July 09, 2019

And Now For Some Good News

New York City homeowners embrace rooftop solar installations, with Queens leading the way + Brooklyn rising

Australia: Breaking Emissions Records

With electric power leading the way, and fugitive LNG emissions rising, Australian GHG levels reach an all time high

Here, There And Everywhere: Weird Weather

Don't say you weren't warned about the weirding of the world's weather

Sanders/AOC Climate Emergency Resolution

Senator Sanders + Congress member Ocasio Cortez are introducing a climate emergency resolution in Congress, here's the latest draft

July 08, 2019

And The Winner Is...

Will it be California or NY to lead the nation toward a zero-carbon emissions tomorrow?

Mass Transit Customer Rewards

Public transit agencies look into customer rewards programs to boost ridership but skeptics weigh in

6 Towns Aggregate On Energy

6 Hudson River townschose community aggregation to get 100% solar power for homes + businesses

Timing That Train

July 03, 2019

Paris: Scooting Along

Scooters are a thing in the evolution of micro-mobility in Paris

Summertime Tip

Human Role In French Scorcher

No, not the Women's Soccer World Cup, the record shattering heat wave

06.19: Hottest June On Record

What's not to understand about the climate crisis?