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December 31, 2009

EPA Drills Drilling Plan

The EPA raises questions about plans to drill for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale, which includes the New York City drinking watershed. Dig down

A Greener, Greater Big Apple

On December 30, Mayor Bloomberg signed four bills key to making New York City's existing buildings models of energy efficiency. Take a bow!

Climate Time Travel

A scientist looks back 3 million years, the last time the Arctic was ice-free, to project what it could be like in 2100. Dive in

Big U

Kazakhstan claims to be the world's largest miner of uranium. Who's buying it?

December 30, 2009

A Glowing Future

A Welsh firm is funded to develop light-emitting wallpaper embedded with organic LEDs that could cut the need for other other room lighting. How bright

Energizing Energy Star

The Energy Star label won't stay on LG products starting next month because they don't measure up on energy efficiency. Shine on

A Bigger Chill

The Energy Star label won't stay on LG refrigerator-freezers starting next month because they don't measure up on energy efficiency. Shine on

France: No New Year Carbon Tax

A French court strikes down President Sarkozy's plan to launch a carbon tax on January 1, calling its exemptions illegal. Learn more

EU Out Multi-Polar In

One lesson from the Copenhagen climate meeting is that the EU's power is ebbing. Now it's trending multi-polar. Stay tuned

German Insurer Targets Climate

Citing the cost of natural disasters, reinsurer Munich Re urges future costs of weather-related losses be offset with climate action now. Get it?

What's Green, Silver & Affordable?

A developer has been chosen for 260 new units of LEED Silver affordable housing plus 27,500 square feet of retail space in the Bronx neighborhood of Melrose Commons. And that's not all

December 29, 2009

Beyond Window Shopping

Grow veggies in your windows! This is not a news story or a plug, just an irresistible idea. Fenestrate

Counting What Counts

330 US companies annually report their CO emissions to the UK-based Carbon Disclosure Project. Although figures are not subject to independent verification, reporting matters. It adds up

Brazil Stays On Climate Message

Brazil legislates carbon emissions cuts - 20% by 2020 from 2005 levels - and will make cuts that are quantifiable and verifiable. Goals!

Steam Heated!

Ever wonder how radiators heat your home and why they're found under windows? Warm up

Just Don't Call It Climate Change

Interest in Tennessee to stimulate the new energy economy and enhance energy efficiency creates common political ground. Learn more

December 28, 2009

Green Jobs RIP

Some Democrats want to delay enactment of climate cap & trade legislation until the jobs picture improves. Either or?

2010: From Soup To Nuts

Find out who will be joining the climate action fray in Washington in 2010. Happy new year

Store It To Sell It

Renewable power can compress air and pump it underground where it can be released to drive power generating turbines at a profit. Dig in

Cut Our Subsidies Please

German PV makers ask the government to reduce subsidies for electricity made with solar power. Less is more

China: Utilitites Must Buy Alt Energy

A new law requires Chinese electric utilities to buy available power generated from wind, solar (and nuclear) sources, even if coal-based power is cheaper. Smart grid growth is needed. Plug in

What Goes Underground Stays Underground

Up to 85% of the chemically-tainted water used in fracking for natural gas doesn't get removed but stays underground, potentially close to drinking water supplies. Gulp!

China Turns Money Into Speed

China's huge infrastructure investment delivers the world's fastest intercity rail travel. All aboard

December 24, 2009

They're Back - Maybe

Enthusiasm for nuclear power plants is returning in the US, but the forecast is far from clear. Stay tuned

RGGI Suit Dropped

A legal challenge to New York's carbon emissions trading program, RGGI, is dropped by the plaintiffs, three local power generators. E&E News [Subscribers only]

A Different Mid-East Energy Crisis

With electricity use soaring 6% a year, a RAND report concludes that coal-reliant Israel must slash its energy demand. Plug in

Congressional Efficiency

A Congress member from upstate New York crafts a bill to provide tax incentives for homes and commercial buildings to get more energy efficient. Learn more

December 23, 2009

Westchester Cities Go Slow On Green

Yonkers and other cities and towns in Westchester are reluctant to pass green building performance legislation. Details, details

China Distills Cleaner Gas

A Chinese oil refinery can produce gasoline that meets European emissions standards. Fill 'er up

China Did It

A British eye witness charges China with blowing up the Copenhagen climate talks. Look into it

EU Carbon Price Advances

After skidding, the price of CO2 emissions permits rises in EU-ETS markets but not to previous highs. Stay tuned

EU: Carbon Bears Retreat

After skidding, the price of CO2 permits rises in EU-ETS markets but not to earlier levels. Stay tuned

REITS Rent The Roof

Real estate investment trusts are renting roof space to solar power installations to generate new revenue. Sunny money

December 22, 2009

What Works In Texas

$1.5 billion in government-backed financing was key to a Chinese firm clinching a contact to supply turbines to a Texas wind farm. Low-cost money

Count Your Carbon Blessings

Whether for last minute shopping and travel plans or buying home appliances or investing, a company's climate efforts might count in making your choice. Get informed

EU: Carbon Prices Swoon

Carbon prices fell 8% in EU-ETS markets. Is this a judgment of the Copenhagen accord? WSJ

Not The Final Word

While Copenhagen results are less than we hoped for they're more than we expected. View this viewpoint

Will Bloom Work It Out?

Ron Bloom, Obama's manufacturing policy advisor, will be faced with the complexities of green tech. Think Chinese turbines in Texas

December 21, 2009

And The Right Answer Is...

California's Senator Feinstein acts to block development of wind or solar power generators on a million acres of the Mojave Desert. It's complicated

Andy Revkin: Hail & Farewell

December 21 is Andy Revkin's last day at the New York Times [Kate Galbraith is leaving too]. A good moment for reflection. Moving on

A Plethora Of Post Mortems

Before shifting to holiday cheer, take a look back at Copenhagen with interested observers. Reflect

Gimme Standards

The energy sector criticizes the Copenhagen meeting because it did not produce clear directives to underpin new climate-friendly investment. . That's certain

What's That In Your Boiler?

Some 9,000 buildings in NYC use highly polluting #4 or 6 oil in their boilers. The Environmental Defense Fund calls for a decade long phase-out of this dirty fuel. Start here & check out an Interactive map

December 18, 2009

The French Connection

Areva, the French nuclear giant, builds its first factory in Virginia, hoping to capitalize on a new wave of US atomic power plants. Climate Wire [Subscribers only]

Scientists At Work

Jim Hansen writes about the nitty-gritty of engaging in climate science. Go to it

It's Alive!

What tops a green building? A living building and the first one is in Rhinebeck, New York. Drop in

The Politics Of Energy

With EU gas and electric consumption down by 7%, there's no rush to buy natural gas from Russia. Learn more

A Yawning Gap

Does the failure of Chinese Premier Wen to attend a climate meeting with President Obama signal fatal differences between the world's largest carbon emitters? Stay tuned

Copenhagen Wordsmithing

Read the draft Copenhagen agreement and get first cut summaries. One & Another

Turned On By LEDs

Although still much more expensive that other light bulbs, ultra-energy efficient LEDs are beginning to attract consumers. Plug in


On December 18, from 9am to 1 pm New Yorkers can link up directly with Copenhagen. It's robotic

December 17, 2009

High-End Pollution

Manhattan's elite Upper East Side tops the charts for air polllution. Along with clogged traffic artieries, building boilers using cheap but dirty fuel are to blame. Don't inhale

What's An MBD To Do?

Poverty-fighting multilateral development banks could play a role in supporting sustainability and carbon cuts. Invest your time

New Arctic Science

Scientists report more grim findings on arctic warming. Even the cooling models are bleaker. Look north

December 16, 2009

Polling The Public Climate

This public opinion poll on American's views of climate science, policies and costs reveals a lot about how questions are posed. Just ask

How Fast Can They Spend It?

In 2009, of the $2 billion for energy-related projects already given to the federal agency that manages 1,500 public buildings, $1.5 billion is allocated, but so far, only $89 million has been paid out. Dialin' for $$

Tariffs - A Deal Breaker?

China maintains that tariffs (aka trade sanctions) should not be used as a climate protection tool. Not everyone agrees

Conservative Conservation

David Cameron, leader of Britain's Conservative Party, proposes a street-by-street residential energy efficiency upgrade program. A real deal?

Price Matters

The CEO of Iberdrola, the world's biggest wind power producer says that green energy costs more but customers will use less. Public policy matters


Genesis Oil & Gas will use 'green' hydraulic fracturing fluids and disclose their chemical composition if it drills for natural gas in the drinking watersheds of two Colorado towns. Stay tuned

Cash For Clunkers: The Evidence

Patchwork Nation maps out the 2009 cash for clunkers trail. Who got what?

December 15, 2009


CLEAR, climate legislation introduced by Senators Cantwell and Collins, deploys the idea of cap and distribute. A family would get $1,000 every year but buyers of emissions allowances would not be allowed to buy carbon offsets. Text here

Do Well By Doing Good

A London firm that deals in aggregating global carbon offsets thrives in 2009. Add it up

Mega Green

Look behind the headlines for a detailed picture of China's clean energy crash program. Enter here

Deep Water Soundings

Scientists recognize the need for a deeper understanding of the role of ocean currents in climate change. What's new now?

China's New Math

Will public policy + strategic subsidies + low cost labor = global green technology leadership? Look ahead

Bloomberg In Copenhagen

NPR interviews Mayor Bloomberg in Copenhagen. Jet in

Climate Law: A Student Blog

Here's what the Copenhagen meetings look like from a law student's perspective. No the final

December 14, 2009

Mayors Meet Up At Climate Talks

Mayors from 80 cities compare notes in Copenhagen on what to do about climate change at the urban scale. Learn more

Funding Fisker

DOE is betting $528 million that the Fisker Auto Company, reopening in a former GM plant to produce hybrid vehicles, can make a go of it. Start your engines

Curb Your Enthusiasm

The National Research Council thinks electric cars will remain pricey and will be unable to make a big cut in the nation's carbon footprint. Stop by

EU Carbon Market Makes A Dent

Analysts find the EU-ETS is having an impact on the investment calculations of European power plan owners. Here's how

Passive In Philly

A passively heated house is being built in Philadelphia with good design and economy in mind. Details

UK: The Next Industrial Revolution

With recharging stations appearing in northern England and new financial incentives coming available, can Britain be the cradle of the post-fossil fuel age? Plug in

Exxon Buys Gas

Exxon acquires XTO to get 45 billion cublc feet of natural gas mostly located in US shale formations. Drill down

Revkin Moves On

Andy Revkin, the senior environmental reporter at the New York Times will leave the paper on December 21. What next?

December 11, 2009

More Climate Funding

At Copenhagen, a proposed tax on EU financial market transactions could add up to real money for combating climate change. Learn more & More

Copenhagen: PoMo Spectacle

Feeling cheerful? You won't after reading this posting from Copenhagen. Shred or spin?

A Lump Of Coal For NY

A proposal to build a 'clean coal' power plant in Jamestown, New York fails to capture DOE support. Follow the $$

Special Delivery

Postal services around the world pledge to cut their GHG emissions 20% by 2020. Please Mr. Postman

Climate Change & Culture Change

Think anew about climate, culture and the communications media. Ponder here

December 10, 2009

Build A Better Infrastructure

McKinsey offers a menu of ideas about better ways to invest in smarter infrastructure. Start here

NYC Firm To Run Giant Wind Farm

A new $2 billion, 338 wind turbine project in Oregon will be operated by a New York City-based company. Go west

EU Can Do Better

The World Wildlife Fund looks at the EU's proposed carbon cutting targets in Copenhagen and finds too much wiggle room. Three holes

Credit The Best

JP Morgan proposes a new kind of climate credit for major energy users who outperform statutory standards. Invest some time

Generating The Future

The electric power industry starts to plan for a carbon-constrained world. Plug in

Soros Seeks Billions For Climate

To advance an international climate agreement, George Soros proposes the IMF shift $100 billion to developing nations for clean energy and climate adaption. Bigger bucks

Lacerating Leaks

A UK journalist argues the storm over leaked climate e-mails has been a public relations disaster for both science and policy. Study the case

Al Gore Talks About You-Know-What

Slate interviews Al Gore about climate deniers, those leaked UK e-mails, US politics and Copenhagen. Read on

December 09, 2009

Applying The Law

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson tells Copenhagen there has been more climate progress in the US over the last eleven months than in the prior eight years. But check out readers' comments

EPA: The 1.5-2% Solution

EPA reports the cost impact of climate legislation on energy intensive, export oriented industries like cement and steel is the the 1.5-2% range. Very fine print

Rifkin Does Rome

Rome adopts Jeremy Rifkin's distributed generation-based plan to become energy self-sufficient. Sweet

G2: The Graphic Evidence

Get a graphic comparisons of Chinese and US greenhouse gas emissions. Picture that

Sound The Alarm

Editorials in fifty six newspapers around the world urge action on our common climate emergency. Listen up!

December 08, 2009

Death Threats Target Climate Scientists

Two of the UK climate scientists whose e-mails were hacked have received death threats. Police investigating

States Ahead Of Feds On Climate

With President Obama in a political bind, even bold state climate action can reach only so far in Copenhagen. Stay tuned

The Usual Suspects

The Competitive Enterprise Institute plans to sue the Obama administration over the EPA's effort to regulate CO2 emissions. E&E News PM [Subscribers only]

Mr President, Go For The Green Gold

Are low-interest energy efficient mortgages the best way to boost green jobs and green homes? Look into it

Exxon Knows Best?

Reacting to the EPA's progress on regulating carbon emissions, Exxon says it's got a better idea. You judge

Holland: Stay Drier

Holland adopts a plan for adapting to the threat of inundation related to climate change. Dive in

Gearing Up on GHGs

The USEPA finding that CO2 pollution pose a public health threat clears a major hurdle in regulating fossil fuel emissions and gives President Obama something to take to Copenhagen. Learn more

The Heat Is On

The UN weather agency reports that the last ten years are likely to be the warmest since record-keeping began in 1850. Think global

December 04, 2009

A Nickel For Your Thoughts

Seattle's outgoing green guru Mayor Greg Nickels reflects. Read on

One Less Problem

A DOE-funded study finds wind turbines do not depress property values. Look it up

The Bottom Line

The IMF reports that a carbon tax would cut more emissions and with greater certainty than cap and trade schemes. Go figure

Market Deriviatives Rising

Wall Street invests in carbon derivatives with a global reach. Learn more

Soft Market

The latest RGGI carbon allowances auction set record low prices and some allowances went unsold. Get the numbers

Hot Framing

A UK climate scientist reflects on why the fights over the science and the politics are so fierce. Look into it

Climate Science Isn't Settled

The state of good science is never settled. Think about what's wrong with the WSJ's wholesale attack on climate science. Fine print

RGGI Raided

$90 million of New York's fledgling RGGI funding for energy efficiency is swept into the State's deficit reduction scheme. Swoosh

December 03, 2009

UK: Cloudy Forecast For Solar

With the rapid depletion of an $83 million grant program, the solar PV industry in Britain is drying up. Punished by success?

The Brown Dogs Bark

Senators from coal-reliant states tell the White House what they want in a climate bill. Who & what

December 02, 2009

Blowing In From The Great Lakes

New York State explores the development of multi-megawatt wind power projects in the Great Lakes. Go HOMES

What Do Utility Regulators Want?

A poll of state and federal power utility regulators finds favor for nuclear power and rate decoupling. Learn more

India: Less Intense By 2020

India raises the possibility of cutting its carbon intensity 24% by 2020 and 37% by 2030. Happy now?

As Good As Brand X

An EPA audit finds that most Energy Star products meet or beat energy efficiency requirements, but so do many brand X appliances. Label that!

UN Blows Wind Whistle On China

The UN halts support for Chinese wind power projects, alleging China cuts domestic subsidies to make projects eligible for Clean Development funding. Plug in

What The Poll Found

A new poll finds support for action on energy and cutting carbon emissions, confusion over details of federal climate legislation and, despite the need for some explaining, a preference for taxing carbon over trading it. Just ask

December 01, 2009

Roll Over For Russia?

Environmentalists are alarmed over a Russian demand to roll over its carbon account surplus into any hew global climate treaty. Learn more

Pigou Who?

20th century economist Arthur Pigou is cited by carbon tax advocates as offering the key to climate policy. Here's Arthur!

Finland: Hot Computers To Warm Homes

Finland will use the waste heat from computer servers under Helsinki's cathedral to heat homes. Here's how

O3-Hole Good For Something

The ozone hole over Antarctica has slowed continental warming due to altered west wind patterns. Look into it

Flush With Victory

Calling the theory of climate change "absolute crap", Tony Abbott becomes leader of Australia's Liberal Party. And then?