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Thin Buffer for Nasty Days Down Under

Third week of January 2019 comes to a close — third power generator fails and fire threat mounts as Friday furnace hits Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne is located in the State of Victoria in the south-east corner of the country. Victorians urged to power down to ease the strain on the grid. Authorities fear Victoria and South Australia could be plunged into darkness as power providers struggle to keep up with demand. Electricity providers in the two states have been forced to tap into emergency powers as a record breaking heatwave continues.

The highest minimum overnight temperature record from 102 years of data has been set in Rutherglen — 29.3°C or 84.74°F. Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Chris Godfred said the sweltering night would have set records for high minimum overnight temperatures in Melbourne as well, but for a slightly cooler morning on Thursday.

Sallan Snapshot authors Joyce Klein-Rosenthal and Jeffrey Raven have written about natures silent killer — heatwaves, focusing on urban heat.