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September 30, 2010

CA: Climate Slugfest

Debating action on climate change sent sparks flying between California Senate candidates Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina. Eighth round

Bits & Pieces

Senators support Obama's strategy of passing climate legislation one piece at a time. Chunky dory!

The Wegman Tool

Get the backstory on the Wegman Report, Senator Barton's tool to attack climate science. Drill down

September 29, 2010

Is Small The Answer?

Like small Italian wind turbine projects, scale might be a key to success elsewhere. Turn in

The Porous Apple

New York City will protect water quality with porous pavements, green roofs, and other soft means to soak up rain water before it overpowers sewage treatment plants. Whew!

September 28, 2010

Climate Action Republican-Style

If the Republican Party captures the House in November elections, what's is store for the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming? Watch out

Obama: Time To Act On Energy

President Obama calls for concerted action on energy policy in 2011. OK

Australia: Good As Gold?

A giant gold mining company splits with BHP Billiton to oppose an Australian carbon tax. Dig in

How To Follow The Money

Exactly where is big money flowing to fight against climate action? It counts

Prop 23: Vote No

The LA Times calls on voters to reject Proposition 23, a ballot initiative aimed at overturning California's climate action law. Stay tuned

It's Not Easy Being Passive

Passive houses pose challenges from unexpected sources, like insurers. Oh pioneer!

Don't Mix Oil & War

A Washington think tank urges a 50% cut in oil dependence by US military to limit risks of losing access to supplies and price spikes. Look into it

Do More With Less

Historically low interest rates can finance green job growth to cut historically high unemployment rates. Spend some time

Domestic Content

A Chinese firm and GE form a joint venture to make and market wind turbines in China. Learn more

Melting Away

Scientists are shocked by how fast glaciers and ice-sheets are melting and could more than double estimates of sea level rise by 2100. Dive in

September 27, 2010

Geothermal Could Heat Up Green Job Market

A new geothermal technology could be used to generate electricity, heat and jobs, while cutting costs. Drill down

Be Passive

Passive house design aims for much greater energy efficiency than other green building standards. Get active


Here's the latest debate on whether the US needs a Renewable Energy Standard and what it should say. You decide

What Are They Thinking?

What do 37 Republican candidates for Senate believe about climate science? Find out

Solar Asia

Critical funding for domestic solar power is coming to nations like India and Bangladesh. Learn more

Scotland: A Money Spinner

A Scots wind power project to develop many small sites attracts $79 million. Plug in

September 24, 2010

Prop 23 in California

CA voters will decide whether or not to suspend AB 32 aka the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 What if?

September 22, 2010

Fate of the World

Can leading environmental game maker Red Redemption in collaboration with Oxford University climate experts jolt complacent minds into taking action? Get your game on

September 21, 2010

Finland: Cloud Caving In to Green

The greenest most secure data center on earth due on line in Jan. is in a cave which was carved into the rock under a cathedral during WW II. Chilling heats

September 18, 2010

More Expert

Revkin captures the tenor of what scientists say about other scientists when it comes to climate change. Mind that domain

September 17, 2010

Paint It White

Cool roofs are catching on. Coverage here

Solar Thermal Mojo

California licensed 1,500 MW of new solar thermal in the last three weeks and could greenlight nearly 3,000 more MW before federal tax incentives run out in December. That's hot

Red White & Green

A poll sponsored by the NRDC finds Americans are positive about the EPA and the work it does. Just ask

Yes We Do

Obama's stimulus funding is creating green jobs and technologies, but the media misses the story. Look into it

Australia: PM Doesn't Say No

With the Green Party in her coalition, Australian Prime Minister Gillard does not close the door on a carbon tax. Stay tuned

Good News - Or Not

Scientists say we will not run out of uranium any time soon but doubt the pluses of recycling plutonium. Enough already!

Green Dorm

Pratt Institute students, staff and faculty collaborate on a green room in a 1960's dormitory. Drop by

Weatherization Is Women's Work

Portland, Oregon is an innovative epicenter of home weatherization jobs for (not only) women. Here's how it's done

September 16, 2010

PBS Science: True Or False?

The PBS ombudsman examines whether a Nova science broadcast was skewed by its sponsor, David Koch. Must read

THe Urban Honor Roll

With more than half the world's people living in cities, smart, urban green innovation really counts. ICLEI's US top 10

Godfather Green

Organized crime in Europe makes a killing on money laundering through clean energy deals. Non-fiction

Is Solar Sustainable in South Africa?

South Africa studies the viability of a proposed 5,000 MW solar power plant. Plug in

UK: Not Future Proof

Neither private property nor public infrastructure are prepared to withstand the impacts of climate change. Start now

Campaign To Save Carbon Rules

Green groups launch a campaign to protect the EPA from Congressional attack on its power to regulate carbon emissions. Start here

Hey Slow Spenders!

It's hard to see any economic stimulus coming from federal energy efficiency funds in Georgia and Tennessee because they've spent just $5.6 million of their $109 million. Spend some time

PA Snoops On Frack Foes

Pennsylvania Governor Rendell expresses regrets for actions of his Department of Homeland Security to discredit foes of hydrfracking for natural gas. Drill down

September 15, 2010

Raising The Building Bar

The goals of high performance building design are rising, but will energy efficiency lead to greater energy use? Plug in

Big Problems, Small Planet

Dean Kammen looks into a new generation of climate and energy development challenges facing the World Bank, while the World Energy Council explores how megacities can lead on energy and urban innovation.

Germany: Just Say Maybe

A German government idea to make all residential buildings zero GHG emitters by 2050, at a cost of $3.1 trillion, catches flak within Chancellor Merkel's own alliance. Stay tuned

What's Good For China?

Does China's economy benefit from a US failure to enact climate change legislation? Climate Wire & CFR

Families Sue Frackers

12 Pennsylvania families sue a natural gas driller, claiming its release of hazardous materials harms their health. Drill down

UK: Green Lining In Economy's Clouds

The UK could see a 2% boost in economic growth from its green sector to help offset declines in other sectors. Learn more

PV Demand Buoys Prices

Strong European demand for photovoltaic panels should keep prices higher than expected. Work it out

Doing Climate Science

Explaining the link between warming oceans and 21st century hurricanes is still a work-in-progress, but the risk of living in low-lying coastal areas is clear right now. Kerry Emanuel

How Do We Know It's Hotter?

The heat waves of summer 2010 made headlines and here's how scientists got the data to back them up. Fine print

Climate MeetUp In NYC

17 nations, sources of 80% of the world's CO2, will meet in NYC during Climate Week to look for common ground. Who'll be there?

Electing Climate Zombies

US and US media outlets are tracking Republicans climate skeptics in the 2010 Senate, House and Governors' races. Stay tuned

September 14, 2010

More Pounds For Less Carbon

The British government sketches out plans for a green development bank to help finance a low carbon economy. Look ahead

In Case You Misssed It - Optimism

David Goldstein makes the case for energy efficiency as a key to environmental and economic success. Open here

What The Summer Interns Found

51 MBA summer interns identified $350 million in energy savings at Fortune 1000 companies. Value added

The Metro & The Hot House

Body heat from Paris subways will be used to warm nearby apartments. Ooh-la-la

September 13, 2010

Carbon Coalition?

With its razor-thin majority, what will Australia's government do about permits for LNG projects and pricing carbon? Stay tuned

Heat Seekers

Get the latest data on global temperatures for 2010 and draw your own conclusions. Read all about it

Imagine That!

Launched five years ago, what's happened at GE's Ecomagination program? Immelt reports

Would Would Reagan Do?

George Schultz, a member of President Reagan's cabinet, comes out against a California ballot measure to overturn the state's climate action law. Learn more

Let's Lease It

There's growing interest by homeowners and cities in leasing rooftop solar panels. WSJ

September 10, 2010

Carbon Market Capers

Research finds the EU carbon trading market is gamed by heavy industries that keep prices low and the number of emissions permits high. Here's how

World Bank Tilts Toward Green

The World Bank appoints Daniel Kammen as its chief technical specialist for renewables and energy efficiency. Shift here

RGGI: Bargian Basement Prices

The September RGGI auction for CO2 emissions permits fell to the reserve price of $1.86 a ton. Come on down

UK Military OK On Wind Project

The UK Defense Ministry drops its objection, based on concerns over radar interference, to a new wind turbine project. Turn in

Polar Science Right Now!

Follow the Cape Farewell IX Arctic science expedition over the next four weeks. Start here


Keep a sharp eye for building details of an earlier age and tour NYC's early garages. Drive in

Green Guide To Florida Race

While Florida voters don't put environmental issues high on their issues list, Grist thinks a look at the green positions of candidates for Governor is still worthwhile. Do you?

CA: Is Repeal Appealing?

How would a November vote for California's Prop 23 to overturn the state's Global Warming Solution law affect its economy? Look into it

Green Group Make AG Pick

The New York League of Conservation Voters endorses Eric Schneiderman for State Attorney General. Learn more

Trolly Bound For Red Hook

Red Hook Brooklyn is getting closer to getting old fashioned, new-fangled mass transit. Get on board

September 09, 2010

Play It As It LA's

With apologies to Joan Didion, peer into Los Angeles' smoggy climate-changed future. Go west

Has LEED Failed?

LEED, the popular way to give buildings an eco-rating, is not universally admired. Look under the hood

Scotland Slashes Emissions

Using a mix of market and policy tools, Scotland cuts its GHG emissions 21% from 1990 levels. Cheers

Science Is About Sharing

The National Academy of Sciences urges researchers to improve on sharing their climate data to increase its impact. Learn more

What's Wrong With Wind Power?

Since the federal government has no say on electric transmission siting, developing a viable interstate system is a long shot. Plug in

Ikea's Wind Farms

With its purchase of six German wind farms from a Spanish firm, Swedish-based Ikea gets electricity from fifty-two renewable sources. Euro power!

Reaping The Wind

Wind industry advocates anticipate many benefits of the EU's mix of carrots and sticks policies. Turn in

Indonesia's Coal Goal

By 2020, cash poor Indonesia could be financing infrastructure development with coal exports to Asia. Dig in

September 08, 2010

Does China Cheat On Renewables?

Look into allegations that China's support for it booming renewable power industry violates World Trade Organization rules. Start here

Reid's Bite-Sized Climate Strategy

Senate Leader Reid offers a piecemeal approach to federal climate legislation. Tasty?

Who Owns The Arctic?

Control of Arctic resources will be contested by many nations as climate change transforms the region. Stay tuned

Climate Facts On File

Want to have the facts at your fingertips when engaging with a climate skeptic or someone seeking the science behind the headlines? Start here

Michigan: Shades Of Green

The green contours of Michigan politics might surprise you. Take a look

More than One Risk

Revkin weighs in on weird weather and climate change. Cold comfort

Another FIrst For China

China attracts more renewable energy investments than the US and is developing markets to support its own manufacturers. Look ahead

Loading the Dice

Why asking if this summer's extreme weather events were caused by climate change is the wrong question. Here's why

September 07, 2010

PACE Blogger: 2011?

An allergy to first lien debt and a lack of performance data are just two of the woes facing PACE bond fans, but a legislative overhaul of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2011 might be the best time to revive the program.

NY Firm Grows Green Stock Exchanges

New York-based NYSE Euronext, the nation's largest US stock exchange operator, to expand trading volume in carbon, electric power and renewables. Learn more

Enriching Uranium With $$

Overcoming reliance on aging technology in the US, a new influx of investment reinvigorates the means for making fuel for nuclear power plants. Invest some time

Australian Greens See Red Over Coal For China

As a member of Australia's new coalition government, the Green Party will oppose growing coal exports to China and favor putting a price on carbon.

London: Green Finance Hub

The UK government announces an initiative to make London the global center for green finance, while municipal authorities launch a $153 million Green Fund. Stay tuned

Energy Efficiency: Off To A Slow Start

Enrollment is lower than expected for a UK program which requires buildings that are large electric consumers to sign up for energy efficiency. Learn more

September 06, 2010

Germany: No Age Barrier

Germany will permit its fleet of aging nuclear power plants to stay online, with a fuel rod tax to support renewable energy. Plug in

September 04, 2010

CA PACE Bond Bill Advances

A bill that would permit public sector pensions to invest in PACE bonds awaits Governor Schwarzenegger's signature. Stay tuned

September 03, 2010

Secret German Military Peak Oil Report

A leaked report by the German military raises concerns about market failures and European energy security arising from declining global fossil fuel resources. Summary in translation

UK: The China Connection

A senior climate scientist claims the UK's carbon footprint has grown because of imports from nation's like China. Look into it

Put A Price On It!

GE, Siemens and other big manufacturers of renewable power technology urge Australia's' new government to put a price on carbon. Learn more

In Harm's Way

Mapping the location of vital US infrastructure facilities is vital for emergency planning and promoting resilience, but will it be enough? Start with facts

The Heat Did It

Hot weather, not dumb smart meters, explains the rise in California electric utility bills, and bungled customer relations made things worse. Plug in

Some Things Don't Change

A new history examines how defenders of industrial pollution developed, deployed - and continue to use - the same techniques developed a century ago. Reviewed here

September 02, 2010

What Lies Beneath Sleipner?

Norway's Sleipner platform above its North Sea natural gas fields, pumps CO2 beneath the water for long term capture and storage and could be a model for other CCS installations.Drill down

The Gates Debate

Bill Gates' call for a carbon tax to fund a new generation of climate-friendly R&D sparks a riposte from the Tellus Institute and a return. Follow that thread!

Bike Power

Generate electric power while pedaling an exercise bike! No sweat

September 01, 2010

Atlantic Heat & Hurricane Landfall

Is there a link between summertime Atlantic Ocean temperatures off the east coast of the US and the likelihood of a hurricane coming ashore? Spin in

Learn The Right Thing

Based on the policies of ten leading states, CAP calls for a federal policy to upgrade the energy efficiency of 50 million buildings, create 625,000 jobs and save Americans $64 billion in energy bills. Start here

NJ: Guide To Sustainable Growth

A university white paper calls on New Jersey leaders to link global demand for green products and practices to the state's core strengths in order to succeed. Learn more

Wind From The East

A giant Korean manufacturer sets its sights on 13-fold growth for its wind farm business. Stay tuned

Forget The Headline

The most interesting fact about NYC's hot summer is how much electricity is used and who's using more than ever. Hint: Home AC

Another Nail In The Coffin

Homeowners with PACE bond loans for install PV panels have to pay off the loan before selling their property. Bang bang

Another Nail In The Coffin

Homeowners who got PACE bond loans now have to pay them off before Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac will approve mortgage refinances. Bang bang

New Wind Power Cools But Market's Hot

While 2010 is a bad year for building new wind turbines, US utilities are buying up low-priced wind assets. Plug in

Pricing A Carbon Tax

When asked "how much?", carbon tax supporters offer a wide range of dollar values. Here's an argument for the high end. Fine print