August 16, 2019

When Doing Your Best Is Not Enough

Even early climate-adapter cities can't overcome the climate crisis on their own, what should they be doing now?

August 15, 2019

Week's Best Climate Headline

"How 'green' concrete' can help cities fight climate change"

Book Review: Kochland

Starting in 1991, the Koch brothers began fanning the flames of climate denialism, a discovery documented by business reporter Christopher Leonard in his new book

Don't Mourn, Act, Organize, Vote

A Venerable Cap And Trade Post Mortem

Read it now as a roadmap for today to advance a Green New Deal (highlights + comments are mine, not author's)

Global Dope Coal Peddling

In Australia, one billionaire's coal mine investments would fuel coal-burning power plants in India, which sell that electricity to Bangladesh

August 14, 2019

Help Wanted; Frontline Campaign Organizer

Greenpeace seeking a frontline campaign organizer to take its people-powered work to the next level

August 13, 2019

California: GHG's Down As Renewables Beat Fossils

GHG emissions in California down 1% in 2017, as more electricity was power generated from renewables than from fossil fuels, but other power sectors not doing as well

August 12, 2019

EV's Will Only Get Cleaner, ICE Vehicles, Not

EV's Aren't Unicorns

What's driving rising sales of electric vehicles in the US?

Smart Urban Design - Climate Action Power Tool

As the urban heat island effect gets worse when the global climate heats up, but here are 4 doable strategies to keep cities livable

August 09, 2019

Bushwick: A Tale Of Two Bike Cities

Think long-time residents + newcomers to Bushwick see see to eye on bike infrastructure? Think again

Berlin: Small Auto-Free Steps

Berlin to make first moves for auto free zones, but not as bold as other big European cities