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Dining In the Streets. Next Up, Dancing In the Street

New York Times column Will Cars Rule the Roads in Post-Pandemic New York? by Winnie Hu and Nate Schweber, right up Sallan's alley, sparks conversation.

Nancy Anderson's comment in The New York Times appears in full below.

The Sallan Foundation
New York, August 10, 2020

It' my understanding that cars could not park all night long on NYC streets as late as the 1950's. So 24/7 free street parking is not an age-old thing and now, its time is up. The pandemic has mutated the challenges NYC faces + these mutations won't just disappear. They call for creatively + equitably rethinking how we live here, there's no going back to BC time (before COVID). Here's one action agenda What's The Rush

@Anna Cox — Fair point especially on safety, which in the COVID era means reliably healthy. MTA, please replace all those subway car filters with high efficiency MERV 13 filters to better protect riders from the virus