March 14, 2019

It's 2050, Here's How We Stopped Climate Change

A history lesson we aspire to

Cooling Must Become Hot

Seeing opportunities for economic + climate leadership in China by developing new air-conditioning technologies

Public Relations Biz And Climate Change

What do major public relations firms stand on having climate change position statements, doing internal carbon accounting + having rules about clients selection?

Arctic: So Long

New UN research projects 5 degree - 9 degree Centigrade temperature increases in the Arctic by 2100, even if the world meets its Paris Accord goals

Cover The BQE With Green

NYC Comptroller Stringer proposes extending a green promenade over the BQE along with other upgrades, but will it cut traffic + improve air quality?

March 13, 2019

True. Dat.

March 12, 2019

Solar Afloat

March 11, 2019

Fusing Infrastructure Bills To Climate Actions

Congressional Democrats start linking infrastructure bill particulars to addressing climate needs, stay tuned

Climate Signals Are Flashing

Good For Walkers, Good For Bikers

Three ways to enhance street safety for both urban pedestrians + bike riders

From Big U To Landfill

More than 6 years post-Superstorm Sandy, NYC floats yet another resiliency idea, landfilling near the Seaport + FiDi

To Measure Is To Manage - Just Not Yet

How hard can it be + how long does it take to get useful information on the energy appetite of NYC's building stock + harness it to action?

March 08, 2019

Losing A Global Recycling Linchpin

With China shutting its doors to the world's recyclable waste, are there other processing destinations + better ways to recycle?

Bridging The Gaps

Written for the NYC 2030 District, this study identifies the power of peer-to-peer collaborations, which are partnerships between organizations that provide the foundation for facilitating building energy efficiency project aggregation + knowledge-sharing

Permafrost: Warming

Data reveals rising temperatures in soil frozen since the last Ice Age that could lead to release of GHG's + further climate change

LED'S Lead Energy Revolution

The switch to LED's from incandescent light bulbs has cut our energy appetite in just 6 years, but Trump threatens to rescind lighting energy efficiency standards

March 07, 2019

Here's A Trend That's A Friend

Trump Ignores Climate Intelligence

Yes, Donald Trump, climate disruption is a threat to national security