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June 30, 2010

Wishing Won't Make It So

Tougher regulations are needed to enable the UK to make deep cuts in GHG emissions. Grrrr

BP: One Less Law Suit

Following a Supreme Court decision limiting the right of shareholders to sue a foreign company in US courts, the New York State pension fund is less likely to file a claim against BP. Please explain

Build A Better Mousetrap

A US energy technology company seeks investors for a European combined heat and power initiative. Go global

Benchmarking Power

Every year, CERES reports on the emissions performance of the largest power producers in the US. Get the latest!

Running On Fumes

The Guardian headline says it all "Obama fails to rally support for energy bill" Read the rest

Some Gains For Cleaner Fuel

The sulfur content of #2 heating oil in New York State will plunge with the passage of new legislation, but there will no so such cuts for the #4 4 and 6 heating oil common in New York City. Learn more

What Would Kagan Do?

Prospective Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan expresses her views on the Constitutionality of citizen suits to uphold environmental laws. Find out

Too Hot For A Tea Party

A July Tea Party gathering in Las Vegas is called off because of the heat. Whew!

June 29, 2010

Just Say No

When it comes to climate legislation, the GOP - and some Democrats too - channel Nancy Reagan and go negative. Roll call

Getting To 60

Will the death of Senator Robert Byrd have an impact on chances for passing a Senate climate bill? RIP

Cloudy Thinking

Catch up with the latest scientific thinking about the impact of clouds on climate change. and how hot things could get.

Risk Or Risk Management?

If the underground storage of CO2 leaks more than1% in a thousand years, it would pose serious risks of adding to climate change. Look ahead

Travel Plans?

While the promise of eco-tourism is great, the learning curve is steep. Visit Peru

Germany: $$$ For Global Green Work

A German development bank seeks $500 million to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in developing nations. Learn more

Australia: The $23 Solution

The Green Party urges Australia's new Prime Minister to work for a $23 per ton tax on CO2 emissions. Stay tuned

Asian Nuclear Ascendancy

Demand for nuclear power in Asia is booming, but future growth is uncertain. WSJ

June 28, 2010

What's Next?

With climate legislation stalled in Washington, now is the time to ask what kind of legislation would be worth passing. Think hard

Seine Power

Paris asks utilities to harness Seine river currents to generate electricity. Locally sourced

G20: Fossil Fuels $100 B, Climate Not Much

Whatever G20 countries may say about the cost of climate protection, they subsidize the fossil fuel industry at $100 billion annually. Follow the money

June 25, 2010

Germany: Tax & Live Longer

With a new tax on nuclear power, Germany could extend the life of its aging reactors. IOU


What is retro-greening and who's doing it? Losers are winners

Celebrate Summer Efficiently

Now that it's summer in the city, catch up with the latest ideas on making building HVAC systems energy efficient. Get technical

Natural Gas Futures

A new industry-funded study sees both growth and limits ahead for the natural gas market. Drill down

EU: Bank Reorganizes CO2 Trading

JPMorgan Chase reorganizes its European carbon emissions trading business in the face of uncertain markets. Learn more

Australia: Second Chance For Carbon

Australia's new Prime Minster vows to work for putting a price on CO2, something shelved by her predecessor. Stay tuned

Meet The Author

Eric Pooley, author of a new book on Washington climate politics, is interviewed by the The American Prospect. Q&A


ESCO's provide multi-year energy efficiency services and do well in the MUSH market that is made up of municipal government, universities, hospitals and other long-term institutional property owners. Plug in

June 24, 2010

What Do Climate Contrarians Know?

A National Academy of Sciences survey of scientists who are climate deniers finds that they lack the expertise in climate sciences. Get the facts

1 If By Land, More If By Sea

The potential for making large volumes of electricity from off-shore wind projects dwarf what can be expected from land-base wind turbine projects in New York. Dive in

Australia: Climate Politics Bite

Australia's new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard faces a turbulent climate politics scene . Down under

The Long (Bulb) Goodbye

Few people are aware that the sale of incandescent light bulbs is coming in 2014 or what the alternatives are. Hello!

Setting A Commercial PACE

What are the top issues for commercial building owners thinking about PACE bonds? Look into it

Australia: Target Zero

By using wind and concentrated solar power, the Zero Carbon Project proposes to free Australia from fossil fuels by 2020. Look ahead

June 23, 2010

London Exchange Launches Carbon Index

Carbon indexing, based on the FTSE all-share index, is the newest thing on London's stock exchange. Stock up

Will UN Shut Down Carbon Market Scam?

Prices rise on EU's carbon market as the UN prepares to tighten up on shady trading in HFCs. Stay tuned

Waste Not, Want Not

In the US, waste heat from industrial processes is an untapped source of energy and a way to save jobs. Get it

Less Uranium, More Power

Drawing board technology for thorium-powered reactors could make uranium-fueled reactors more efficient. This just in: fusion power from a Brooklyn DIY

Texas Oil Buys California Vote

An oil-industry fueled ballot initiative to suspend California's climate law will go before voters in November. Stay tuned

Graham: Ready, Aim...

A leaked strategy memo, said to be from green advocacy groups, spells out the line of attack on Senator Lindsey Graham for abandoning climate legislation. Fire

June 22, 2010

China: More Than Coal

A research visit to China reveals the economic, scientific and environmental strides being made on the energy front. Learn more

UK Companies: Tax Us

British manufacturers call for a simple, economy wide carbon tax. KISS

Outlining Offsets

WRI analyzes the offset provisions of the Kerry-Lieberman climate bill. Fine print

Mind The Gaps

A utility-only climate cap & trade bill stirs polarizing reactions. Who's saying what?

All Fracked Up

Been too busy with the BP oil spill to catch up with the Marcellus Shale gas hydrofracking story? It's not too late

Scientific Seals

Seals equipped with heat sensors gather data about sources of heat that melt Antarctic ice. Dive in

Farming Feels Climate Impacts

Food production feels the damaging impact of droughts, rain and temperature extremes caused by a changing climate. Here, now

June 21, 2010

Media Matters

Learn the lessons a science reporter brings to his climate change reporting. No hype

Eco-Edge in L.I. Home Market

Interest in greener Long Island homes is on the rise. Move in

May 2010: The Data Is In

Every month, NOAA reports on on global climate temperatures. Overall May 2010 data is the hottest since reporting began in 1880. Whew!

Italy: Skeptical Leadership

The CEO of an Italian electricity utility with plans to launch a clean energy IPO is branded as a climate skeptic. Learn more

Search Me

True or false: rising use of the internet spells bad news for climate change? Log on

Spain: PV Investment Shrivels

With shrinking public subsidies, private investment for new PV projects in Spain plunge 99%. Plug in

Picture This

View the National Geographic photo gallery that illustrates how we live now and what life on the 21st century electric grid could look like. Click

June 20, 2010

Media Mea Culpa

The Times of London admits its error in smearing climate science. Learn more

June 18, 2010

Cooler Cool

Scientists develop a new air conditioner, which uses dessicants and needs less electricity. Dry it

Endangerment Safe

A federal appeals court rejects challenges to EPA's health endangerment finding on GHGs. Text here

Pakistan Aims For Wind Power

With the great potential for wind power along South Asian coasts, Pakistan seeks funds for its first project to alter its energy mix. Tap in

Eco Funnies

What would a week be like without some cartoons? LOL

Making Good On Public Goods

Can the world's ecosystems be converted from a landscape of market failures to valued, well-managed assets? Look into it

Local Is Beautiful

The Mayor of Portland wants to create "20-minute neighborhoods" Catchier than "cap & trade"?

NYC Weaves A Reilient Web

As a low-lying coastal city, New York is working on many fronts to protect its infrastructure in a hotter, wetter world. Get the latest

Super Swedes

One neighborhood in Stockholm, Sweden shows how cities can thrive by deploying two distributed energy strategies: draw on local power sources and use energy super-efficiently. Learn more

June 17, 2010

Coal Stays In The Picture

In China, the combination of vast domestic reserves and an expanding economy means coal will remain a major power source. Get it

Fool Proof

Will new, simpler standardized nuclear power technology make reactors less risky? Look into it

Germany Postpones Nuclear Decision

The fate of aging German nuclear power plants will depend on government funding decisions that have been postponed until the fall. Backstory here

Nuclear Budget Pounded Down

Among the casualties of UK budget cuts is a domestic maker of nuclear power components that will not receive an expected £80 million loan. Unplugged

At The Crossroads

Tellus research lays out four contrasting global paths to follow in the 21st Century. Which way to sustainability?

NYU: A Bigger Carbon Footprint?

Controversy surrounds NYU's plan to build a glass-clad 38-story tower in Greenwich Village, but nothing yet about the project's energy efficiency. 30x17?

RGGI Auction Nets $80 Million

Although prices at the June RGGI auction for CO2 emissions permits were way down, $80 million proceeds will boost state energy efficiency, renewables and low income energy assistance budgets. Sold!

June 16, 2010

Summer Energy Tips

It's never to late to start saving money by saving energy. Start here

Making Book

Grist reviews The Climate War, an up-to-the-minute book about Washington climate policy and asks, if current efforts fail, what's Plan B? Get an answer

GOP's Command & Control

The Lugar-Graham energy bill relies on command and control tools rather than market-based policies. Look into it

Trouble In Mind

Why should the Gulf oil spill and responses to it should make us worry about climate change? Find out

Green Building Ideas Advance

Get a sneak preview of legislation the NYC Council will consider this month to improve energy efficiency and water use in local buildings. Here

June 15, 2010

Look Ma, No Cars

An upcoming architecture exhibit includes a vision of a car-free lower Manhattan in 2030. Walk in

Spain: Go Green Slower

Spain sets its sights lower for expanding the nation's alternate energy capacity by 2020. Plug in

UK: Warnings On The Wind

Wind power companies urge the Cameron government to maintain support for wind power or face a slumping domestic energy sector. Stay tuned

Lose To Win

Want to win at cutting home energy use in Brooklyn? Take the Lander challenge. Yes you can in the 39th District

June 14, 2010

Baby It's Hot/Cold Outside!

A warming arctic could mean colder, snowier winters in other latitudes. As predicted, weird!

They're Against It!

European car makers oppose any carbon tax that raises fuel prices. Horse feathers

Gates' Nuclear Fund

Bill Gates raises $35 million to develop a "traveling wave" nuclear power plant that relies on refueling with spent fuel once a century. Stay tuned

RGGI Fund Raided

New Hampshire sweeps $295 million from its clean energy and efficiency-dedicated RGGI account and puts it in the state's general fund. Whoosh!

Financing Our Future

Pratt Center briefs New York homeowners and renters on how to pay for energy retrofits. Coming soon

Down On PACE

Federal mortgage financiers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac won't let homeowners borrow PACE funds for solar or energy retrofits because they object to first its lien provisions. Learn more

June 12, 2010

New & Green In Jersey City

Aerated, enegy efficient concrete is just one green feature of new homes being built on an old Jersey City brownfield. Aerated concrete?

June 11, 2010

A History Lesson

Q: What do lung cancer and climate change have in common? A: Opponents to government action. Learn more

Back To Square One

The BP oil catastrophe ought to put an end to calls for "energy independence" as a proxy for federal action on climate change. Think hard

Nothing In Florida

How did $126 million in federal stimulus funding fail to create any green jobs in Florida? Find out

In Case Your Missed It

Senator Graham expresses his current views on climate change. Really

Blue-Green Handshake

Wind turbine makers agree to buy more American-made parts and the steelworkers' union agrees to back clean power legislation. Win-win

Murkowski Vote: The Morning After

Reactions to the defeat of Senator Murkowski's move to strip EPA's authority to regulate CO2. FT, CP, TNR & More

June 10, 2010

Inside Washington

Dot Earth covers "The Climate War", a new book about what climate politics looks like in Washington. Don't despair

Good As Gold?

Engineers challenge the LEED Gold rating awarded by the US Green Building Council to a Wisconsin school. Look into it

Green Peace

This summer, Israeli and Palestinian architecture students will study about green buildings together. Learn more

June 09, 2010

Rising Risk For Business

Insurance research warns that the world has entered a time of deep uncertainty about energy sources and costs, regardless of short-term politics. Think ahead

Spain: Learn By Doing

Steep growth in Spain's clean energy industry confronts hurdles to further expansion. Plug in

Australia: Newcastle In The Lead

Newcastle, New South Wales, not the more famous Sydney, will be home to a $100 million smart electric grid. Smart city

Climate Pollster On Polling

Get an expert tour behind the headlines on public opinion about climate change. Enter here

Think Global, Act Granular

The Brattleboro Vermont Coop creates a hundred year sustainability strategy. Start here now

More Or Less?

At current UN climate talks, developing nations raise doubts about how rich nations will count emissions cuts. Stay tuned

China: The Wrong Kind Of Growth

China's annual CO2 emissions soared by 9% to over 7 billions tons in 2009. Learn more

Blowing Your Way?

By 2015, New York could be getting electric power from wind turbines in Lake Ontario or Lake Erie. Stay tuned

June 08, 2010

What, Me Worry!

Seeking to unseat California Senator Boxer, Carly Fiorina dismisses her climate advocacy as misguided worry about the weather. Climate Wire [Subscribers]

We Want Wind Power

Neither a bad economy nor lack of federal climate legislation have dampened a demand for new wind power. Here's why

Get Your Words Worth

The English do have a way with words when it comes to climate journalism. Parsed & flayed

Re Fenestrate

Inventors come out with a more energy efficient window that change shading with the temperature. Look into it

Cut That Tax

If money makes the world go round, would bigger tax deductions for making commercial buildings energy efficient, save it? Could be

Cure LEED?

Follow this lively discussion about whether LEED building standards slight human health goals. Rx

June 07, 2010

Washington Watch

Stay up-to-date on Washington climate and energy politics. Here & Now & Toast?

China: Carbon Markets - Not

The prospects for developing a carbon trading market in China are dim. Learn more

A Simple Solution

The IEA tells G 20 nations the best way to combat climate change is by ending its $550 billion yearly subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.

June 04, 2010

Cities Break Their Oil Addiction

Cities are leading the way away from fossil-fuel dependent transportation. Move it!

It's Not Easy Being Infrastructure

Follow the tangled tale of plans to build a transmission line to carry solar power through Colorado. Plug in

June 03, 2010

In Hot Water

What do record high ocean surface temperatures have to do with predicting hurricanes? Find out

Sick Of Oil? Try Batteries

Spurring a new generation of batteries and jobs in Michigan for next generation clean vehicles could be the best hope for preventing future oil spills. Start here

From Farm & Forest To Tank

Research on the indirect carbon emissions from biofuels raises questions about their offset value. Learn more

June 02, 2010

Grist For Thought

Is the Senate American Power Act better than the alternatives? Think about it

China: Smoke & Mirrors On Carbon

Progress toward meeting China's self-imposed goals of cutting its carbon intensity by 2010 are debunked. Recount it

Banking On Energy Efficiency

Major banks are cutting their own energy use and see business opportunities in getting others to do likewise. Learn more

Fill 'Er Up Clean

The Bloomberg Administration proposes an alternative fuel filling station for the South Bronx. Get pumped

Electric Jitters

Ever lie awake at night worrying about killer threats to the nation's electric power grid? You will now

India: UnCERtain On UN Credits

A sharp decline in the CER credits received by India through the UN's Clean Development Mechanism raises questions. Dig in

Cameron-Clegg Energy Options

Experts weigh in on the range and feasibility of the British government's direction on energy. Read on

The Blue & Red Ad

Liberal and conservative advocacy groups co-sponsor an ad calling for passage of the American Power Act. Watch it

Attention Must Be Paid

While BP's oil gushes into the Gulf of Mexico, our profligate personal decisions also add to the energy and climate crisis. Pay attention

Arctic Tipping Point

Arctic permafrost stores a vast quantity of CO2. As warming temperatures release the gas into the air, the warming could speed up. Phew!

Dollars & Sense

Deutsche Bank launches a project to measure the dollar value of retrofitting NYC buildings for energy efficiency. Spend some time

Euro Shadows On Solar Spain

The euro crisis dims prospects for Spain's heavily subsidized PV industry. Plug in

June 01, 2010

iPad FAQ

If the first thing you think of when seeing an iPad is "How green is it?" Read on

Just Ask!

It's time to bring women's perspectives into making sharp tools for effective climate actions. Yes she can

Japan Rides A Nuclear Boom

Japan makes specialized nuclear power plant containment vessels in high demand by the US and China. Trade here

Singapore: A Global Green Contender

Singapore's growing green tech sector could become world-class. Don't overlook it's hanging garden walls

China: Climate Fact-Finding

The New Republic visits China and blogs about its climate and energy policies. Scroll & click

Think Global/Act Jackson Heights

Residents of Jackson Heights in Queens, NY help create a green agenda for their neighborhood. Get it here![19MB]