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February 26, 2010

Almost Free

Germany will give out 86% of its carbon emissions permits for free and auction to stockpile the rest. Stock up

Life In the Fast Breeder Lane

Fast breeder reactors solve the problem of spent fuel disposal, but have other big problems. Any solutions?

Inside DOE

Despite disappointingly slow disbursements, DOE has big plans for energy funding to boost the green economy. Learn more

What Walmart Wants

How does Walmart go about greening its supply chain? How big works

February 25, 2010

Putin Power

Russian Prime Minister Putin leans on the energy sector to invest in new electric power capacity. Or else

Inhofe Attacks

Climate denier James Inhof may try to use his Senate power to criminalize the work of IPPC climate scientists. Stay tuned

EU: The Cap's Too Big

With GHG emissions down 11% due to the recession, the EU has excess of carbon emissions permits in circulation. Soak it up

IPPC: Is It Doomed?

The debate over the quality and integrity of the IPPC's climate science rages on. Watson v Pielke

PACE Setting

DOE and investment professionals look into financial factors for making PACE bonds marketable. Fine print

February 24, 2010

The Bloom Box Backstory

Just what is this latest thing in clean energy, the Bloom Box? Find out

In A FOG? ((Friend Of Gates)

Read a ringing endorsement of Bill Gates' call for breakthroughs in clean, cheap energy for saving the planet and ending poverty. Mum on nuclear power

Feel More Secure

A Washington Post editorial urges action on climate change, calling legislation a national insurance policy. Get covered

Drilling for Dollars

Earthquakes are just one peril facing geothermal power projects, tricky finance is another. Dig in

Jones Is Back

Van Jones, a former environmental justice advisor to the President, returns to work at a Washington think tank. Take two

February 23, 2010

Call That Working?

A report from DOE's Inspector General finds scant progress on federally funded home weatherization programs meant to stimulate jobs. New York's completion rate is .62%. Slo-mo

Made In NYC

Much of the iron used for NYC's well-lit and airy cast iron buildings was made in the Big Apple. Look back

Time To Recalculate

Citing miscalculations, the authors of a 2009 scientific paper predicting how much sea level would rise by 2100 due to global warming retract it, saying the actual number could be higher or lower. Learn more

Insulated From Death

Australia's Green Party seeks to censure the government over worker deaths related to a home insulation program. Look into it

Office Depot LEEDs

The national chain Office Depot will seek LEED for Commercial Interiors (CI) ratings for all its new stores. Come on in

Germany Backs Off From Solar Cuts

Germany moderates its plan to slash subsidies for developing solar power parks. No shock

EPA CO2 Regs: Tough or Toothless?

There is more than one environmental view on EPA's proposed rules to regulate carbon dioxide emissions. Sheppard v Johnson

February 22, 2010

Reading Tea Leaves

Is there any connection between climate skepticism and industry opposition to a climate bill? Look into it

Earth To Senate: One More Time

The Senate gears up for a last-ditch effort on climate legislation. And then?

China: BIg Buyer Of Saudi Oil

Last year, China bought more crude oil from Saudi Arabia than the US. Shifting sands

Scientists Tackle Doubt

Science faces a legitimacy crisis and the profession starts work on reviving its good name. Is there a method?

Signal Error

Customer anger over higher electric bills alerts utilities that smart meters' price signals are not well-received. Learn more

February 19, 2010

It's A Global Energy Economy

A German firm will use California solar technology in the Middle East and South Africa. Plug in

How Much Does That Cost?

Reports for the UN calculate the global cost of environmental damage from corporate activity and raise the question of who should pay. Learn more

UK: Not Ready For Prime-Time

A consultant report finds the UK is unprepared to tackle climate change and business will meet just 1.4% of its target by 2020. Stay tuned

Be Disruptive

The 20th Century model of the electric utility is becoming obsolete with the emergence of disruptive technologies, argue Hansen and Lovins. Get ready

Chu's First Year

Steven Chu, head of the US Department of Energy, is interviewed by the Financial Times. Far from Berkeley

February 18, 2010

Capital Segments

While energy producers leave USCAP, power generators stay in. Go figure

Quinn Seeks Greener Apple

NYC Council Speaker Quinn calls for PACE bond legislation to finance energy efficiency upgrades as part of her vision for a green economy of innovation. SoC address

Climate Skeptics In Charge

A survey of US utility industry executives reveals 44% do not believe climate change is caused by human activity. Gee whiz

Fast Breeder Reactors Raise Red Flags

While "fourth generation" nuclear reactors have supporters, critics are speaking out on the risks. Learn more

Will California Lead The Way?

California's climate policy is trending toward cap and refund rather than cap and trade. Look ahead

Capturing Attention

With President Obama's nod to CCS technology for coal-burning power plants, visit the West Virginia Mountaineer. Start here

Does Size Matter?

A new generation of small, modular nuclear reactors could become contenders. Stay tuned

February 17, 2010

What's Up With That? {Media-Wise]

Media outlets in the English-speaking world are awash with climate stories that now embraces the furthest denier fringes. Read the column & the comments

Gimme Shelter

How does a Brooklyn building go from a burned out-shell to super-natural green homes? Borough in

Global Weirding

In case you missed it. It's here

The New Green Ford

Ford rolls out a plan to make its dealerships more energy efficient and eco-friendly. Stay tuned

The Climate App

Now there's an iPhone application with rebuttals to climate denier claims. Stay current

No Nukes Down Under

Australian Prime Minister Rudd rejects nuclear power as part of his plan to cut carbon emissions. Get the latest

Staying Alive Won't Be Cheap

Regulators warn that extending the life of France's aging nuclear power plants will cost billions. Rx?

February 16, 2010

Waste Not, Want Not

CUF finds NYC small business misses out on easy energy efficiency savings, while voicing concern over utility costs. Why's that?

Shrinking CAP

USCAP, a business-environmental coalition seeking federal climate legislation, loses ConocoPhillips, Catepillar and BP America. Melt in

The Other Ethanol

New research may bring the cost of cellulostic ethanol down to the $2 a gallon range. Fill 'er up

EU: Beat That Goal!

The EU might exceed it's 2020 target of getting 20% of its power form renewable energy. Plug in

Weatherizing St. Louis

A St. Louis home weatherization project creates jobs and saves owners hundreds of dollars on utility bills. 2 for the price of 1

Snow Job

Record snowfalls blanket record warm winter temperatures. Sled in

Dirty Facebook

An environmental blog claims that Facebook will power its new computer servers in Oregon with coal-fired electric power from Idaho. Look into it

February 15, 2010

Warm Snow

Sounds counterintuitive, but it snows more when it's warmer. Here's why

Bangladesh: Is Your Check In The Mail?

Bangladesh urges nations that pledged funds for climate impact mitigation to honor their promises. Pay pals

Too Much Of A Good Czech Thing?

The Czech electric power grid could be overwhelmed by a boom in solar PV installations. Plug in

UK Weighs Green Bonds

To attract new capital, the UK looks into selling green bonds to finance low-carbon energy generation. Buy that?

The IPCC Goes Through The Spin Cycle

Need a recap of the IPCC climate science flap in the media? Get it here Get an historian's view too.

Doing Climate Science: Part 4

Watch climate researchers at work in Wilkes Land, Antarctica. Very cool

Boulder Rolls Downhill

Boulder Colorado finds that behavior is the obstacle to cutting GHG emissions. WSJ

February 12, 2010

Obama's Economic Report

Read the chapter on energy and climate change. Fine print

Atom Split Could Be Nixed

The New York State Public Service Commission may not allow Entergy, owner of Indian Point and another in-state nuclear power plant, to sell off its atomic assets. Learn more

While Washington Dithers

States aren't waiting for Washington leadership on energy and climate issues. They're leading

Euro Cuts, China Gains

With European nations slashing clean energy feed-in tariffs, China is gaining market share with low-cost equipment. Plug in

Maybe Baby

The much delayed opening of Brooklyn's newest waterfront park is now scheduled for spring 2010. Walk on in

In For The Long Haul

A clean energy industry and the jobs it will bring need long-term powerpurchase agreements. Plug in

Japan: Power Investments

Japan's government mulls over a $1.1 billion low-interest loan package for solar and nuclear power as well as electric cars. Get energized

Make More By Using Less

Venture capital is attracted by energy efficiency. Spend some time

February 11, 2010

New & Improved!

In the wake of damaging disclosures of IPCC problems, friendly critics offer suggestions for improving this scientific enterprise. For your consideration

Green Is The New Green

Deutsche Bank and Nasdaq create a global clean tech index comprised of 119 firms. Rate that

Arizona Cuts Loose

Arizona will leave the western states coalition that plans to cap CO2 emissions, citing costs to businesses and consumers. Unplug

Data & Dialogue

The EPA wants to share its data and hear your views. Click around

ARRA Comes To Harlem

With a $3.6 million in federal stimulus funds, a developer launches energy efficient renovations of 198 apartments on West 135th Street. Dig in

Certainty As Sideshow

Andy Revkin and his readers weigh in on how public policy should relate to climate science's levels of certainty. Cover it

LA Alchemy

Dessicated Owens Lake north of Los Angeles could become the home of 3 - 5 gigawatts of solar power for the city and the state. Plug in

Take A Tip From Tokyo

Tokyo's plan for cutting carbon emissions could be come the model for Japan. Tip in

Australian Carbon Vote

The lower house of the Australian Parliament votes in favor of Prime Minster Rudd's carbon trading scheme. The ayes have it

No Losers Here

Media stories about the battle between China and the US for global climate economic supremacy have it wrong. Reconsider

Social Climate Science

Just what are social scientists saying about public mobilization for climate change? Beyond the nudge

February 10, 2010

Dissecting The TImes

Critics flag a New York Times story on faults with climate science, finding it riddled with errors and bias. Blogs bite

Who's Smarting Now?

Early roll-outs of smart elecrric grids are proving to be bumpy learning opportunities.

UK Debates How To Control Carbon

Unlike the US battle over whether to regulate carbon emissions, the UK is grappling with what is the best mix of regulation and market tools. Dig in

MA Open For Green Business

Massachusetts is a magnet for clean tech investment and on the ground installations, which means jobs. Work at it

A Rising Sea Of Troubles

Public faith in climate science is eroding. What can be done to restore trust? To arms!

February 09, 2010

Credit For Climate-Friendly Folks

A Pennsylvania couple are the first to sell a carbon emissions credit linked to personal use. A how-to

Intelligent Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the first city in the EU to use IT to create an urban-scale smart grid. Plug in

Tell Me A Story

Like any art form, the news has rules for telling a story. Here's how it's done for climate change. And then

SF Sets The PACE

San Francisco has a new way to help property owners pay for energy efficiency enhancements, PACE bonds. Catch up

Cities Threaten Forests

New scientific research reveals that in the 21st century urban growth is a greater threat to forests than small-scale farming and logging. Learn more

Oh That Audi Ad!

Audi's Super Bowl ad is sliced and diced. Watch out

Energy Eater: China or US?

China's cities consume far less energy than even California's climate friendliest cities or mass-transit champ NYC, but that could change soon. Get the numbers

No Deposit No Return

The Shanghai 2010 World Expo, with temporary structures and exhibits from 192 nations, poses urban sustainability issues rather than solving them. Drop in

February 08, 2010

Green Expectations

Look into what the EPA can (and can't) do to regulate CO2 emissions. Rules rule

Buy American

French utility giant Areva buys Ausra, a US solar thermal power company. Plug in

Nantucket Wind: Still No

Opposition still blows in from all direction to the off-shore Cape Wind project. What's new?

Building FIx-Up Fund Booms

A UK investment group assembles $107.5 million for energy-efficiency renovations. All REIT!

Carbon Market Failure

A British Parliamentary committee finds the market price for CO2 is not enough to curtail emissions. Look into it

Building A Financial Base

Staring soon, Fannie Mae will offer incentives to home buyers for energy-related improvements Energy Star loans will come to NY and professional appraisers will learn how to value residential energy-efficiency. Make it count

February 05, 2010

Power Up

Read this interview with two US experts on China's electric power sector. Connect here

Self-Imposed Limits

The developer of a new power plant near San Francisco offers to limit CO2 emissions. Can do spirit!

Dim and Dimmer

International prospects for a new generation of nuclear power plants are not bright. Look ahead

February 04, 2010

Cash For Clunckers Crash

Japan spars with the US over provisions of a cash-for-clunkers auto rebate program. Drive in

Vancover: A Climate Medalist

If climate protection was in Olympic competition, winter games host Vancouver would win a bronze medal. Score it

Death Watch?

Serious cap and trade legislation may be doomed in Washington. Read the tea leaves

Desert Warfare

Find out what's behind the headlines in the battle over installing solar panels in the Mojave Desert. Incoming fire!

February 03, 2010

Gray Power Now!

How to save the planet by using waste energy from manufacturing and farming to make electricity for the grid. Something new

Put A Price On It!

The International Energy Agency tells the US the only way it can meet its climate pledge to the UN is to put a price on carbon. Ante up

Hack Attack

250,000 emissions permits are stolen from accounts at a German carbon trading firm. Cyber swipe

A New Transparency

Scientists must make their climate research more open to the public says UK researcher in hacking flap while US climate scientist is mostly given passing grades by a review panel.

February 02, 2010

Obama Saves The EPA

The President also beefs up OSHA and the SEC after an onslaught of neglect. Organizing powers

Carbon Offsets - Really?

Under the Kyoto Protocol carbon offsets are supposed to be a mainstay for cutting GHG emissions, but in the real world it's more complicated. Start sleuthing

Scientists At Work

What are climate scientists doing in Antarctica this month? Watch Penguin TV

Can't Buy Me Love

President Obama's record budget increase for clean tech from $113 million to $2.4 billion is criticized from all sides. No no no no

UK: Beyond Feed-In Tariffs

The British government will subsidize roof top installations of wind and PV, even if their electricity does not get fed into the grid. Plug in

What's The Opposition For?

Australia's Liberal Party voted against a cap and trade bill. Now it proposes project funding to cut GHG emissions. Look into it

What Will $54 Billion Buy?

President Obama's proposal to triple federal loan guarantees for building new nuclear reactors gets a skeptical review. Look into it

Code Green - The Text

The Urban Green Council reports on how to make NYC's building codes greener, healthier and more efficient. Fine print [19.8MB]

February 01, 2010

How Sweet It Is

Brazil and Shell Oil start a joint ethanol venture with the corporation putting in $1.6 billion in cash and buying up $2. 5 billion in debt. Learn more

Code Green - The News

One hundred eleven ideas for making NYC's building code greener and more energy efficient have been delivered to Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council. Get updated

The Senator Reconsiders

Instead of worrying about damaging the US economy by passing a climate bill, Senator Graham is worrying now about US inaction. Here's why

The Lite Green Decade

The Aughties talked the climate talk, but evidence of the climate walk was mixed. Time travel

On The Climate Hot Seat

The chair of the International Panel on Climate Change could be at risk after the latest questions about data quality.

A Renewable Carbon Concoction?

A new study claims a "renewable" fuel mix of coal and wood pellets could be a cost-effective way to cut GHG emissions from power plants. Look into it

Oil & Gas: Get A Grip

A major management consultant advises the oil and gas industries about cutting their carbon footprints. Start here