November 08, 2019

Science At Work: Why Permafrost Melt Matters

School Bus Lesssons

Listen up, get smart, plug in

November 07, 2019

It's Not Cow Farts...

...It's oil +gas drilling that's the major source of climate-heating methane in Texas

Climate Activism: Meet The Rising Generation

Xiye Bastida Patrick is a NYC-based student climate activist. Catch up with what her generation demands because it's not going away

Putting A Price Tag On Our Climate Crisis

November 06, 2019

Ciao Italia: Una Porca Miseria

Next 14th Streeet Bus Amenity

Platforms for making bus-boarding easier are being installed along 14th Street

Green Building Faces Rejection

A proposed green mixed-use building gets nixed by a Brooklyn community board that objects to a lack of parking slots

NY v Exxon: What They're Saying

What must NY's Attorney General prove to win its climate case, based on charges of investor fraud by Exxon?

Italy: Teaching Climate ABC's

Italian students to get climate instruction throughout the curriculum + at every grade level

November 05, 2019

Paris, Schmaris

Holding onto hope that the Paris Climate Accord can help reverse the world's climate emergency? then don't read this

Help Wanted: Campaign Director - Eastern Region

The Sierra Club is hiring a campaign director to create +implement a highly strategic plan to advance the objectives of the Beyond Coal Campaign

Champions Of Better Lightbulbs

Trump's rollback of Obama-era energy efficient light bulb rules is being challenged in court

It Is Not What We Do, But Also What We Do Not Do, For Which We Are Accountable

The US starts the clock ticking to exit the Paris Climate Accord, now what?

November 04, 2019

The Inslee Effect

While the climate crisis Presidential candidacy of Governor Jay Inslee was short-lived, the impact of his policy focus endures in the ongoing campaign

Getting a Jump On Congestion Pricing

What are northern Manhattan's plans to control the spill over effects of mid-town congestion pricing?

If You Wear Clothes, Try This On For Size

The apparel industry creates 8% of the world's GHG emissions, what can it do + what can you do to cut the size of its carbon footprint?