emerging Or Emerged?

Soaring emissions from China and other economically booming nations once called "emerging" complicate prospects for a new global climate action agreement. Stay tuned

UK 's Conservative Climate Commitment

Rolling out its Green Deal, the Conservative Cameron government sets its sights on raising home energy efficiency performance by attracting private investments. What's the deal?

November 10, 2010

Starting Up Is Had to Do

Reflect on dimmer prospects for Silicon Valley's solar tech industry in light of Chinese competition and domestic dynamics. New isn't easy

Everyone Into The Pool

Chevron, the latest fossil fuel giant to buy into the Marcellus Shale for access to natural gas, pays $4.3 billion. Drill baby!

Biden's Bite-Sized Pieces

Vice President Biden urges Congress to act on energy-related items like the Home Star program and renewable energy grants while his Middle Class Task force sets out a menu of Administration actions, including a PACE bond alternative.

Who's Sorry Now?

The US Department of Transportation tells New Jersey to refund $271 million spent on the rail tunnel project canceled by Governor Christie. You had your way, now you must pay

Moses v Jacobs

Not again! you might say. Now, revisit this debate over shaping the city with an eye toward forging a low-carbon energy future. BYO challenges

Please Mr. Governor, 80X50

Outgoing New York governor, David Paterson, issues a report laying out how the state can slash its GHGs 80% by 2050. Governor Cuomo?

Solar Subsidy Impact

Slowdowns in the solar power industry are linked to reduced government subsidies. Learn more

Asphalt Power

Researchers study how to use the heat stored in paved streets to melt ice, warm buildings and power street lights. Bright ideas

RES-olution In Congress

Will the Democratic-lead lame duck Congress pass a Renewable Energy Standard? Enviro updates from DC

China As Energy Colossus

China is now the world's biggest fossil fuel consumer and the driver of renewable energy demand. Stay tuned

November 09, 2010

Measure, Yes. Manage, Maybe

Experts calculate how much energy China will consume in 2035, but can global energy markets and environment impacts be managed? Start here

Ten Green City Stars

Which cities make the cut as environmental leaders? The envelope please

Sustainable Wood?

Research suggests that claims about sustainable wood products may not be sustainable. Drill in

A Level Playing Field, Not

Last year, worldwide government support for the renewable energy industry was $57 billion, while subsidies for the fossil fuel industry reached $312 billion. Plug in

November 08, 2010

Montreal Protocol: Adaptive Reuse?

The 1987 Montreal Protocol, created to phase out chemicals that destroy the Earth's ozone layer, could be a tool for elimating a potent greenhouse gas. What a concept!

LED Starlight For Grand Central

The "starlight" in the constellations adorning the ceiling of Grand Central station to come from ultra-efficient LED bulbs that need replacement just once every 5.5 years. Bright!

Scientists Mobilize

Fearing the consensus message on climate change is not being heard, US scientists plan new ways to educate the public and decision makers. Strategy & tactics

Psst! Free Money!!

There's still time for New Yorkers to get a rebate for the purchase of an Energy Star home appliance. Here's the deal

No Earthly Reason

Earth's two previous great global warmings had geological causes. The great warming starting in 1970 has none. Pay attention

Worse Than Oil & Warm Water?

The impact of oil and gas spills at emerging Arctic sites makes other drilling risks look smaller, Brrr & don't forget Alaska

What's The Matter With US

Think the death of prospects for a federal renewable energy standard isn't having a impact yet? Think again

First Glimpse Of LEED 2012

The US Green Building Council opens the public comment period on its draft of LEED standards for 2012. Peek in

Siemens' Eco-Optimism

Europe's largest engineering firm sees rosy times ahead in a booming market for its green technology products. Get happy

Think Conservative On Climate

Using the precautionary principle as a guide for taking climate action now is consistent with conservation political principles. Here's why

Playing Texas Hold 'Em

Following election outcomes, will the Texas no-way response to EPA rules be a winner? Get strategic

China: DIY

Will China's ability to build its own nuclear reactors rather than import advanced components from Japan end reliance on foreign technology? Look into it

Adopted By Apple

An unloved Chicago subway station near a new Apple store gets a Mac-makeover. Log on

November 06, 2010

Bloomberg's C40 Speech

This just in from Hong Kong

November 05, 2010

A Smaller Carbon Footprint

New York City's annual inventory of its greenhouse gas emissions and trends since 2005 is big! Step this way

PlaNYC Available In Chinese

Hong Kong Chief Exec. Tsang presenting a Chinese translation of PlaNYC 2030 to Mayor Bloomberg to celebrate his election as Chair of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. Download press release, spread the word.

Finding Funds To Fight Warming

The UN proposes fees for foreign exchange transactions and auctions for emissions permits to raise $65 billion for aiding nations to combat climate change. Look

Stop Cheating!

Regulators tackle the problem of "gaming" the EU's trading scheme for carbon emissions offsets. Start here

Climate Regression

Statistical analysis finds that Democrats who voted against the federal climate bill were not not hurt at the polls. QED

Slow Tech Transfer Keeps Coal King

The slow pace of new technology transfers to industry in South Africa keeps it dependent on coal to supply energy. Why?

Hastings Arrives & Murkowski Returns

Republican Doc Hastings is likely to become Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee and Alaska's Lisa Murkowski puts EPA in her crosshairs even though her election is not yet confirmed.

November 04, 2010

Getting To Yes

Americans appear to agree on several security, energy and economic goals that could be a basis for action on a long list of bills. Start here

What Makes News?

Typologies for media coverage of climate change include working scientists, heretics and Potemkins. Each tells a different story

Follow The Money, Again

The financial allure of clean energy wanes as coal beckons. Track it

Sue the B*****s

Deutsche Bank reports on current trends in US climate change litigation. Fine print

Tougher Energy Standards

The professional group that writes model energy efficiency codes raises the performance bar for commercial buildings. Details galore!

Misunderestimating Carbon Emissions

A Chinese scientist finds cities undercount urban CO2 emissions. Add up?

China: Expect A Carbon Market

China could have an up-and-running carbon emissions cap and trade program in the next decade. Learn more

Clear On Climate

If you had any doubts about the likely-Speaker-of-the-House position on climate change, this will clarify things. See here Boehner

Politics In Motion

The outcome of New York's elections could reroute the state's transit future. Stay tuned

Green Grows On Trees

Private firms profit from planting trees to improve water quality through shading and preventing erosion. Dive in

Can Global Cities Be Sustainable?

Taking Chicago as a case study, the broad measure of a global city's sustainability is troubling. Look into it

November 03, 2010

Eco-Ballot Initiative Roundup

A sample of voter ballot initiatives on green initiatives reveals targeted project support. Get focused

Faster, Cheaper & Greener

If faster and cheaper were the keys to earlier industrial revolutions, now it's time to add energy efficiency to the keychain. Open more doors

Voters Save CA Climate Law

Voters defeat Prop 23, a ballot initiative that aimed to suspend California's climate protection law. Learn more & More

November 02, 2010

Ready To Rumble?

Scientists mull over prospects of climate oversight hearings run by hostile Congressional committees. Stay tuned

The Wear-Out Phase

Aging US nuclear reactors are getting 20 year permit extensions. What are the risks?

RFK Jr: Election Day Thoughts

If the Republican Party prevails in elections for national office, what can the Obama administration and ordinary citizens do to advance the climate and energy agenda? The menu

Rising Sea Levels From Subterranean Sources

The runoff from massive increases in extracting underground water adds to rising sea levels worldwide. Dive in

Drill Down, Get A Tax Break, Be Happy

Geothermal heating and cooling works well for upstate New Yorkers who can get a 30% tax credit through 2016. Get pumped

Better Than Grand Theft Auto

The computer gamer Red Redemption develops a game for saving the planet from the ravages of global weirding. Wham! bam!!

Exxon Likes A Carbon Tax

What's the link between Exxon's support of a carbon tax and its plunge into the natural gas business? Find out here

Cap & Trade Vote In New Mexico

A state agency votes today in New Mexico on a proposal to establish a carbon cap and trade system. Stay tuned

Nuclear Power Proliferation

Japan will build two reactors at nuclear power plant in Viet Nam and mine there for rare earths. Plug and play

Where (Expletive Deleted) Are Green Jobs?

For Election Day, a lament over the failure to find good green jobs. Read on

Blowing Wind Out Of The Water

In the UK, offshore wind power projects could be displaced by oil and gas drillers. Here's how and Why

November 01, 2010

Cuomo's Greener New York

After Election Day, this could be the eco-road map for New York. Unfold it here