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January 30, 2010

Spend Some, Save Some

Massachusetts launches a $1.6 bilion program to help energy consumers cut their usage 7.2% over three years. Fast forward

January 29, 2010

Car To Grid?

California utilities raise concerns about the impact of a network of electric car recharging stations on the power grid. Plug in

Press The Start Button

The US Treasury offers $5 billion in tax credits to jump start economic growth for manufactures of energy efficient products . Invest time

Note To Queen: Rase It!

British royalty could show climate leadership by tearing down Buckingham Palace and replacing it with an energy efficient replica. Just a thought

Yes Maybe

The US will meet the UN's January 31 deadline on the Copenhagen accord by pledging to cut GHGs 17x20. Step one

January 28, 2010

What, Me Lobby?

Ever wonder about the impact of industry lobbyists on federal climate policy? Listen up

US Climate: Attitudes & Actions

A snapshot of where we are today on climate concerns and federal plans. Just click

Hot About The Weather

A claim that faulty US weather station data led to overestimating the temperature is refuted by a new study that found the faulty data was too cool. Measure & verify

Everything You Wanted To Know About Solar Hot Water Heaters

Well, almost everything. Just ask

Lion or Kitty?

Will Obama's climate agenda meet the same fate as Jimmy Carter's energy policy, called the moral equivalent of war [MEOW]?

UK: Tax Breaks Lure Drillers

The Atlantic off the Shetland Islands could be the site of the UKs last major oil and gas reserves. No easy access

Anemia In The Oceans

With climate-induced ocean acidification, one-cell marine organisms could have less ability to absorb the iron they need. Research it

January 27, 2010

EU: 20x20 In Sight

It looks like the EU will renew its vow to cut GHG emissions 20% by 2020 from 1990 levels. Stay tuned

How Big Is A Tablet's Footprint?

There are many things to consider when assessing the sustainability of Apple's iPad. Measure up

Caught Unawares

British businesses could save 30% on their energy bills but many don't know how finds new study. Learn more

Taking A Swing At Gates

Joe Romm doesn't think much of Bill Gates' views on climate action. Wham bam

Business Wants A Climate Bill

US businesses would like to see Congressional action on climate. Here's why

Iceland Is #1

The annual Yale Environmental Performance Index gives Iceland it's highest rating. The US, at #61 is just behind Paraguay. Learn more

January 26, 2010

After COP15 What's Left & What's Right

In the wake of the Copenhagen climate meeting, what remains to be done and what are good things to do? Don't despair

Q: What's Green & Rare & Smart All Over?

A: Energy efficient homes. Find out why

Off-The-Shelf Answers

Smart use of of existing technologies will go a long way toward saving energy finds new McKinsey study. Here now

Geothermal Growth

With federal stimulus funds, the US could see a tripling in geothermal energy over the next five years. Drill down


Playing soccer can be a clean source of electric power and light. How sporting

EU Carbon Market: Down But Not Out

Carbon prices on the EU-ETS are down and there are more permits than buyers, but things should improve. The long view

News From Sundance

Variety gushes over GasLand, a documentary about drilling for gas in the Marcellus Shale. Get it here

January 25, 2010

It's A Byrd, It's A Plane...

West Virgina Senator Byrd comes out swinging against the coal industry's stance on climate change. It's kryponite!

The Coming Climate

McKinsey & Co. flags drivers and opportunities for global business in the post-Copenhagen climate arena. Learn more

What's Gates Thinking?

Bill Gates worries about inadequate world health aid and low investments in clean technology. Find out more

Korea Eyes Smart Gird

Korea considers making a major investment in a smart grid to cut its carbon footprint and its oil imports. Look ahead

Buy & Sell: 14 MW Solar Deal

Duke Power buys a soon-to-go-online solar pv plant and inks a 30 year power purchase agreement. Beam in

Could Climate Be A Winner?

Following last week's election of Senator Brown, some see signs of political life on a bi-partisan climate bill. Look into it

Shell Shells Out Less

Royal Dutch Shell retreats from its investment in Canadian tar sand oil exploration in favor of more conventional, cheaper options. Drill down

January 21, 2010

It's OK By Exxon

While Exxon says it has no worries about 'fracking' for natural gas, critics are making their mark. Drill down

Carbon Cut & Paste

The energy efficiency provisions now in federal climate bills might migrate to jobs legislation. Stay tuned

Nature Looks At Climate Science

Like all good science, climate science is not a finished product. What are the knowledge needs?

Not The SOS

What's on the cutting edge for high performance building materials? Find out

Smart Grids Ahead

Starting now, expect major advances in smart grid technology. Look forward

Blowing Cold Or Warming Up?

Large-scale wind power requires large-scale transmission grids. Cost, siting and competition among regional grids are just some of the challenges but also see signs of smart grid investor interest.

January 20, 2010

That Ain't All Folks!

Grist ticks off what Senator Murkowski's been doing to zap climate controls. Not done yet

Get Mapped

Today, maps aren't just pictures, they are interactive. Check out this solar NYC sample. Re-orient

Forget Eco-Conspicuous Consumption

To cut the carbon footprint of new and old buildings steer clear of solar cells or wind turbines and focus instead on energy efficient materials and building systems. How sensible!

Tomorrow Is Another Day

The UN's January 31 deadline for nations to endorse the Copenhagen accord is no more. No late fee!

Dim On Climate Action

Republican Senator McConnell sees little chance of passing a climate protection bill. Stay tuned

Independent Voters Are Green

Public opinion polls find federal action on climate, energy and green jobs is popular across and around party lines. Look into this

January 19, 2010

Hanging Gardens Of Portland

Portland, Oregon's 18 story federal building gets stimulus funds to create a vegetated wall. How cool

Capture Carbon, Pump More Oil

UAE power and steel plants will capture and store carbon emissions in oil fields starting in 2012. Learn more

Pay The Price

Thinkers meet to save the planet by putting a price on natural systems. Add it up

What Does Hot Mean?

2009 tied for the second hottest year on record. Consider what goes into measuring global temperatures and assessing trends. Ask Jim Hansen

Cap & Share

California's draft carbon controls would cap emissions and share the proceeds from selling emissions permits with state residents. What's it worth?

It Works In France

Number crunching the cost of building standardized nuclear power plants in France finds the cookie cutter model holds down expenditures. Go figure

January 18, 2010

What A Coincidence!

Alaska Senator and climate regulation foe Lisa Murkowski is the biggest recipient of electric utility money in Congress, $244,000 since 2005. Greenwire [Subscribers only]

EU: No More Cuts

Lacking international climate commitments, the EU is unlikely to raise it's own GHG emissions target from a 20% to a 30% cut. Snip it

Investors Fret Over Lower PV Support

Germany's plan to make further cuts in solar panel electricity feed-in tariffs has investors predicting bleak times ahead. Plug in

The Naked Truth

Chinese climate activists strip to their underwear to highlight concerns about consumerism and the planet. Peek in

Tomorrow Is Today

Climate scientists and supporters should study Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream speech and learn something about how to change the world. Start here

A Dream Takes Root

The success of Melrose Commons in the South Bronx testifies to the power of grass roots visionaries. Get sustained

Local Kid Makes Good

Energy efficient, affordable, urban building is the hallmark of developer Jonathan Rose. Interview here

January 15, 2010

A Virtuous Climate Circle

The US should cap its carbon emissions which will attract clean energy finance in developing nations says investor George Soros. He's Not alone

Shifting The Burden

Climate policy makers should look for opportunities to reallocate the external costs of current energy markets. Well yes

Economy Class Nuclear Reactors

French nuclear giant Areva might roll out a line of less expensive power plants similar to older designs. Less leg room?

January 14, 2010

The Six-Part Solution

Social psychology offers no-cost tips on getting folks to act in climate-friendly ways. Make a difference

Earth-Friendly Cement

By switching from coal to fuels derived from sewage sludge, tires and rice husks, a major cement maker starts to slashes its CO2 emissions. Really

Green Is The New Gold

Deutsche Bank reports that green technology is a great investment opportunity. Look into it

Iraq And All That Oil

The new wave of oil exploration in Iraq could alter the near-future for fossil fuels. "Peak" in

Could China Cool On Coal?

China has become a net importer of coal and this could have implications for its policies energy policies. Stay tuned

2010 Prediction: More Pollution

While electric use in the US dropped last year, it is predicted to rise along with GHG emissions in 2010. Look ahead

Blaming Obama

Is the President guilty of magical thinking about the solution to climate change? Get serious

What's Happeing In The Southern Ocean?

Another font-line story about climate scientists at work. Dip in

It's Hard To Connect

Researchers report that technical and administrative barriers make it hard for NYC solar PV to connect into the Con Ed grid. Unplug

January 13, 2010

France Cuts PV Support

The direct cost of electric power created by rooftop solar panels in France is cut 24% but remains well above the price of conventional power. Plug in

Hearing Science

How do environmental scientists draw media attention to an issue? Here's one way

The Conflict Within

The debate heats up inside the green movement over the impact of developing large scale clean energy projects. Face it

The Calgreen Code

California adopts a statewide green building code but LEED advocates are not thrilled.

January 12, 2010

Edgy At The Borders

Nation-based carbon taxes could lead to a European 'trade war" warns official. Hey France!

Block That Regulation!

Alaska's Senator Murkowski will try to prevent the EPA from regulating GHGs by adding a rider to a Senate debt-ceiling bill. Stay tuned and get EPW Dems Rejoinder

What's Domestic? What's Foreign?

US technology is licensed for use at a new Chinese solar and biomass power plant and others projects over the next decade. Look into it but Consider this

What's Foreign? What's Domestic?

A Chinese car maker, with a 10% share owned by investor Warren Buffet, will go on sale in the US this year. Look around

Germany: Competitive Efficiency

German auto maker Daimler AG plans to sell more cars than its rival BMW by marketing their smaller carbon footprint. Drive in

India: A Rising Solar Power

On its way to installing 20,000 MW of solar power, India aims for 1,300 MW of on and off-grid solar power by 2013 Learn more

January 11, 2010

ARRA $$ For Green Job Training

The US Labor Department awards $100 million in stimulus funds to 25 projects for green collar job training. Get to work

183 Clean Tech Winners

183 clean energy tech manufacturers will share $2.3 billion in tax credits awarded by the Obama administration to stimulate green economic growth. Grist comments

Green Ed: Bringing It All Back Home

What's on the syllabus for environmental education of New York kids? Hint: It's urban

China Eases Home-Made Rule

China scraps its requirement for domestic productions of 70% of wind turbine components. Learn more

Obama: $$$ For Clean Cars & Trucks

President Obama launches a fuel efficiency program for cars and trucks with $187 million in public and private funds. 6,000 new research and manufacturing jobs expected. Learn more

UK: Where's The Wind? Where's the Gas?

While UK power demand rises during cold winter weather, available wind power sinks. Plug in Meanwhile, natural gas supplies plummet. Brrr

RGGI Auction Update

RGGI carbon emissions auctions have raised more than $155 million for New York. What's in contract and what's been spent? Start calculating

January 07, 2010

India: Promises To Keep

India pledges to meet its COP15 carbon cutting commitment through 2020 without foreign financial assistance. Stay tuned

It's Only Weather

Let's be clear. Cold winter weather is not an argument for climate skeptics. Look into it

Cutting Through The Smog

EPA proposes to slash smog-forming ozone emissions. Good news for big cities and lungs everywhere. Breathe in

More Green For Green Tech

More Green For green tech

January 06, 2010

Money Managers Say "I Don't"

A survey of money managers who oversee $8.6 trillion finds they do not consider climate change risks when making investment decisions. Look into it

Australia Says "I Do"

Australia is the first nation to agree to the Copenhagen climate accord. That's a start

COP-15: The Process Was The Problem

The Copenhagen climate meeting failed. Now a observer proposes alternatives for future international negotiations. Look ahead

Bringing It All Back Home

The UK's ambitious offshore wind power plan must overcome technical and financial hurdles to succeed at a commercial scale. Get current

January 05, 2010

Good News For Fur, Fin and Fowl

New York City's five zoos are getting a master plan with twenty new wildlife exhibits. Take the kids!

Stimulated By Mass Transit

USPIRG reports that federal stimulus money spent on public transit created two-times more jobs than funding for highways. How calculating

Lessons Learned

A sprint, with links, to recent climate science publications. Click, click

Take Two: French Carbon Tax

France might salvage a plan to impose a 17 euro a ton carbon tax by eliminating loopholes and offering targeted compensation instead. Stay tuned... UPDATE

Wyoming Gets Limits

Future wind power projects will be barred and oil and gas drilling will be limited in 20% of Wyoming. Don't grouse

A China-Israel Link

China invests in Israeli solar thermal equipment designed to make existing power plants more productive. Learn more

Basalt To The Rescue

Basalt, a kind of stone common to the New York metro region, could be ideal for permanently storing CO2 emissions from power plants. That rocks!

Build A Better Heat Pump

Now there's an EPA Energy Star rating for geothermal heat pumps and a 30% tax credit for home owners. Drill down

Hotter Heat Islands

NASA reports that the most intense urban heat island effects are found in once-forested, temperate zones. Ring any bells?

January 04, 2010

Science v Media

Following the flap over the leaked climate science e-mails, it's clear that scientists have a lot to learn about facing the media and reaching the public. Start here

Some Expectations

Was 2009 the climate prologue for 2010?

Watch and wait.

Will Work For Energy Efficiency

Advocates hope to include $9 billion for home energy enhancement program in a jobs bill now before Congress. Climate Wire [Subscribers only]

Super Clean Grid

Nine European nations around the North Sea plan for an electric grid to distribute renewable power. Plug in

From Lemons To Lemonade

Could NYC's tiny 1.7% projected increase in electric use over the next five years of economic doldrums become an opportunity for raising energy efficiency? [The article doesn't explore this, but you could.] Look ahead

Right-To-Know NOT

The composition of one-in-five toxic chemicals found in common products is a trade secret under federal law. Psst