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May 29, 2009

Nukes In Neutral

Prospects have stalled for reviving the global nuclear power industry. Money matters

Fill 'Er Up With Algae

Algae, not corn, could be the next big thing in non-fossil fuels. Algae?

Waxman-Markey Uncapped?

Provisions in Waxman-Markey that allow for the sale of extra emissions permits as a market 'safety valve' could negate the imposition of a carbon cap. Fine print

Brooklynites Act On Passive Housing

A 19th Century warehouse in Brooklyn's Windsor Terrace will be transformed into 30 units of energy efficient 'passive home' co-housing. Learn more

May 28, 2009

Guangzhou: Super Tall, Super Green

China's Pearl River an office tower, opening in 2010, could be the world's most energy efficient mega-building. Here's how

Making It Murky

The Economist predicts any cap and trade program that gets through Congress will be murky, complex and less effective than a carbon tax. And that's not all

Adapting To Adaptation

Experts are talking about how nations and populations can adapt to climate change, but what's being done? Find out

EU Targets Transport

Tackling GHG emissions from shipping and aviation could be an EU goal at the Copenhagen climate talks. Stay tuned

They're Not Stimulated

Despite federal stimulus fund requirements for states to adopt up-to-date building energy codes, several midwest states aren't acting. Just lethargy?

May 27, 2009

Big Bucks For Green Homes & Jobs

Affordable housing can now tap $4 billion in federal funds to improve energy efficiency. Another $500 million will go for green collar job training. Stimulating!

Market Growth Fails To Cut Carbon

Despite growth in the EU-ETS carbon trading market, global emissions are up. Go figure Secondary market investments slammed by recession. Figure more

May 26, 2009

Zero x 16

By 2016 all new homes in England will have to be zero-carbon. What's that?

Sotomayor's Eco Judgment

A Clean Water Act ruling by Justice Sotomayor in a case brought by the Hudson Riverkeeper was recently overturned by a 6-3 vote in the Supreme Court. Look into it

UK: Pricey Nuclear Power

Cost and cost-overruns pose the biggest threat to a new generation of nuclear power plants in the UK. Billions of pounds

Germany: Climate v. Industrial Policy?

The EU will examine climate policy impacts of German aid to its energy-intensive industries. Plug in

Frack That

Congress might require disclosure of the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, 'fracking', to drill for natural gas near water supplies. Learn more

Politics & Green Politics

Get the back story on a challenge to New York's junior senator that never happened and its connection to sustainable energy policy. Start here

Michigan - After The Auto Economy

While the crashing auto industry in Michigan grabs the headlines, green shoots of a clean energy industry appear in Ann Arbor. WSJ

China-US Coal Project

Four Chinese companies team up with Duke Energy to develop and deploy technologies to capture CO2 at coal burning power plants. Stay tuned

May 22, 2009

Why Waxman's The Way

The ever climate-vigilant Joe Romm supports the Waxman-Markey bill. Here's why

WIll US Climate Act Lower The Bar?

Passage of the current US climate bill, which sets targets lower than the EU's, could affect negotiations on the upcoming global warming agreement. Look into it

Another Win For Cape Wind

Developers of a 130 turbine wind farm near Cape Cod get their state 'super-permit'. Plug in

Rate That Server!

EPA's launches an Energy Star rating for computer servers. Cool

May 21, 2009

How Accomodating

An energy economist looks at the Waxman bill and doesn't like what he sees. Check it out

Some Cities Get It

San Jose, Austin and Boston are blazing trails to link sustainability and economic growth. No no NY

Good News, Bad Times

In 2008, US carbon emissions dropped by 2.8% and energy efficiency increased. Both these trends are linked to the rotten economy. Get the facts

Capturing Carbon In Alabama

A US electricity producer plans to trap the CO2 at its Alabama power plant and the USDOE will pipe it underground for storage. ETA 2011

High Performance in Beijing

Opened in 2005, a green office building in Beijing now has a high performance track record. Text & photos

Coal Friendlier

The coal industry warms to amendments appearing in the Waxman-Markey climate bill. Ayes ahead?

May 20, 2009

Global Positioning

New York Times Blog Dot Earth

Prompted by Andy Revkin's Bracket Time for Climate {Treaty} {Pact} posting on Dot Earth, Nancy joins the conversation about a new global climate agreement and the Waxman-Markey bill in Congress. Read Revkin's post and Nancy's comment.

Nancy's Comment:
Michael Levi writes, "The various targets proposed for developed countries are very hard to reconcile with Waxman-Markey, which is probably the outer limit of what's currently possible in the United States."

Please explain & expand.

While Paul Krugman's weighed in on behalf of Waxman-Markey, on the basis that this is the best that the American political system can do at this time, Levi appears to think that passing this bill will leave us so short of meaningful targets as to render a 450 ppm global goal absurd. If so, this is quite different than saying the perfect is the enemy of the good and now's the time to have that public discussion.

Urban Arithmetic

Simple math shows that big cities are greener than small ones, but also that elephants are more resource efficient than mice. Go figure

It Might Be Worse

MIT research predicts a much hotter world by 2100 without changes in global climate action. Much hotter!

China: 20x2010

Chinese officials are hopeful about cutting the country's energy intensity 20% by next year. Stay tuned

High Tech Poised To Boom

New vehicle CAFE standards could create good times for high tech suppliers, but maybe not. Look into it

London Gets Zoned

Ten low-carbon zones will be created and funded in London. Participants will have 20.12% by 2012 carbon cutting goals. Here's how

It's A Beginning

It could take decades for US cars to become as fuel efficient as their foreign competitors even with the Obama commitment to raising CAFE standards and cutting GHGs. Start here and Here

The Green Metal Movie

A documentary about constructing a high performance building gets a warm reception from apprentice ironworkers. Change is in

May 19, 2009

Waxman Bill Fails The Test

The acid test of good climate policy is supporting new energy technologies rather than making the cost of old energy higher. Nordhaus & Shellenberger

Greenpeace Warns Investors

Greenpeace reports that Shell Oil's carbon intensity will soar due to its Canadian oil sands scheme and investors will suffer. Look into it

Perverse Incentives

The EU-ETS allows selected industries to emit CO2 for free. This generates windfall profits but discourages green investment. A bargain?

Make Haste Slowly

With more than 400 proposed amendments, hearings and a vote on the Waxman climate bill could take a while. Stay tuned

Great Leap Forward

A major Chinese electric utility plans to produce 900 MW of wind power by 2010. Plug in

Stimulated By Efficiency

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provides billions of dollars for making the nation energy efficient. Follow the money

Get Efficient

The NYLCV posts a primer on energy efficiency and how to get it in the Empire State. Start here

May 18, 2009

Politics Could Doom Climate Bill

United Republican opposition and divided Democrats dim the chance of passing an honest and effective climate bill this year. FT editorial

Krugman & Gore Weigh In

Since politics is the art of the possible, NYT columnist Paul Krugman rates the Waxman climate bill as good legislation. That's heavy & Al Gore agrees

Oz: Catching Rays

Australia will build a 1000 MW solar power plant with public and private sector funding. Think big

US Stimulus Attracts Global Investors

A major accounting firm reports that global alternative energy investments will be flowing to the US in response to Obama's fiscal stimulus plan. Adds up

The Next Generation Grid ASAP!

The Obama administration kicks off a campaign on new rules for a smart electric power grid. WSJ

May 15, 2009

DOE's Nuclear Short List

DOE considers four new nuclear reactor projects for billions in federal loan guarantees. Who's listed?

The 2% Deal

The House climate bill will give domestic oil refiners 2% of the free emissions permits created by its cap and trade scheme. Click here & Here [for entire allocation memo]

See You In Court

Calling it the 'evil twin' of global warming, environmentalists sue the EPA over the impact of ocean acidification under provisions of the Clean Water Act. Learn more

Update on Lower EU Emissions

EU-ES carbon emissions declined 3.1% from 2007 to 2008. Claiming credit

Carbon Rx

35 New York City hospitals sign on to cut their carbon footprint 30% over the coming decade. Salud!

May 14, 2009

Curiouser & Curiouser

Two Republicans introduce a carbon tax bill in Congress. The tax, starting at $15 a ton, would rise to $100 over three decades. Curious?

Cred For Copenhagen

Bill Clinton urges US Congress to pass "strong" climate legislation to gain support for global action later this year in Copenhagen. Stay tuned

Fat Nation

Why are cars sold in the US so much heavier (and less energy efficient) than cars sold elsewhere? Get the skinny

Bye Solar

Throttling down its solar investments, BP says PV can't yet compete with fossil fuels. Find out more

50% Off

The Waxman climate bill halves both the initial requirement for producing alternate energy and the penalty for failing to meet this goal. Small print

Whole Lotta Solar Going On

If plans work out, Arizona will be home to a 340 MW solar thermal power plant that sells energy to four western states. Parabolical!

May 13, 2009


The World Bank reports the potential havoc of climate-related sea level rise and storm surges will be much greater in some developing regions than others. Ready?

Media & Climate Change

With the prospect for federal action on climate change, how the media covers the issue become critically important. Drill down

Venturing Into Efficiency

While investments in alternative power are souring, some venture capital is getting sweet on energy efficiency. Look into it

Icon of Unsustainability

Lucknow India, with its overwhelmed transportation and sewage treatment systems, is a megacity that isn't working. WSJ

Shrink That Plugload!

A study by the International Energy Agency calls for a new generation of TVs and laptops designed to slash their 15% share of home energy demand. Gadgets & Gigawatts

Mexico-EU Climate Path

Mexico's proposal for a climate change fund could facilitate a new global agreement according to an EU negotiator. This way

May 12, 2009

Could Be The Answer

Green leases, a new way to share the costs and benefits of investing in building performance, are under serious consideration in NYC. Rethink

UK: Big $ For Wind Power

The London Array wind project gets $3 billion in private capital to begin development. Plug in

$100 Million Battery Plant

GE plans to build a $100 million plant in upstate New York for making advanced batteries that power hybrid railroad engines. All aboard

Arizona Stops The Sun

Arizona regulators deny a permit for transmission lines that would carry solar power to California. How dim

Green Schools Vote

If enacted, a bill before Congress would authorize at least $6.4 billion to reduce schools' carbon footprints and improve learning conditions. E&E Daily [Subscribers only]

Who's Piggy Bank?

With rising federal deficits, cap and trade revenues might go to plug budget gaps or fund family tax-breaks. On the other hand, emissions permits might be given away for nothing. WSJ & Bloomberg

May 11, 2009

Managing Future Energy Risks

McKinsey reports that risks posed by volatile energy prices can be manged by adopting cost-effective energy efficiencies. Fine print

Green Power Champs

Here's the annual EPA list of the nation's top green power purchasers. Who's on?

Cap and What?

Pollsters find just 24% of US voters can identify cap and trade as a climate change issue. Oh

Gainesvilles' Solar Gains

Gainesville Florida is a solar boomtown, bucking dimmer PV prospects elsewhere. Find out why

What's Up Down Under

Existing Australian office buildings are improving energy efficiency, safeguarding against rising costs and attracting new tenants. Good on ya

Smart Meters On The Way

All homes in the UK will be equipped with energy-saving, cost-neutral electric meters by 2020. Cheers

#1 Car

A Honda electric-gas hybrid car tops the sales charts in Japan. That's moving

The Next Light Wave

Cool but costly, LED could be the next big thing in lighting. Plug in