July 03, 2019

Human Role In French Scorcher

No, not the Women's Soccer World Cup, the record shattering heat wave

06.19: Hottest June On Record

What's not to understand about the climate crisis?

July 02, 2019

What Americans Think About When They Think About Climate Change

Among the findings of an April 2019 survey "About six in ten Americans (63%) say they “rarely” or “never” discuss global warming with family and friends, while 37% say they do so 'occasionally' or 'often'”. How will the Presidential campaigns affect Americans' discussion? stay tuned

Speculative Futurology

It's the 22nd Century, who should live in flooded old NYC?

July 01, 2019

Climate Solidarity: 19 Of 20

What The Dem. Debate Showed About The Climate Debate

The Democratic 20 candidate debates reveal why America needs a debate dedicated to the candidates' climate policy intentions

Pentagon's Outsized Climate-Combat Role

From thinking through SNAFU's to valuing shorter supply lines + a reliable tech-research budget, the Pentagon has the motive + the resources to be a climate-forward contributor

June 28, 2019

Google's New Urban Search Function

Now you can search Google Maps for info on subway + bus crowding

UN: Climate Talks Sputter Out

With Saudi Arabia rejecting the science underpinning the latest IPCC report, UN talks won't result in new climate action commitments

Help Wanted: Distributed Organizing Associate Director

The Sierra Club is looking for someone to join their team who is a leader with experience developing distributed organizing models + strong management + project management skills. Understanding + commitment to practicing equity, inclusion + justice + championing anti-racist policies are core values + required job skills. Salary range: $68,500-128,000

Finland: Elections Matter

With its ascendant Green Party, Finland warns the EU of the high political consequences if it fails to deliver on climate action

France: Heat Emergency

June 27, 2019

Quote Of The Day

“We have reached a point where the best-case outcome is widespread death + suffering by the end of this century, + the worst case puts humanity on the brink of extinction.” Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty + human rights, warning in a new report that the planet faces a “climate apartheid.”

NYC Green House Gas Inventory

Using data from buildings, transport + waste water treatment plants NYC issues its latest deep dive Greenhouse Gas Inventory + sheds light on progress toward cutting its climate-changing emissions 80% by 2050

How Jet Travel Speeds Climate Disruption

Jet plane contrails are air pollutants that add to climate change, increased air travel will make things worse

Greenland: The Big Melt

What to expect now that Greenland is melting in human time, no longer in geological time?

Charging Up Around Town

The City will install 100 street-accessible electric vehicle chargers, 6 of them in Park Slope, in 2019

The Media, The Candidates, The Climate

"The first Democratic debate failed the planet" sums up both media questions + candidate remarks on our climate crisis

June 26, 2019

Activists Call For 'Climate Emergency' Declaration

Activists call on the NYC Council to pass a 'climate emergency' resolution as it holds hearings on 7 renewable energy + energy storage bills

Science At Work: Climate Attribution Studies

Absence + Evidence is a serious long form piece by a climate scientist examining a climate skeptic's op-ed column," To claim or imply that something is disproved by systematically ignoring evidence to the contrary is another thing entirely. To do so is to undermine discourse. It’s simply misleading and irresponsible."

How To Decarbonize And Thrive

Here's one pathway for California to decarbonize both its building stock + vehicles cost-effectively, but no done-deal

Coal-Lover Leaving EPA

Bill Wehrum, who helped write the Trump administration’s most significant rules zapping climate change protections + supporting the coal industry, resigns. Guess he thinks "mission accomplished"