Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.Torchlight

80x50 — Promises, Promises

Let's learn from the data on hand and let's get a wide range of views and input informed by expert information on how to move forward rapidly to make the next round of climate-enhancing NYC building and energy laws as smart, agile and effective as can be.

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Joyce Klein-Rosenthal + Jeffrey RavenSnapshot

Urban Heat And Urban Design — An Opportunity To Transform In NYC

How can planners and designers work with large urban centers to prepare for the adverse impacts of climate change, while also adapting to current climate variability and extreme weather events?

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In the Media

Defending Climate Science By Representing Climate Scientists

Lauren Kurtz, author of a guest Snapshot in 2015, Climate Scientists in the Crosshairs made the case for why she helped establish the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund. Now, she's is featured in a New York Times article showing why legal defense for US climate scientists is more urgent than ever.

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Subway Reading

A Mass Transit Enigma

Everybody talks about the subway mess, but who's doing something to fix it?

Welcome To Sunny Minnesota

Surprised about Minnesota solar growth? Get the facts

Help Wanted: Campaign Project Managers

Greenpeace is hiring project managers to build + task manage multidisciplinary teams made up of campaign, engagement + action specialists. Loctations: Washington DC + San Francisco


France: 'Make Our Planet Great Again'

Climate scientists are taking note of the French President's call to come work in his nation

June 2017: Global Temperatures

UK: Investor Climate Warning

The UK's largest public investment firm, Schroeder, warns that missing Paris climate targets, which is likely, will cost the world billions

In The Carbon Age

Urban Heat Island

Dangerous Urban Heat Islands

Satellites detect dangerous Philadelphia urban heat islands with the most vulnerable populations

Science At Work: Measuring Heat

For climate science, measuring temperatures on land + sea is evolving + this affects understanding the historical data

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Resilient Cities Global Summit
24 Jul
Over 500 urban professionals to explore new approaches to the Century's biggest resiliency challenges, with NYC on display as ‘living laboratory’ for multi-benefit solutions July 24-28
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Getting to 80x50 in NYC: Energy
27 Jul
NYC's energy supply will rely increasingly on large-scale transmission of renewable energy from beyond its borders + it will be shaped by an array of emerging technologies. Join the NYLCV Education Fund for a deep-dive discussion as we work to chart the course to 80x50
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Can Solar Be For Everyone
27 Jul
Climate change is here - and it won't go away without a fight. To get everyone involved, Solstice + Etsy are reimagining solar access so people, regardless of income + where they live, can take part, learn more
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Around Town
LEED Platinum, Resilient Elementary School
4 Aug
Destroyed by contaminated river flooding in 2011, the MacArthur Elementary School will reopen as a LEED Platinum project
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Around Town
Looking Ahead At The NY Region
17 Sep
How will the New York metropolitan area look different in 25 years? How could climate change transform the appearance and uses of our coastline? 4 design teams were asked to visualize what the region could look like along 4 large geographic areas or corridors. Get acquainted with their visions Aug. 5 - Sept. 17
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