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Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.

The Science Guy And The Rest Of Us

By: Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.

November 15, 2017

This fall I saw "Bill Nye: Science Guy" a film that weaves several narrative strands together in an admiring but deeply disturbing documentary. The first strand follows Bill Nye from his days as the TV goofy science guy in a series aimed at young viewers, which aired from 1993–1998, to a well-respected educator and fearless spokesperson for climate change science. "Fearless"? Yes. He's appeared on Fox TV to cross swords with climate deniers like weather forecaster Joe Bastardi and engaged in public, in-person debates in less-than-receptive venues. The second strand is biographic.

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Nilda Mesa

Germany and U.S. Climate and Energy Policies at the Local Level: Common Puzzles

January 04, 2018

By: Nilda Mesa

For all that we may think Germans have climate and energy policies figured out, they are tackling many of the same issues as we are, with a few twists. So I found when participating in the U.S. Embassy's Speakers' Program in the fall of 2017, when I traveled to five cities in Germany to exchange ideas and speak about how New York and other U.S. cities and states are moving forward in the face of a new federal reality, and how sub-national governments relate (or don't) to federal governments, and in their case, to the European Union.

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Sallan Executive Director Nancy Anderson Receives CSR Award

Nancy Anderson, the Executive Director of the Sallan Foundation, was honored to receive recognition for outstanding accomplishments in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the real estate and construction sector by City & State. City & State CSR honorees 2017

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