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You Can Lead A Horse To Data…

Turning Data Into Action is a report on a mission. That mission is turning data about building energy use into actions resulting in significant building energy savings.

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Jeffrey Gracer & Amy TurnerSnapshot

Together, New Yorkers Are Leading On Climate Change

These are discouraging times for those of us who used to expect that our federal government would exercise climate leadership. We may not have the guidance, or even the backing, of our current federal government, but we have the optimism, grit and determination that New Yorkers bring to all important challenges.

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In the Media

Passive House Real Estate Makes News

Sallan gives NYT Joyce Cohen the thumbs up for featuring an efficient home in Harlem in THE HUNT column.

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Subway Reading

"Complete Aberrations"

Newsworthy because it's so rare, weekend political talk show moderators were spurred to ask questions about climate change

End Climate Silence

The news, especially on TV, commits 'media malpractice' with its scant attention to climate change

Congestion Pricing, Key To Urban Climate Action

NYC's decaying mass transit system makes meeting climate goals even harder, time for congestion pricing to help finance a turn around

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In The Carbon Age

Closing Indian Point Without Sacrificing Climate Commitments

Big gains in NYC energy efficiency are the only hope for keeping on-course for big GHG emissions cuts once the Indian Point nuclear power plant closes

Climate Change And Economics...

...Go together like a horse + carriage, a key insight of Nobel Prize winning economist Bill Nordhaus

Denier Data

This might be a first-ever research data base for who's who in the climate denialist industry


Easing The Pain Of Climate Chaos

The World Bank + Bill Gates launch a climate change adaption fund to help the world's most vulnerable people

Scotland: Ending Fossil Fuel Addiction

A Scottish power generator swears off fossil fuels + embraces 100% wind power, a UK first

England: Banks Must Ensure Against Climate Risk

The Bank of England will make bank insurers plan for the financial impacts of climate change

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Around Town
Weathering the Storm: The Intersection of Finance and Resilience
18 Oct
The architecture, engineering and construction industries have generated a variety of solutions to protect our physical infrastructure from the worst effects of climate change. But how does that translate to financial resilience?
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Around Town
Surviving the Century featuring Martin Rees
29 Oct
Our Earth has existed for 45 million centuries but this is the first when one species — ours — has the entire planet's future in its hands. Astrophysicist and cosmologist Martin Rees lecture will focus on prospects for humanity
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Around Town
Ground Transportation and Climate Change
3 Nov
The Five Thousand Pound Life is The Architectural League of New York League's ongoing initiative to rethink our collective future through design in the face of climate change. This conference will engage scholars and practitioners in questions about the future of land-based transportation.
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Around Town
NYPL Conversations From The Cullman Center
10 Dec
Deborah Coen talks about her new book, Climate in Motion: Science, Empire, and the Problem of Scale, with Daniel Kehlmann. Looking back to the nineteenth century, Coen uncovers the roots of modern climate science in the politics and growth of the Hapsburg Empire.
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