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October 30, 2009

Green Financing Handbook

NYC compiles a resource list of programs which offer financial support to businesses that want to go green and grow. Fine print

Climate Science Advances

Climate scientists discover that methane, especially when it interacts with aerosols, is a more potent GHG than previously understood. Learn more

Cool Days & Climate Science

What do recent cooler temperatures mean for climate science? WSJ

Ante Up?

The EU proposes wealthy nations give 50 billion euros to help developing countries meet their climate goals, but how much money the EU will put on the table is unclear. Stay tuned For a more pessimistic view Read this

Freakonomics - Get Your Facts Straight

A geophysicist writes an open letter to Freakonomist Steve Levitt and relies on facts to make his case. The envelope please

October 29, 2009

Clean Energy's Booming

The northeast could get 17,000 MW of new renewable power in 2-5 years. That's a plenty

Will The Climate Change Faster Than We Do?

A classic debate over cultivating social change: alter the institutions, innovate the technology, send different price signals or transform human behavior gets aired in a World Bank Study about taking action on climate change. Don't skip readers' comments. Dive in

October 28, 2009

China & US: No Deal

When President Obama visits China next month, don't expect any two-party climate accords. Drop in

It's A Smart Start, But...

Federal smart power grid grants are just a first step along a road filled with challenges. Plug in

Racing With The Sun

Australia's first solar powered auto race is underway. 38 teams are competing on an 1,880 mile course running from Darwin to Adelaide. Vroom!

Hit The Road

The NYC Apollo Alliance releases a strategy for growing a green economy that creates prosperity for all. Follow the map

Climate: No Worries

Public opinion polls in the US, UK and Australia detect a shrinking concern with climate change. What's going on?

Trouble Ahead?

How well are NY metro area cities and counties preparing for climate change impacts. Find out

All Over This Land

As a New York labor leader says about labor's interest in climate friendly buildings, "I see a hundred years of work". Check out this new blue collar/green collar website. Join in

October 27, 2009

German FIrm Builds In Colorado

A major German maker of PV equipment to open a plant in Denver, Colorado and sees a growing US market. Sunny

Toyota Stays In The Chamber

Prius-maker Toyota is staying in the Chamber of Commerce and supports its opposition to climate legislation. Not Yes Men news

Splitting Oil?

The Boxer-Kerry climate bill offers "small" oil refiners free emissions allowances, but big oil companies will have to pay. Stay tuned

(Too) Easy Being Greenest

By most measures, NYC is far-and-away the greenest, the most energy efficient city in the US, just not on purpose (says Sallan). Think

Climate Gazing

The National Journal asks for readers views on the Kerry-Boxer climate bill and how it might be changed. Read & react

$3.4 Billion For Smart Grids

The Obama Administration funds one hundred smart electric power grid projects with $3.4 billion. $4.7 billion in private investments will also be made Click & Click again

October 26, 2009

Parse The Fine Print

Grist finds that the Kerry-Boxer climate bill would increase energy efficiency costs for industries subject to emissions cap rather than weaken overall efficiency standards. Got that?

Installing A Learning Curve

This is one family's experience with getting solar PV installed on their roof. Who learned what?

Guangzhou: Form Follows Function

In Guangzhou City, China the curved shape of a new high performance skyscraper will increase the electric power of its built-in wind turbines. What else!

Fraud Fails To Destroy EU Carbon Market

A huge fraud by brokers who charged a VAT on carbon sales but failed to turn the tax over to governments dented but didn't destroy the EU's emissions trading markets. White collar green

Oil's View On Climate Legislation

High profile climate change-related law suits have captured the attention of the US oil industry. Peer in

They Want More

The French nuclear utility EDF wants to double the number of atomic power plants in Britain. On your mark

October 23, 2009

260 Chemicals To Keep Out Of Your H2O

The draft Environmental Impact Statement for natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale, which includes NYC's drinking watershed, discloses 260 chemicals used in the process. Dive in

Google & Microsoft Catch The WInd

English offshore wind farms could be getting Google and Microsoft as investors. Briny brains

Clean Energy Development $$ At Risk

Funds for clean energy projects in developing countries that relies on a mix of Kyoto's Clean Development Mechanism and private investments are drying up. Why?

FIght Climate Change With Whiter Clouds

Here's a bright idea! Increase the albedo effect of maritime clouds by spraying them with sea mist. Reflect solar heat away from the Earth's surface. Be dazzled

Native Americans v Exxon Mobil

A federal court dismisses the climate change suit brought by a Native American tribal village against Exxon Mobil. Click for decision

What's The Mayor's Eco-Direction?

To sum up eights years of Mayor Bloomberg's environmental record, the New York Times asked long-time activists what they think. Find your way

October 22, 2009

Will Saving The Planet Kill The Economy?

A new study weighs in on the hot debate over the economic impact of cutting CO2 concentrations back to 350 ppm. Jump in

Insuring A Safer Planet

An industry trade group calls for 40% cuts in global GHG emissions from 1990 levels by 2020. Risk less

Totally Against A Carbon Tax

Total, a major North Sea oil and gas producer, says energy security will be harmed if the British government imposes a carbon tax. Drill down

A Missing Link

Good news! State funding for energy efficiency programs is up and energy use is down, but is there a connection? Look into it

October 21, 2009

India & China Agree On Climate

While rejecting caps on carbon emissions, India and China sign an agreement on grappling with climate change. Now what?

Hu To Obama: The Start of Something Big

Chinese President Hu's message to President Obama is that climate cooperation could foster other bilateral ties, or it could be the other way around? Look into it

What's A Public Nuisance?

In contrast to the landmark public nuisance decision by the federal Second Circuit that found power plant GHG emissions were a public nuisance, a federal court in California ruled against a coastal town in Alaska that sued Exxon Mobil for creating a climate public nuisance. Decisions, decisions

1 & 5

California still ranks #1 as the country's most energy efficient state and New York's #5. And the other 48?

October 20, 2009

Carbon Competition

Although trading volumes and values in US carbon markets fluctuate, there's more competition with a new carbon venture on the way. Buy! Sell!

VP Seeks Recovery Through Retrofit

Vice President Biden issues a study on how home energy efficiency retrofits can combat climate change and grow good jobs. Municipal energy financing is a key recommendation. Fine print

A (More) Modest Proposal

Harvard scholars call for a portfolio of domestic climate targets if Copenhagen fails to produce a global agreement. Start here

Copenhagen Failure=Financing Failure

If the Copenhagen meeting fails on a new climate treaty, investors in cutting GHG emissions will flee. Invest your time

PSC To Con Ed: Cut Peak Demand

New York's Public Service Commission okays a plan for Con Ed to reduce peak electricity use, cut emissions and save ratepayers money in one Brooklyn neighborhood. Plug in

October 19, 2009

Protection v Protection

GE denounces economic protectionist policy for green industry as a risk to climate protection. Enter here

Talk Back To Kerry-Graham

National Journal readers respond to last week's Kerry-Graham climate Op-Ed in the NY Times

Whose Wood Would You Want?

LEED gives points for using FSC-certified wood, but now,other sustainable forest product groups want in. Touch wood

Delay Tactics?

The Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee calls for passing legislation to regulate financial derivatives before acting on a climate change bill. Stay alert

Australia Tries Again

After failing in a first effort to pass a climate bill, Prime Minister Rudd introduces amended cap and trade legislation but would a carbon tax be better?

PM Brown Sounds Climate Alarm

British Prime Minister Brown says inaction on a new climate treaty would be a catastrophe and calls on world leaders to personally attend the Copenhagen meeting.

Labeling Lies

An audit of the Energy Star appliance program finds unqualified products carry Energy Star efficiency labels. Dig down

Could Be Game-Changers

Peek over the horizon at five emerging clean energy technologies. Start here

October 18, 2009

Better Late Than Never

The EPA discloses documents from December 2007 revealing the agency knew GHG emissions pose a global threat and shoud be legally controlled. Catch up

October 16, 2009

St Louis Takes To The Streets

A temporary, sustainable streetscape in St. Louis is such a hit that it could become permanent. Walk on by

Throwing Punches Over A-Plants

Lovins slams Brand's position on nuclear power. Wham!

Israeli-German Power Play

German industrial giant Siemens buys an Israeli solar thermal technology firm to add to its renewable power assets. Sold!

Raiding RGGI's Piggy Bank

Governor Paterson wants to sweep $90 million in RGGI CO2 auction funds from energy efficiency programs into the State's general fund. How fungible!

Yes They Are!

A new study finds jobs in renewable energy and efficient buildings are good paying and lists the top 15 US metro areas for clean tech job growth. Work on it

Japan Goes More Nuclear

With plans to build 12 new nuclear reactors by 2019, a joint venture project will more than double the country's fuel processing capacity. Plug in

Density Is Destiny

Want to save the planet? Live in a city. Some urban attitude

October 15, 2009

Noah's Newest Ark

A house that can float will go sale in New Orleans. Get on board

EU Cool To Carbon Import Taxes

The idea of imposing taxes on imports from nations not party to a global climate treaty is opposed by the EU's environment minister. Enter here

Forest Scheme Flunks Carbon Test

Protecting a patch of Bolivian forest has not met CO2 cutting goals charges a Greenpeace report and concludes the plan is fundamentally flawed. Blow the whistle

Money, Money, Who Gets the Money

Getting the federal Energy Department's budget through Congress is a case study in the ways of Washington. Take note

October 13, 2009

Wowee Maui

A smart Hawaiian resort will get smarter with its smart power grid. Another stimulus-backed project

Green Mansions

Well, green walls at least. Get vertical

Just Like 15,000,000 BC!

The last time atmospheric levels of CO2 were as high as today's readings, the Earth was a very different place. Start sweating

Think Globally, Regulate Regionally

Experts and manufacturers call for efficiency standards for big heating and cooling equipment to be set by region rather than nationwide. Look into it

Linking For Dollars

Three southwest electric transmission grids will be united to increase the efficiency of renewable power, but doubts remain about whether the linked grids will be profitable. Plug in

Are Climate Talks Deadlocked?

With just a few negotiating days until the Copenhagen climate meetings, progress on core issues seems scant. Get the latest

Powered By GTL

Qatar Airways launches its first commercial flight powered by a gas-to-liquid (GTL) mix. It uses less oil but doesn't emit less carbon than conventional jet fuel. Progess?

October 12, 2009

Calfornia: Cap & Trade & Fees

California imposes fees on carbon emissions in addition to its cap & trade program. They start at 15 cents a metric ton and goes down to 9 cents in 2014. Learn more

Greenpeace On the Roof

Greenpeace scales the roof of Parliament to highlight a CCC report showing the UK is far from meeting its stated climate commitments. Look up

On-Line Green Law Data Base

Columbia University launches a database on energy and green building legislation in New York's cities. Start searching

Soros: Invest & Advocate

George Soros will invest $1 billion in clean energy tech ventures and give $100 million for climate advisory and watchdog work. No small thing

Just Say No

Governor Schwarzenegger vetoes two renewable energy bills, saying her prefers his own plan for California. WSJ

October 10, 2009

Stanford: Green & Affordable

A new apartment development in Stanford CT, is energy efficient, near to mass transit or walk-to-work, and has 50 affordable units. Take a look

October 09, 2009

Market Failure?

What, another essay on cap and trade v. carbon taxes? Yes

$$$$ For Multi-Unit Greening

Attention apartment dwellers! Freddie Mac, public sector pension funds and private investors have created a $1 billion fund for making NY's older buildings energy efficient. Read on

The Gentle Art of Compromise

Love it or loathe it, Waxman-Markey language about what to do with the value of free emissions allowances, made Congress' yes vote possible. Parse it

Goal: 15 Million Make-Overs

The EU wants 15 million buildings to be retrofitted for energy efficiency. Pretty in green

No & No

Negotiations over a new global climate treaty will exclude consideration of nuclear and large hydro-power as means to cut CO2 emissions. Stay tuned

Enter The Chamber

Headlines focus on the departure of brand-name companies from the Chamber of Commerce over its stance on climate legislation, but what goes on inside the organization? Knock, knock

October 08, 2009

And The Answer Is...

Alternate fuels? don't bother! Nuclear power? fuggedaboutit! Want to save the planet? opt for efficiency. Check it out

At Your Fingertips!

Google launches a program to get real-time home energy use data on computer or cell phone. Do-it-yourself

Goin' To Kansas City

Kansas City, MO is taking a place-based approach by using federal stimulus funds to revive and green a hard times neighborhood. Green impact zone

The Acid Test

Research points to the possibility that Arctic seawater will become so acidic in ten years, due to absorbing CO2 from the air, it will dissolve mussel shells. Gulp!

Norway: The 40% Solution

Norway says it will cut GHG emissions by 40% from 1990 levels and go carbon-neutral by 2030. Aim high

Don't Go Near the Water

A report for NYC's environmental protection agency on drilling for natural gas in its drinking watershed finds "Numerous activities during all phases of natural gas development have the potential to contaminate groundwater or surface water supplies." Dive in

MIA: Great Communicators

Scientists are failing to make climate change a public hot-button issue. Romm's alarmed

Landlord & Tenants Find Common Interests

The largest commercial property owner in NYC installs energy sensors on the electric meters of big tenants to shed light on how to cut their utility bills. Plug in

October 07, 2009

States Stepping Up

Researchers see state level, utility ratepayer-funded energy efficiency efforts taking the lead over the next decade, while federal goals lag behind. Look ahead

Ask Umbra...

About offsets. Go on! and then read the Stockholm Environment Institute report

IEA: Don't Let Economic Crisis Go To Waste

The slump in global GHG emissions, linked to the deep recession, will disappear with economic growth unless countries act now to permanently change their energy policies warns the IEA. Opportunity knocks & China answers

Malawi Catches The Wind

A Malawian teenager saw wind power as the way to get lights and electric water pumps for his village in 2002. Now his village has five working turbines. Enlightening

October 06, 2009

Green Taxis For NYC?

The Senate climate bill includes a provision that would pave the way for cities to require hybrid and electric cabs. Step on it!

Twilight Of the Oil Age

Deutsche Bank predicts the end of the Age of Oil, but not because supplies disappear. What's in store?

It's Not Easy Being Smart

Designing a smart electric power grid that saves energy and saves consumers money is a work in progress. California's on it

Can USCAP Change The Climate?

USCAP, a coalition of major corporations and environmental groups, urges the Senate to pass a climate protection bill. Dear Harry


Not-Under-My-Backyard emerges in Germany as a means to oppose coal-burn power plants that plan to store CO2 underground. WSJ

October 05, 2009

Better Than Here?

Yale Environment 360

Yale Environment 360

Yale Environment 360 tackles the question of what's Europe got that the US doesn't when it comes to living sustainably. Nancy Anderson weighs in with a comment. Join the discussion.

Nancy's Comment:
Ms. Rosenthal does a credible compare and contrast job. Surely, in daily life for many Western Europeans, it is easier to walk the low-carbon-walk than in the U.S. That said, most European Kyoto Protocol signatories are missing carbon reduction goals and suffering from rising vehicles-miles-traveled. Then there's Eastern Europe, but that's a discussion for another day.

This isn't to excuse the U.S.' inexcusable inaction on a national scale. Passing a federal climate law, warts and all, would be a very good thing as would contributing to the next international climate treaty. Will these things come to pass? Don't know.

Still, it's worth pointing out that the EPA is moving ahead on increasing auto fuel efficiency standards and controlling CO2 emissions as a pollutant. The DOE is spending $$ on clean tech R&D. Some brand name corporations are leaving the Chamber of Commerce because of its hostility to climate action. Cities are passing energy efficient building codes, offering green incentives and installing smart electric power grid controls.

There's a lot to be said for local action as the cradle for the infrastructure of life changes that Ms. Rosenthal identifies as necessary to becoming a greener society.

Munich Carbon Exchange

The Munich stock exchange launches the Greenmarket for trading carbon emissions permits. Learn more

Coming Soon: Smart Appliances

Soon, new home appliances will "talk" with the power grid and cut utility bills. Plug in

It's Always Something

The epic approval process for the Cape Wind turbine project hits a new snag, its impact on a trial sacred area. Climate Wire [Subscribers only]

A Cellulostic Skeptic

Here's a blogger who's got no faith in the potential of cellulostic ethanol to become a major fuel. Look into it

See The Senate Through English Eyes

The Financial Times editorializes on the Kerry-Boxer climate bill. Cross the pond

Cool Cities

What do Dublin and Buffalo have in common? Their cool climates make them energy-friendly places for computer server centers. Silver linings

More News From Rio

Even before the Olympics 2016 decision, a regional development conference in Rio di Janeiro heard papers on climate change and sustainable development. Get them here

October 02, 2009

Looking For Money

Getting from bright clean energy ideas to viable clean energy businesses means finding the right investors. What's that like?

California Rules

California issues rules for prospective solar power developers. Read on

Fuel Cells On The Move

Researchers in Taiwan develop a mobile fuel cell recharger for cell phones. Just $30. Call in

India's Not Impressed

By calling the carbon cuts presented in US climate legislation "measly", India gears up for negotiating at the Copenhagen talks. Look into it

Plug-In Cars & Smart Grids

If plug-in electric cars become wide-spread, the grid will face the challenge of getting smart enough to reliably serve this new power demand. Look ahead

Sometimes It's Just A Cigar

Scientists find that the southeast's recent drought was not caused by a changing climate. Find out more

October 01, 2009

Boxer-Kerry Aids Atomic Power

The Boxer-Kerry climate bill would offer more assistance to the nuclear power industry than the Waxman-Markey bill. Look into it

France Favors Plug Ins

France will invest $2.2 billion on a network where electric cars plug-in and recharge. Soon, new parking lots and apartment buildings will have to install recharging sockets. Look ahead

Utilities Seek House Path In Senate Bill

Major electric utilities want the Senate climate legislation to create free emissions permits, just like the Waxman-Markey billed passed by the House. Plug in

Looking For Engineers

2010 could be a banner year for the US engineering profession as the pace of clean energy development picks up steam. Work it

Smoke & Mirrors?

Britain's new science advisor calls the country's shrinking GHG figures an illusion based on the export of manufacturing. Look into it

Texas CO2 Down. Why?

A detailed study explains what drove down CO2 emissions in Texas . Charts! graphs! answers!

Rating Carbon Offsets

Get the lowdown on the good, the bad and the dubious. Just click

Do Drilling & Water Mix?

New York State releases a draft review of the environmental impacts of proposed drilling for natural gas. It allows for drilling in New York City' drinking water supply region. Drill down