July 11, 2019

It's New, It's Brooklyn, It's Complicated

McKibben Nails Trump Eco-Talk

Bill McKibben sees rising public climate concern + the 2020 Presidential election as the explainer for Trump's talk about the environment

Quote Of The Day

"I would argue congestion pricing is the cornerstone of how we can start changing our transportation policy...This is going to be something more complex than dealing with the power sector. The power sector is used to being regulated; people are not." June Tighe, President - NY League of Conservation Voters

Lessons Learned From Tokyo Emissions Trading

Are there lessons for NYC in the Tokyo buildings emissions trade scheme launched in 2010?

NY Dairy Farm Seeks Solar Future

Can solar power mix well with dairy farming?

July 10, 2019

Ear Inn: From 1817 To Farm-To-Table

One of NYC's oldest eating establishments, the Ear Inn now has a farm-to-table menu

Lessons Learned From DC Flood

Experiencing the climate crisis first hand, Washington DC learns that just FEMA flood map information won't save it

July 09, 2019

And Now For Some Good News

New York City homeowners embrace rooftop solar installations, with Queens leading the way + Brooklyn rising

Australia: Breaking Emissions Records

With electric power leading the way, and fugitive LNG emissions rising, Australian GHG levels reach an all time high

Here, There And Everywhere: Weird Weather

Don't say you weren't warned about the weirding of the world's weather

Sanders/AOC Climate Emergency Resolution

Senator Sanders + Congress member Ocasio Cortez are introducing a climate emergency resolution in Congress, here's the latest draft

July 08, 2019

And The Winner Is...

Will it be California or NY to lead the nation toward a zero-carbon emissions tomorrow?

Mass Transit Customer Rewards

Public transit agencies look into customer rewards programs to boost ridership but skeptics weigh in

6 Towns Aggregate On Energy

6 Hudson River townschose community aggregation to get 100% solar power for homes + businesses

Timing That Train