August 13, 2019

California: GHG's Down As Renewables Beat Fossils

GHG emissions in California down 1% in 2017, as more electricity was power generated from renewables than from fossil fuels, but other power sectors not doing as well

August 12, 2019

EV's Will Only Get Cleaner, ICE Vehicles, Not

EV's Aren't Unicorns

What's driving rising sales of electric vehicles in the US?

Smart Urban Design - Climate Action Power Tool

As the urban heat island effect gets worse when the global climate heats up, but here are 4 doable strategies to keep cities livable

August 09, 2019

Bushwick: A Tale Of Two Bike Cities

Think long-time residents + newcomers to Bushwick see see to eye on bike infrastructure? Think again

Berlin: Small Auto-Free Steps

Berlin to make first moves for auto free zones, but not as bold as other big European cities

Where Summer Is Hotter In The City

Urban heat islands can be 20 degrees hotter than other city areas in the summer

August 08, 2019

Canada: Green Worker Transition Plan

Forging a just transition for fossil fuel workers to a renewable energy economy is a priority for Canada's Green Party

Experiment In Motion

Most cars will be banned from 14th Street, starting mid-August. Sty tuned for the outcome of this experiment

Harm To Food, Water, Land - Happening Now

Climate change impacts are already harming our water, land + food supply systems + these changes could become irreversible, new UN report finds

Offshore Wind: Lessons From Europe

NY has big plans for offshore wind power, what are the takeaways from 4 European wind power leaders?

August 07, 2019

Oakland: Down With Jet Fuel, Up With Batteries

A community energy provider will bring an energy storage project to Oakland, CA to replace a dirty jet-fueled "peaker"power plant

Climate Patent Slump

Worldwide patent applications for climate change mitigation technologies are down sharply since 2012, while overall patent application numbers have not dropped

Climate Tweet Of The Day

Greenland: The Big Melt

Witness climate history, photos of Greenland's meltdown must be seen

August 06, 2019

NY Dairy Farm Hosts Solar/Steam Installation

The winner of a NY competition unveils locally-made solar panels producing steam for industrial use at an upstate dairy farm

Making Waste Unfashionable

Can the fashion industry, with an addiction to waste, become eco-friendly while staying on trend?