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November 30, 2009

Be Prepared

In case you meet a climate contrarian at an upcoming holiday party, here are some conversational pointers. Hello

India To Denmark: Dead End Ahead!

India rejects Denmark's climate proposal to set 2025 as the year for peak carbon emissions. Just saying no

Carbon Markets: Pro & Con

As the Copenhagen climate meeting nears, the debate over carbon markets heats up - again. Any winners?


Shell Oil downplays expectations for advanced biofuels. Look into it

Look Into The Sun

Get a glimpse of how climate science works. Analysis & Responses

LEDs Live Lighter

Q: How much energy is used to make ultra-efficient LED light bulbs? A: Five times less than for incandescents, according to a study by the lighting maker Osram.

Reviving Daylight Management

"At the flick of a switch" is so 20th century when it comes to indoor illumination. Look brighter now

November 27, 2009

ETA Delayed For Australian Climate Bill

Australian Prime Minister Rudd's campaign to win a legislative victory on climate legislation runs into stormy political opposition. Stay tuned

Decoding East Anglia's Climate Crisis

After an uproar over the hacked e-mails of climate researchers at the University of East Anglia, a Guardian columnist reflects. The New York Times posts reactions.

November 25, 2009

What $1.2 Billion Could Buy

With $620 million from DOE to be matched by an equal sum from the private sector, the US electric power grid could become a lot smarter sooner. Stay tuned

Italy's Smarter

Italy is the first country to install a nationwide system of smart electric meters. Here's how

Nova Scotian Cheers For Carbon Dividend

Want a check from the government when you combat climate change? The idea's not new, but you gotta love this delivery! Head north

Not So Great Expectations For China

Climate treaty observers worry that China will set meager carbon-reduction goals for itself. Learn more

Be There Or Be Square

President Obama will attend the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen next month. Travel in Here's what he'll pledge. 17x20

3 Member Club With 1 Carbon Goal

Costa Rica the Maldives and Norway share the goal of being carbon neutral nations. Are there dues?

Making Faster Tracks

With plans afoot to build high speed rail lines around the US , what's needed to succeed? All aboard

Who's The Greenest Of Them All?

In Britain, the Labor and Conservative parties each claim to be the greener choice. Opt in

Shifing The Science Agenda

A federal drive to invest billions on a new national energy agenda stimulates applied research. Challenges ahead

Another Nuke Plant For NY?

A Baltimore-based utility has filed an application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commissions to build a fourth power generator at Nine Mile Point in upstate New York. Look at the local record

November 24, 2009

Trying To Go Green At Home

Nuclear Power Makes New Friends

Congress might provide financial support to build nuclear power plants while around the world 53 new projects are underway Start here but what aboutthe old ones?

Have A Good Day, Not

Updating the 2007 IPPC climate report, 26 scientists find the planet is changing faster than projected just two years ago. No denying it

Getting To Yes With Money

Seeking to pass a carbon trading bill, Australia's Labor Party leadership offers to double payments to coal and utility firms and wins opposition support. Oh yes

November 23, 2009

Insurer Sounds The Alarm

Allianz, Europe's largest insurance company, foresees risks of devastating climate change impacts and calls for global action now. Pay attention

Apocalyse, So What!

Eco-provocateurs Nordhaus and Shellenberger prod readers to think about why calls for climate legislation get short shrift. Readers prod back

Can't Buy Me Love

Scholars warn that just putting a price on carbon won't stimulate new ideas and investment in energy-efficient innovation. What to do?

Racing To Make Green Money

Eco-oriented European businesses are outpacing US competitors, but China could be the big winner. Spend some time

November 20, 2009

Disclose That Risk!

The Securities and Exchange Commission is gearing up to require corporate disclosure of risks they face related to climate change. When the party of the first part...

The Faces Of Climate Science

Meet ten of the world's most renowned climate scientists and find out if they agree on everything in their field. Hello

Through A Glass Brightly

The recent US-China summit could produce real progress on controlling climate change. Look up

Climate Change & Kidney Stones

Harvard Medical School links increases in ailments ranging from kidney stones to malaria to global climate change. Learn more

Buying Green In Lean Times

US shoppers snap up more green products, undaunted by tough times. Unwrap that

It Isn't Easy Being Smart

Venture capitalist John Doerr lists the obstacles facing developers of a smart grid. Sobering stuff

National Grid Is In The Black

US/UK electric utility National Grid, with a large NYC customer base, reports a 16% jump in profits. Here's a how-to

Working Science

Fascinated by climate science methodology debates? don't miss this essay. Fine print

Rating Euro Cap & Trade

It appears that the EU's CO2 market does cut emissions. Details & devils

November 19, 2009

Jim Likes Carly

Senator James Inhofe, enemy of climate legislation, endorses Carly Fiorina's bid for a California Senate seat. XXXOX

Green Map: Capetown S.A.

Going to the World Cup in South Africa in 2010? Now you can travel with a Green Map of the spectacular Capetown region. Get it here

Investors Need A Signal

Only a new global climate agreement will attract enough private investment to solve the carbon problem. Go green

Look Under Hood

A proposed US-China electric car deal is a bad idea says transportation expert. Learn more

French Nuclear Industry Ails

The new chief of France's nuclear utility EDF denounces the nation's current business strategy. Rx?

November 18, 2009

Watch More For Less

By 2013, new TV's sold in California will be 49% more energy efficient. Look at that!

Close The Clean Energy Gap

The Breakthrough Institute reports that the US suffers from a dangerous gap in public sector funding for clean energy technologies when compared to rising Asian nations. What to do? [5.3MB]

NYS Green Law: The Back Story

Ever wonder how environmentally friendly bills get passed in New York? Here's some background on the 2009 home weatherization law. Action 101

Evangelizing For The Climate

Christian evangelicals and scientists join to make the rounds in Congress in support for passing climate legislation. Learn more

Sarkozy Seeks Billions

French Prime Minister Sarkozy wants to invest 60 billion euros in research that will improve the economy. If this, 35 billion would go for energy-improvement projects. Stay tuned

Smart Plugs For Smart Consumers

Now utility consumers can monitor and control their energy use by plugging a gadget into a wall outlet says GreenUpgrader. Measure & manage

Tide Power Exceeds Expectations

A new commercial-scale tidal power turbine in Northern Island is exceeding expectation, already feeding 350MWh of electricity into the grid . Turn here

Yes, Apartment Buildings Can!

A billion dollars in loans for upgrading energy efficiency in New York apartment buildings will be repaid through lower utility bills. Pending City legislation could get a boost. Here's how

November 17, 2009

NY Sets The PACE

The New York State legislature passes a bill authorizing cities to finance renewable power projects and energy efficiency with Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) bonds. Follow the money

Chalk One Up For Energy

Who is Steven Chalk and what's he doing with $36.7 billion in energy efficiency funding at DOE? Find out

November 16, 2009

Indian Point=Thyroid Cancer?

A new study finds a statistical link between the Indian Point nuclear power plant and the rate of thyroid cancer in nearby counties. Plug in

The Drill Thrill Is Back

DOE will put $25 million into a re-engineered geothermal energy pilot project in Oregon. Drill here

A New Way To Get Cash For Trash

French electric utility EDF will buy carbon credits from Latin American landfill gas through the EU ETS market. Here's how it works

"We're All Democrats Now"

GE chief Jeffrey Immelt has his eye on federal stimulus funds for smart grids, renewable energy and other new technologies. Look into it

African Activist Leads Greenpeace

Kumi Nadoo, a South African apartheid foe, is the new director of Greenpeace. Get the news

November 13, 2009

RGGI Lessons

Amid the furor over carbon cap and trade, the RGGI program in ten northeast states shows that fair and open carbon markets do exist. (Whether emissions are reduced is another matter.) Read on

EU Aims For Greener Buildings

With the goal of greater energy security, the EU plans to have stringent rules for new energy efficient buildings by 2018. Look ahead

In Kyoto Plan, China Thrives

The Asia Development Bank finds the complexity of the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism favors China over other developing nations. Learn more

Mexico City Bus System Is A Winner

Mexico City's expanding Metrobus system, which has slashed transit-related CO2 emissions, wins a Harvard University award. Hop on

NYer Tapped For Environmental Justice Post

Lisa Garcia is named as senior advisor on environmental justice at the EPA. E&ENewsPM [Subscribers only]

November 12, 2009

Finance Drought Continues

Renewable energy projects in the US can't find private domestic financing despite public policy support. Learn more

Kerry's Climate Hearings Don't Tax

Take a look at Senator Kerry's climate bill hearings from a carbon tax advocacy point of view. Gain some perspective

NJ: Solar Power Pays

New Jersey's photovoltaic boom is directly linked to its marketable credits program. Very SRECS-y

Really It's Rayon

Attention all eco-conscious fashion consumers! Don't be bamboozled by bamboo. Re-label


Code-named Gone With the Wind, an Italian investigation into fraudulent use of public subsidies for building wind farms produces two arrests. Oh Brett

November 11, 2009

What If...

Two of Asia's financial capitals, Singapore and Hong Kong, are at risk of major climate change damage. Risky business

The Gentle Art of Persuasion

A psychologist's guide for scientists, journalists and educators on how to persuade the public about the importance of taking action on climate change. Start here

Mapping Green Collar Jobs

Interact with the Apollo Alliance map of new opportunities for green collar jobs. Look around

Alone Is Not Smart

Smart appliances need smart electric meters. And to cut consumption and save money, smart utility rates must be part of the equation. Plug in

The Burbs, So 20th Century!

Energy efficient eco-districts are the 21st century's response to last century's suburban sprawl. Evidence abounds

One Million Energy Stars

The EPA's Energy Star program now has one million certified homes erected by some 6,500 builders around the US. Learn more

November 10, 2009

Cool, Yes. Climate-Conscious. ?

New York City's been lucky to get new public buildings with design pizazz, but are they carbon friendly? Measure the media's climate consciousness

On A Bicycle Built For You

Despite the recession, bike sales are on a roll in NYC. Pedal in

Save Economies With Climate Protection

Without climate mandates to shift nations away from fossil fuel dependency, future fuel prices could double and disrupt entire economies. Look into it

Bright Future For Solar Thermal

In two decades, power from concentrated sunlight is projected to grow a hundred times over, according to the International Energy Agency. Focus!

Geothermal's Just Not Hot

Investors show little interest in geothermal power development in the US. Drill down

November 09, 2009

We Can Do Better

The EPA orders two of its own attorneys to take down their YouTube video, which trashes cap and trade and calls for a climate policy based on carbon fees and rebate. See it here

Build Local Buy Local

Q: Why is east coast wind power generated on European-made equipment? A: Because manufacturers locate near their major markets. Climate Wire [Subscribers only]

Energy Investor Likes China's TLC

A Deutsche Bank analysis of the best countries for making green energy investments rates China higher than the UK or the US because of Chinese TLC, transparency, longevity and certainty. Count on it

Utilities Prefer The Climate In Congress

US power utilities would prefer Congress to legislate on climate change than to have the EPA regulate GHG emissions. Learn more

UK: Goes More Nuclear

The Labor government unveils a policy to have nuclear power provide 30% of the UK's electricity by the 2020's. This translates into 10-12 new reactors. Plug in

November 06, 2009

Koch Fertilizes Astroturf

Koch Family Foundations, supporter of right-wing causes, underwrites Americans For Prosperity. Now AFP targets Republican Senator Graham and climate legislation. Learn more

China Gets More US Jobs

Despite receiving State funds, a solar panel maker in Massachusetts is sending production work to China. Go on! For one overview Look here On the other hand Look there

Wind Money: Bet On Bigger

Investor interest could drive small wind power companies into the arms of larger firms. See a pattern?

German Program Tops The List

Two environmental organizations give top honors to Germany's support for energy efficient buildings, which fight climate changes and creates jobs. Who's hot, who's not?

November 05, 2009

Economists Agree!

A survey of US economists finds consensus on the benefits of climate protection outweigh the costs. Can't discount it

Latin America's Climate Challenge

The impact of climate change in Latin America is already evident, although the region's nations have not coalesced on any policy. Think beyond borders

Block That Cash

Senator Schumer urges the Obama administration to block stimulus funds from paying for wind turbines made in China that would be installed in Texas. Everybody happy?

Three Straws In The Wind

Would a Kerry-Graham-Lieberman climate bill stand a chance? Find out

Natural Gas & Copenhagen

Learn about an upcoming International Energy Agency report on the relationship between climate negotiations and the global natural gas industry. Start here

November 04, 2009

China's Carbon Capture Questions

Even as China builds its first coal-burning power plant equipped with CCS, it's asking questions about the future of the tehnology. Start here

Is Buffet Moved By Coal?

Warren Buffet's purchase of the Burlington railroad looks like a commitment to the future of coal. Here's why

From Financial Crisis To Carbon Backlash

A climate market group sees a backlash against creating a CO2 cap and trade program arising from the government bank bailout. Could be taxing

Ya Talkin' To Me?

Chesapeake Energy, the gas exploration company that said it would not drill in the NYC watershed, made it clear that it opposed any legal ban. Stay tuned

November 03, 2009

A Plug In Payout

Utilities in Texas and Illinois pay owners of electric cars for using their car batteries to "store" excess renewable power. What next!

What's Salt Got To Do With It?

California regulators get an application for a 150 MW solar power plant that saves the sun's heat in molten salt and can generate power at night. Pretty bright

Is It Safe?

Nuclear experts raise red flags about the safety and design control of the new French EPR reactor. Plug in

November 02, 2009

Coal: The Back Story

Ever wonder why it's so hard for the US to give up on coal? Dig down

And The Winners Are...

The first $24 million in federal energy program stimulus funds to New York is handed out. NYC projects get $8,942,044. The list

Can Oil & Algae Mix?

The future of competing US energy resources will depend on the particulars of public policy. Mix it up

Barcelona-Beijing-New Delhi

Looking for a way forward, climate negotiators in Barcelona might ask China and India to cut GHG emissions without accepting binding reductions. Stay tuned

O Oregon!

Portland, Oregon posts an ambitious climate action plan for a sustainable city. 40x30

Grim Senate Climate

Lacking solid Democratic backing, the prospects for a Senate climate change bill are bleak. Look into it

November 01, 2009

Starting To Share

The creative commons is part of the cutting edge of green technologies.Get specifics

Generating Other Ideas On Carbon

Cement kilns and oil refineries might be able to capture and control CO2 emissions more cheaply than coal-fired power plants. Look into this