July 31, 2020

Most Polluted Then, Most Polluted Now

The most air-polluted US communities in 1981 are likely still the most polluted today when it comes to health-risking fine particles

Heat Pumps Are Electrifying

Will the goal of climate-friendly buildings be best served by installing electric pumps that both heat + provide hot water

July 30, 2020

A City That Doesn't Love Its Greenway

Help Wanted: Senior Associate, Projects

The Building Energy Exchange (BE-EX) is searching for a Senior Associate, Projects

EV's On The Move

Price parity predicted for electric cars compared to gas-powered vehicles by 2025, as electric trucks + agricultural equipment start advancing

Bangladesh: Cyclones, Floods, Poverty

With 25% of the nation flooded, Bangladeshis suffer from weird weather + climate conditions not of their making

July 29, 2020

A Philadelphia Story: Fighting Back Against Killer Pollution

Killer pollution literally took the lives of black residents of a Philadelphia neighborhood until they took up the fight of their lives

Local Law 84 Reporting Still Required, Letter Grades Next

Due to the pandemic, NYC has delayed, but not postposed, the date for filing 2019 building energy benchmark reports. Coming soon, Energy efficiency letter grades

The All-Electric Future's On The Way

In 2022, California will require new home construction to be all-electric. What does this mean for utilities?

Climate/Race Intersectionality

The path to successful climate action runs through the path to racial justice, Rhiana Gunn-Wright

July 28, 2020

NY Botanic Garden Reopens

With its acres of lush greenery, the NY Botanic garden re-opens on July 28. Face coverings + social distancing a must, of course

NYC's Unmanaged Climate Retreat

Sea level rise + a variety urban policy failures are making mincemeat of NYC's plan to Build It Back post Superstorm Sandy, now 8 years in the past

If Biden Wins The Election...

...he should rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, but that's just the beginning. What else is climate critical at at the global scale?

Loving Parks To Death

A sliver lining of the pandemic, New Yorkers explore more of their parks + nature spaces, the downside is visitor numbers rise as maintenance funding plummets