June 07, 2019

Union Support For GND

The Service Employees International Union, a Democratic-aligned union powerhouse, throws its weight behind the Green New Deal

Amsterdam: See Street Parking Vanish

Amsterdam is cutting 10,000 on-street parking spaces, see the difference

De Blasio Vision Zero Plan -- Too Slow

While the number of NYC traffic deaths has gone down with the Mayor's Zero Vision Plan, it's not zero + we still need to change the culture around ownership of the city’s streets

Hey DNC - Don't Muffle The Climate Crisis

True or false? The Democratic National Committee is wrong to reject a climate change-focused debate among the Party's Presidential contenders

June 06, 2019

Arctic Ice-Southern Heat Waves

Scientists find a link between declining arctic sea ice + heat waves in the southern US

UK: Climate Crisis Alarms

Uber Copters To JFK

One way to cut traffic congestion, but it's not cheap

NY Climate Legislation Forecast

Without the Governor's support, what are the prospects for NY's sweeping climate action legislation?

Climate-Saving Is Life-Saving

Limiting global temperature increases to 1.5°C could avoid between 110 and 2,720 annual heat-related deaths

Answering Your Battery Questions

Are rechargeable batteries always the better choice + what's the right way to dispose of dead batteries?

June 05, 2019

Plastic Waste Isn't Beautiful

Next time you put on makeup, look at all the ugly plastic packing + waste you're paying for + switch to more attractive alternatives

No Ignoring The Green New Deal Now

With each day bringing another Green New Deal-like proposal from Democratic Presidential hopefuls, climate awareness for action is mainstreaming

Atlanta: Goal. Yes. Plan...

Atlanta has a goal of using 100% 'green' electricity by 2035, but does it have a plan to get there?

What A World

June 04, 2019

Interviewing A Sunrise Movement Founder

Varshini Prakash is animating the new generation of climate activism. What does she want + when does she want it?

Modern Mobility

Congestion pricing is just one step toward improving urban mobility. For safe-street sharing + clean air, there's so much more that can be done

Climate's Corporate Impact: The Bottom Line

Expect disrupted financial impacts for corporations stemming from climate disruptions

June 03, 2019

CEQR: It's Broken. Fix It

NYC's environmental review process isn't doing its job, according to the Municipal Arts Society, what are the fixes needed now?

New Rooftop Solar Fee Proposed

With drops in new installations, what's the logic of imposing new fees on NY's rooftop solar power now?