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Building a Greener Gotham: Now's the Time

Panel Discusses Newly Released Report — Decoding the Code: How Can NYC's 2007 Building Code Help Meet PlaNYC 2030 Energy/Carbon Reduction Goals?

September 22, 2008

This Code Green event was held at the storefront Center for Architecture on La Guardia Place, co-sponsored by the Sallan Foundation and The New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment (COTE).


In overhauling its Building Code for the first time in nearly four decades New York City not only achieved a major milestone in 2007, it created a sturdy platform and mechanism for future improvements in the Code.

As stated in its groundbreaking proposal, PlaNYC 2030, the City aims to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions 30% from 2005 levels by the year 2030. Carbon dioxide dominates them, and nearly 80% of carbon emissions are related to our building stock.

In July 2008, at the Mayor's request, the New York chapter of USGBC launched a Green Codes Task Force. By December, it will review local laws in order to identify obstacles to green building and articulate a menu of recommendations to encourage greener, high performance practices in the marketplace.

  • Nancy Anderson, Executive Director, the Sallan Foundation

Audio Clips:

Q&A: Thomas Congdon — with existing buildings there's a lot of evidence of mis-management of building systems... Michael Bobker follows up with comment.

Q&A: Green Codes Task Force Attendee has a question for Thomas Congdon about bringing City and State building codes into line with one another.

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