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October 31, 2010

Another Reason To Go By Train

Amtrak buys 70 energy efficient locomotives made in California for its busy northeast corridor routes. All aboard

CA Tips Its Cap To Carbon Trade

Undeterred by failure in Washington, California releases its carbon market cap and trade rules. Stay tuned

October 29, 2010

2010 Campaign News

Scan campaigns around the US for the impact of climate change and some tea-leaf reading on what lies ahead. Any silver linings?

Beyond the Plug-In EV

Emerging technology for recharging electric vehicles could free owners from the need to plug in. Look ahead

What's Your Plan?

Environmental advocates send a letter to New York gubenatorial candidates Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino, urging them "to share with the public their vision for conservation and environmental protection." See here

How To Succeed Without Winning

Cold Speeds Up Evolution

Research suggests that when the Earth is colder, animals evolve faster. Learn more

October 28, 2010

Science - The New Public Enemy

Despite furor over the vulnerability of on-line polling to organized manipulation, Scientific American's data that 42% of respondents support keeping science out of politics has real meaning. Watch out!

Can We Catch Up?

The New York Times weighs on the strategic importance of clean energy and what must be done to develop more. Plug in

CO2 Is Transparent, Not Sources

Major industries are fighting EPA requirements for public disclosure of their GHG emissions. Look into it

Shadow A Solar Builder

Wonder what it takes to to to develop a 370 MW solar thermal project? Meet John Woolard

Will the EU Cut Carbon Emissions 20x20?


Nuclear Speed Dating

With the breakup of Constellation Energy and France's EDF relationship to build new nuclear generators in the US, EDF is looking for a new partner. Pretty cute

October 27, 2010

Conservation In The Kingdom Of Oil

Saudi Arabia, alarmed by electric power use growing by 8% annually, supports energy energy efficiency measures. Drill down

Tunnel Terminator

Governor Christie does in plans for a new cross harbor rail tunnel to link New Jersey and New York. Again

Mea Culpa?

Revkin asks if media coverage of climate change is boring and challenges us to find new ways to report on it. Stifle that yawn!

A Pleasant Surprise: Ray LaHood

Environmental advocates, once barely lukewarm on the appointment of Ray LaHood as US Transportation Secretary, have found a real green champion. Here's why

Babylon Bites Back

Babylon, NY sues the Federal Housing Finance Authority for blocking the PACE bond program. Legal details here

Wind Power Stalls

Vestas will shut five wind power manufacturing facilities in Scandinavia with a loss of 3,000 jobs. Learn more

Scientist Stumped By PA Climate Denial

While the crop of 2010 candidates running as climate change deniers is hardly news, a scientist finds it a puzzling phenomenon. Meanwhile, science educators reach out to hunters and anglers.

The Flip Side Of The Power Coin

Lower demand for electricity and lower prices in Europe cuts into the profits of a German utility giant. Learn more

What's The Matter With Virginia?

Rick Boucher's re-election bid in Virginia is dogged by his vote for the carbon cap and trade bill and allegations that he's anti-coal. Anti-coal?

October 26, 2010

And The Loser Is...

A dormitory at the University of North Carolina wins the EPA big loser-style award for cutting its energy use. Savings on energy bills are the only financial reward. Smart!

From Gray To Green On CSO

New York City seeks to shift from steel and concrete answers to water pollution problems toward green ones that also have cooler city capacity. Dig in

India Is Not China

A visit to India spurs thoughts about what to expect on climate action and how expectations for China should be different. Start here

Town & Gown Go Green Together

New York University's initial co-generation plant plan made the neighbors angry. But now, Look!

Smarter Mischief & Mayhem

Are smart meters an invitation to steal your electricity? Is the smart grid vulnerable to manipulated blackouts? Look into it


Green product promises often don't deliver according to a new report. Honest!

Look What The Wind Blows In!

The UK sees creation of 70,000 jobs related to new off-shore wind power projects supported by private manufacturing investment. Work it

October 25, 2010

2011 Forecast: Un-Green

If the Republicans capture Congress what to expect on the environmental front. Some specifics

Euro Firms Make Tea-Toned US Donations

BP, Bayer and other large European companies are making cash contributions to US politicians running against environmental protection. Who gives & who gets. For a broader view of who got Right here

Prop 23: Foes Of Fossils

In the ballot battle over California's Proposition 23, software and clean tech have anted up $11.9 million in the last two weeks to combat fossil fuel funding in favor of this climate hostile initiative. Google that

What Do Blue States Do?

At the state level, energy efficiency policy s strongly linked to electoral preferences. No purple places

Worth Fighting For

Words matter. Results of the competition to define what is green or sustainable across a wide band of products will have major market consequences. Start here (full article not free)

What Will The Governors Do?

The state level is where the action is on the energy and renewables front, but which way will the action go? Stay tuned

UK: Raise Carbon Price Floor

Utilities claim the UK government floor price for carbon emissions permits is too low to stimulate investment in nuclear power. Look into it

Model Green Law

Columbia University issues a model municipal green building ordinance based on analysis of common practices and impediments to resource efficiency gains. Legal eagle alert!

October 22, 2010

Swimming London

Picture a tropical, innundated London in a weird-climate world. Wake-up arts

Incentives Toolkit

Consider the range of financial incentives for CCS presented here and how they could be applied to other carbon-cutting projects. Work on it

The New Arctic Normal

NOAA reports that a warmer, wetter Arctic is the new normal and its impacts are felt elsewhere in the northern hemisphere. Pay attention

Post Mortem Or Resurrection

Friends and foes diagnose the death-by-Senate of the Kerry climate bill and look ahead to EPA rule-making. E&ETV

Many MWs of Wind Power for Australia

The Australian state of Victoria okays plans for 247.5 MW of new wind power worth $319 million. Plug in

Kyoto Carbon Market Grows In China

Funds for the Clean Development Mechanism, developed by the Kyoto Treaty, grow by the billions in China. Learn more

Gold, Passive & Living Buildings

Tour this portfolio of LEED Gold, Passive Haus and Living Buildings.

Budget Cuts Cloud Climate Projects

Proposed budget cuts for climate and other eco-programs in the UK raise concerns about government commitments. Stay tuned

NYS Enviro Commissioner Axed

Pete Grannis, Commissioner of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, got fired by the Governor. NYLCV weighs in

Another Million Milestone

New Yorkers rise to the goal of covering one million square feet of rooftops with heat-shielding white paint. Cool

October 21, 2010

Oil & Idaho Don't Mix

Opposition rises to using a two-lane blacktop road in Idaho to send construction equipment destined for oil sands drilling sites in Cananda. Drill down

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Not everyone found the New York Times story that tea party supporters are climate skeptics and opponents of carbon control legislation to be a new news narrative. Call that news?

More In the Water

The global offshore wind power business is booming. Dive in

October 20, 2010

UK: Saved From the Budget Ax

A German carbon capture and storage technology firm shifts from the UK to the Netherlands, so Britain will go it alone. Saved?

Sitmulus Funds - Behind the Headlines

Want to get a handle on the results of DOE stimulus spending for clean energy projects? It's complicated

Class Action Action

Will the class action suit brought against the USGBC over its LEED standards have its day in court? What's a class? & What's a monopoly?

France: Less Great Expectations

Hopes for the French nuclear power industry collide with disappointments and failed projects. What a pip!

Berlin Plugs Into Its Roofs

Berlin advocates of rooftop solar power provide facts, figures & projections. Think 3D

Smart Family, Smart Buildings

A father and son agree on the value of installing water, heat and fuel sensors in their NYC apartment buildings. Relate!

October 19, 2010

Home Energy Program Woes

The Illinois Inspector General finds shoddy work, cost overruns and poor inspection practices plague a Cook County home weatherization program. Audit that

From Climate To Commons

Think conventional climate politics has failed? Time to rethink and renew

SA: Gear Up For Energy Efficiency

With South African electricity rates projected to quadruple over the next few years, the business case for investing in energy efficiency starts to add up. Learn more

UK: Green Hopes Dim

In the face of UK funding cuts for proposed green initiatives, project prospects decline but don't disappear. Learn more

Keeping the Lights On

While heavy industry maintains its access to electricity in China's efforts to increase efficiency and cut carbon output, smaller businesses can get shut out. Details here

Marketing A Bright Idea

A new, cost-cutting PV manufacturing technology developed with Department of Energy funds raises $20 million to go commercial. A better mousetrap?

The Next Carbon Frontier

Public lands have great potential as clean energy sources. Can we succeed?

Kokomo Looks Up

With a 6% drop in unemployment figures, the impact of federal energy-related stimulus funds in rust-belt city Kokomo, Indiana can be measured. Learn more

Will King Coal Crumble?

Over the next ten years, widespread closure of US coal-fired power plants are forecast. Dig in

October 18, 2010

Wanted: New Reactors

The British government is clearing a path to build a new generation of nuclear power plants. Stay tuned

Chemical Tranparency

An on-line data base of chemicals used in fracking for natural gas will be created by two Texas state government groups with the Department of Energy. Drill down

Con Ed Big On NJ Solar

Con Edison plans to invest millions on a 20 MW solar power project in New Jersey that will provide power for the northeast. Catch some rays

China: Make No Small Plans

Ambitious energy efficiency and carbon-cutting goals to be set in China's latest five-year plan and there will be funding to back them up. Look at the numbers

Hot Enough Yet?

2010 is on track to tie with 1998 as the hottest year on record. Get the facts

Green: Everyone's Doing It

Real life and research agree, peer pressure is the best way to make people behave greener. Nudge

October 15, 2010

We Don't Know! Do We Care?

Researchers find 52% of their US survey sample would flunk Climate 101, only 8% would get A's or B's. Mind the gap

A Greener Amazon

No, not the rain forest, but the on-line retailer will give consumers data about the carbon footprint of on-line buying and eco-friendly delivery options. Log on

Clean Brand Campaign

Sixteen giant US firms to shun shipping companies that use oil from Canadian tar-sand sources. Drill down

Hawking Heatballs

Opposing the EU ban on incandescent bulbs, two Germans import them from China under the guise of mini-heaters. Really


Once an advocate of climate action, Harold Lewis now calls climate science a fraud. Read Revkin

Ask Secretary Chu

Watch this interview with Department of Energy Secretary Chu where he answers questions submitted via Twitter and Facebook. See here

UK: Peddling For Pounds

London's new bike access scheme, TfL, should recoup its costs in three years and then make money. A mass transit first!

2010 Energy Efficiency List

California is first and Mississippi is last in the ACEEE fifty state rating of energy efficiency. Where does your state stand?

Banking On A Green Bank

With the failure of climate legislation based on cap & trade, other ideas for cutting carbon emerge. Here's one

Last But Not Least

What is final item on the British Museum list "A History of the World in One Hundred Objects? Find out

ARC: Don't Dead-End It

Rethink the Hudson River train tunnel to provide regional service. Anyone on board? and mull over the fallout of pulling the plug

October 14, 2010

Platinum U

Cooper Union's newest building gets a top-of-the-line LEED Platinum rating. Learn more

Storm Magnets

The tall towers of New York and other coastal attract hurricanes. Think of what more frequent storms would mean. Pay attention


An Italian company will build the key part a nuclear fusion reactor in France. ETA 2020s

Growing Greener Business

Making a business greener isn't about being less bad. That's good

Green Can-Do: Compare & Contrast

Compare New Jersey's cancellation of a cross-Hudson mass transit tunnel with Google's plan to build an offshore wind transmission system. Potent anecdotes

UK: Green Bank Battle

A battle between the British Treasury and environmental advocates in other agencies over funding for the government's Green Investment Bank might end this week. Stay tuned

PACE Potential

Legal status aside, what are the business and stakeholder implications of PACE bond financing? Look here

See You In Court!

The US Green Building Council is sued in federal court for "deceptive marketing claims" and more. Learn more

October 13, 2010


Legal scholars consider the New Source Performance Standards of the Clean Air Act to be the best carbon regulatory tool for the EPA. Fine print


California has a new law authorizing its state pension systems to invest in PACE bonds to raise funds for energy efficiency and clean energy loans. Take that Fannie!

Batteries Without Borders

Why build a 1,000 MW of giant storage batteries in Mexico? Find out

Good At Home, Bad Abroad

While EU carbon emissions are declining, the carbon footprint of its imports is rising. Net gains

Living Beyond Our Means

The World Wildlife Fund finds that by almost any measure, humanity is living beyond the ability of the planet to sustain life as we know it. More here

Say It Ain't So

Contrary to some claims, research finds immigration does not grow the size of the US carbon footprint. Here's why

Broad Spectrum Energy Policy

A report by AEI, Brookings, and the Breakthrough Institute call for spending $25 billion a year on energy technology innovation but will Congress ante up? BUT did the authors flunk Politics 101?

State Matters

Profiles of candidates for governor of IA, KS, WY and OK who oppose action on climate and clean energy. Learn more

October 12, 2010

China: More=More

China is the world's new #1 energy user. That's big!

What's Good About "No"?

EDF, the French partner to the US nuclear utility who's construction plan was halted by federal loan guarantee requirements, may benefit. Look into it

From Locavore To Urbavore

Forbes predicts that by 2018, a fifth of all urban food will be grown on rooftops and parking lots. Digest that

Japan-US Join On New Solar Tech

Japan's Solar Frontier and General Electric to manufacture thin-film solar panels. . Plug in

The Technology Behind The Headline

Wonder just how an ocean cable for transmitting electric power around the northeast would work? Dig down

US Climate Skeptics - A Breed Apart

American political conservatives are unique in rejecting the findings of climate science. Got a reason?

For Salt's Sake

New York City's plan for a $10.25 million green salt shed sparks a critic's ambivalence. Cover it

October 11, 2010

The Sound & The Fury

New York Times readers respond to a news item on the noise made by wind turbines. Hush now

Chunky Is Junky

Regarding climate policy, "If you count on going incremental forever then we'll never get to where we need to quickly enough". What's wrong with chunks?

EU Renewables Stocks Slump

The market value of renewable energy firms on European stock exchanges disappoints investors. Spend some time

Will Trees Threaten Farmers?

The Australian Farm Institute foresees climate policy leading to tree plantations that compete with farm land. Hoe, hoe

EU Trumps US on Plane Emissions

EU efforts to limit GHG emissions from airliners is likely to prevail over US opposition. Fly by

Mediating Climate

Has the rise of new and social media made an impact on public awareness or engagement around climate change? Look into it

The Coming Water Wars

The combination of economic growth and the impact of climate change points to escalating tensions among Asian nations. Dip in

Dark Times For Nuclear Power

A mix of economic and policy trends dims prospects for new nuclear power plants in the US. Look into it

October 08, 2010

Underwater Transmission

Plans for underwater electric transmission lines to carry clean power from Canada to NYC win regulators' approval. Plug in

October 07, 2010

Be Efficient & Save A Bundle

A suburban homeowner spends $375,000 in utility and transportation costs while paying off the mortgage but could save 50% if the property was energy efficiency. Really?

Sino-Euro Climate Front?

With the US MIA on climate action, the possibility for cooperation on climate action between China and Europe emerges. Opportunity knocks

States Of Importance

With 50 states and many more local governments in the US, 'sub-national' climate actions can have robust impact beyonds their borders. Fine print

Chunk Strategy Skeptics

President Obama's proposal to pass chunk-sized bills rather than full-sized federal global warming legislation gets a cool response. Food for thought

Climate Action For Everyman

A small business owner in California finds effective and affordable opportunities to cut his carbon footprint are "ever present" How about you?

UK: Green Retail

Retail chain stores consult with the UK government on aiding its "green deal" program, but consumer incentives might be needed Shop around

Still Waiting For Work

If Indiana is typical, Americans are still waiting for signs of a green jobs revolution. Learn more

Was It Sun Spots?

New research on the link between solar activity and a hotter Earth suggest a smaller impact than previously believed. Look into it & Look again

PACE Court Fight In NY

The Natural Resources Defense Council sues federal home mortgage regulators for blocking the PACE bond program. Stay tuned

Ken's Gone Fishing

The Washington Post calls the latest subpoena issued by Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli about the work of climate scientist Michael Mann a "fishing expedition" and an embarrassment to the state. Catch up


Why hasn't $31 billion in Department of Energy stimulus money had much economic impact? While this will be grist for ongoing debate, here's one opinion.

October 06, 2010

Poll: Californians Stay Green

The California ballot initiative aimed at derailing the state's climate action law, appears headed to defeat 49-37. Here's why & What does BIPEC say?

A Big Win For Wind Power

The federal government signs a lease for the long-delayed offshore Cape Wind project near Cape Cod. Plug in

Power To the People

With the collapse of plans for additional electric transmission lines into NYC, it's time to ask Who needs it?

Big Bucks For Renewables

The entry of Italy's state-controlled utility into European stock exchanges to finance renewable power could be the biggest listing of the year. Clean up

Missouri:The Show Me State

Columbia, Missouri drafts a bill requiring that landlords disclose energy costs to their tenants to create a market demand for more efficient building. Learn more

The Rockefeller Makeover

Rockefeller Center gets smart meters, an energy efficiency upgrade and a "virtual power" plant. Here's how

What's Green Worth?

Real estate professionals want to know how to put a dollar value on high performance buildings. Underwrite

October 05, 2010

Smart Meters Find Friends

Bucking a California trend, Dubuque, Iowa residents take a shine to smart water meters. Learn more

Waiting for Godot The US

Europe's carbon emissions trading markets need US participation to thrive. Go on

Ignorance Found In Senate!

Based on reports of the Senate's failure to pass a climate law, it seems even bill supporters were less than well-informed. No irony intended

What Were They Smoking?

The UK's gory 10:10 climate campaign ad is pulled from circulation. Sober up

Australia: Greening Labor

Labor seeks to fend off a Green challenge in Melbourne, by promising eco-action. Party on

The Basics of BASIC

What are the climate negotiating interests of the BASIC four, Brazil, South Africa, India and China? Learn more

PV Costs Drops On Improvements

The 13% price cut for photovoltaic installations in Germany is linked to technical efficiency improvements. Plug in

Green Gov Conference: See It Here

October 5 - 7 watch the live streaming of the Green Gov conference. Log on

China: Development=Pollution

China calls for any new international climate agreement to raise carbon emissions caps for developing nations. Stay tuned

Fashion Forward

Now through October 20, the Gap will recycle your old jeans and donate the material for use as building insulation. Fall in

October 04, 2010

Amsterdam & San Francisco: Eco-Maps

Want to "compare & contrast" or "measure & manage" urban environmental performance? Start here

Mixing Tea & Oil

California tea party supporters join with oil companies to stump for Proposition 23, the ballot initiative to derail the state's climate action plan. Gulp

What's Green & Red All Over?

The UK 10:10 climate campaign is not your typical public service announcement. PG-13

They Blew It

Here's the grim story of just how the White House and Senate Democrats failed to pass a climate and energy bill. RIP?

Heros & Zeros

A risk assessment firm ranks GE as the #1 US company in combating climate change and puts Berkshire Hathaway last. Learn more

Keep Hope Alive

Will the next rounds of climate talks in China, Mexico and South Africa produce some progress? Tea leaves & Tarot cards

Green Tech Levers

Siemens reports on energy infrastructure technologies for urban sustainability, spotlighting London and a NY case study. City lights

Black & White Is the New Green

The NYC Council passes five green bills, including legislation that adds the words "the environment" to the purpose of the Building Code. Words worth!

India's Now #3

India has become the third largest source of GHG's; environment minister calls for decoupling economic growth from climate damage. Learn more

Get Accountable

Sustaining the sustainability movement will mean measurement and monitoring. Manage that!

October 01, 2010

Recasting UN Climate Role

The former UN climate chief proposes a new clean energy development and diffusion role for the international body. Stay relevant

Running In Place

US homes still consume energy at 1970's levels, even though domestic gadgets are much more energy efficient. Why?

Bad For Your Health

Experts say climate change poses significant human health impacts. Pay attention