October 10, 2019

Copenhagen: Mega-City Climate Conference

Big city leaders convene in Copenhagen + network on ways local strategies can cut greenhouse gas emissions

Lighting Up California's Tomorrows

California's massive, multi-day electric power shutdown could be the turning point for renewable + locally generated energy as utility vulnerabilities become clear

Fashion's Hottest Trend - Sustainability

Then - Yeohlee, 2016 + now - everyone else, 2019

October 09, 2019

Nuke Power: Too Expensive To Matter

Nuclear power has no direct carbon emissions, but new plant price tags make it a non-starter for a decarbonized future

A Heated Exchange About Electing Biden

Are these two questions linked? Is Biden the most electable Democratic Presidential contender? Would Biden be a strong climates-leading President?

Warren Announces Enviro Justice Policy

Elizabeth Warren's got a plan for advancing environmental justice around the US + helping fossil fuel industry workers find a place in a greener country

A Tale Of Two Power Grids

NYISO, manager of NY's electric power grid examines starkly different geographic 2019 conditions to ground recommended actions for ensuring transmission reliability while advancing decarbonization

October 08, 2019

Giant Index Funds Don't Give A Damn

BlackRock + the Vanguard Group, the biggest stock index funds in the US, oppose most climate proposals when casting their shareholder votes

Australia: Sea Level Rise Threat Rises

With predictions of more extreme sea level events, Australia, where most people lives near the coasts, must expect big trouble

Friends Of Joe

Here's a snapshot of pro-Biden climate-concerned voters along with well-heeled donors to his Presidential campaign

Ghost Forests Are Climate-Caused

Rapid sea level rise on the east coast is killing trees far from the ocean's edge, leaving only ghost forests

October 07, 2019

Keywords For A New Climate

Sign Of The Times

Governors Island: Climate Lab/Revenue Stream

NYC's got an idea for a climate change "living lab" on Governors Island that's also a major source of Island maintenance revenue

October 04, 2019

The Envelope Please...

Fossil-Fuel Brexit x 2050

The UK vows a net-zero carbon future, how's it doing?