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February 27, 2009

VP Confabs On Green Jobs

Guess who's coming to the first meeting of Joe Biden's Middle Class Task Force with its green jobs focus. A list

Financial Advice From Merrill Lynch

Merrill Lynch says free CO2 emissions permits as the best way to win passage of federal climate legislation. Any buyers?

On Ice

Andy Revkin defends the melting polar ice position against climate skeptic's challenge. Chill

B-Schools Go For Green

Graduate business schools like Michigan, Stanford and MIT are going for LEED-rated campus buildings. Climate Wire {Subscribers only]

February 26, 2009

Climate Linkage

President Obama's proposed budget would link CO2 revenue from new climate legislation to tax relief, but will the politics and the numbers line up? Stay tuned

Into The Pool

What a crowd lobbying Congress on climate change! Jump in

Cree Fight Oil Sands Plan

Canada's Bear Lake Cree funded to gather environmental evidence for a law suit to block oil sands projects in Alberta. Drill down

Beware The Climate Cynic

Climate cynic John Tierney meets his match, a Cornell U. undergrad. Kapow!

February 25, 2009

What To Do With RGGI $$?

New York issues a draft plan for investing $525 million in RGGI auction proceeds. For public comment

Get Reconciled

Budget reconciliation, the process where both branches of Congress agree on funding, could include Democratic climate language, but some Democrats are opposed. Work it out

Climate & Costs Clash In California

California, the nation's climate-action leader, faces stiff challenges over costs estimates for cutting carbon emissions. Serious stuff

Our Eco-Economic Experiment

Many nations pin hope on a green New Deal. How do US, EU and Chinese spending plans compare? Find out

UK: Construction Industry Warms To Green Renovation

Upgrade the energy efficiency of the UK's commercial and government buildings to create thousands of new jobs and save money for owners, urges new study. New view

Franco-Italian Atom Plan

By 2020, Italy could get four new nuclear power plants from a French-Italian utility deal. Learn more

Show Me

Gore v Will on how to make the case for (or against) climate change. Far from the last word on the art of persuasion. Start here

February 24, 2009

Carbon Markets: Downs And An Up

The EU carbon market and related clean development mechanism is a study in gloom, but the US states' RGGI market could be a bright spot. Trendy

UK: Our Friend The Atom

Four prominent UK environmentalists, in light of the climate challenge, now support nuclear power. Go nuclear

Tide Power Plans

Owners of the six turbine East River tidal power project have expansion plans. Dive in

NASA Climate Satellite Crashes

A new NASA satellite crashes to Earth, ending the agency's GHG mission. Downer

Weatherization At Work

The $5 billion for building weatherization in the federal stimulus package is a proven path to energy savings and good jobs. Look into it

Dutch Grid Good To Go

Dutch researchers find nation's electric power system is able to cope with wind power. Plug in

Climate Brain-Truster to EPA

Law professor Jon Cannon, author of a pivotal memo on regulating GHGs, is named EPA deputy administrator. E&E Daily [Subscribers only]

February 23, 2009

High Speed Railing

Now that the stimulus package has billions for high speed rail and critics too, where could new projects be located? Map it

It's Rebateable!

Can a US climate policy be consumer friendly? Could be

Alternative Alchemy

Scientists to explore whether offshore wind turbines can power algae agriculture for biofuel production. Stay tuned

Into The Hedges

The EU's sinking carbon market is looking to hedge funds for a lift. Learn more

Unregulated CO2 Ending

Carol Browner, the Obama administration climate-czar, announces that the EPA will start down the path to regulate carbon dioxide emissions, Begin here but says the President would prefer Congressional action E&E Daily [Subscribers only]

February 20, 2009

Make A Connection

How do scientists link global climate change with local environmental changes? Click in

Cap & Trade v Tax - Again

For those who can't get enough of this debate, here's the latest NRDC position. Fine print

Cloud or Silver Lining?

Plummeting oil prices are good news for some and terrible news for others. Look into it

Climate, Congress & China

The Obama Administration must persuade Congress as well as emerging economies like China to act decisively on climate change. Stay tuned

Conflict On Climate & Trade Policy

A battle is brewing around climate and trade issues that could make passage of a global warming law tougher. Look into it

The New Carbon Debate

Should the EPA regulate CO2 emissions now or wait for new federal legislation? Think

February 19, 2009


Green buildings are so popular that some projects are claiming LEED status without actually being certified. Caveat emptor

Green Transmission

New FERC chairman Jim Wellinghoff sees renewables, demand side management and distributed power ahead for the nation's electricity grid. That's powerful

Blueprint For A Greener NY

The NY League of Conservation Votes has a plan for a more sustainable state. Start here

LA LED's The Way

Los Angeles will light the night with 140,000 ultra-energy efficient LED bulbs. A Clinton Foundation loan will help to pay for the program. How bright

Forecast: Sunnier

The investment climate for solar power is getting brighter with passage of the federal stimulus bill says executive. Plug in

Trees Working Overtime

Scientists report that tropical trees soak up almost 20% of the world's carbon emissions. Keep growing!

The Laggers' List

CERES, a coalition of environmentalists and investors, is keeping a climate corporate Watch List. Who's on?

Alberta's Bitumen Battle

President Obama is disturbed by the carbon footprint left by Alberta Canada's oil sands industry. Seeking solutions

Coal-Fired Civil Disobedience

Why is Bill McKibben willing to face arrest to stop America's coal addiction? Powershift here

Germany Catches The Wind

A major German utility orders 250 wind turbines for a 1,000MW offshore wind farm. Turn, turn

February 17, 2009

Enough To Boil An Egg

Mayor Bloomberg issues a prediction about the hot, flooded NYC ahead in a climate-changed world. Whew!

Less Gas Next Year

A steep drop next year in US natural gas production is feared. Low prices blamed. Learn more

Undoing Bush

The EPA will reconsider a late Bush-era rule on carbon emissions from new coal-fired power plants. Considerable!

Cut Carbon, Save Euros

A study claims that use of CCS technology by coal-burning German utilities could cut both GHG emissions and costs. Capture that

Green Collar Skeptic

Can green collar job programs raise overall employment levels? Is this the right question? Look into it

Long Island Trends Solar

The Long Island Power Authority has big plans for commercial, inustiral and residential solar power. Plug in

Carbon Climbing

Scientists are alarmed by sharp increases in global carbon emissions since 2000. No declines detected. Here's why

Smarter Than A Shovel

Stimulus dollars could be spent on shovel-ready projects or invested in smart infrastructure; choices matter. WSJ

Last Year's Good News

Researchers calculate that in 2007, the EU's CO2 market was the major force in shrinking emissions in participating countries. Look back

February 13, 2009

National Grid v Eminent Domain

Building a 21st Century national electric grid could be harder than building the 20th century's interstate highway system. Go BANANAs

Adapt Or Else

UK engineers warn that Britain must plan for climate change impacts or suffer the consequences. Or else!

New Directions Offshore

Interior Secretary Salazar favors offshore renewable energy that relies on wind waves and ocean currents. Dive in

UK: Zero Ahead

The British government promises a nation of zero carbon emissions homes by 2049. Look into it

Red Tape Risks For Green Projects

The Department of Energy needs a makeover to speed approval and oversight of some $40 billion in stimulus funds to grow green projects. Snip, snip

It's Melting. So What?

A glacier and ice sheet expert delves into the specific impact of Antarctic melting and rising global sea levels. Hot stuff

February 12, 2009

Hey Big Lenders!

Large European utilities still have the will and the cash to go ahead with offshore wind energy projects. Spend a minute

The Good Stimulus Story

Get a rundown on green funding in the economic stimulus bill that's headed for the President's signature. Start here

The Bad Stimulus Story

The compromise stimulus bill slashes funds for energy efficient buildings and federal fleet vehicles by 50%. Energy loan guarantees are zeroed out. Learn more

More Green Moves Markets

Home builders and suppliers see energy efficiency becoming a market plus. Same goes for renovation firms. WSJ

February 11, 2009

Do You Wanna Dance?

Who's up and who's down on passing a US climate bill and what that's got to do with public opinion? Start here

Save At Home

It seems that residential demand for natural gas is dipping, although the winter is cold and prices are dropping. Ditto for home heating oil. WSJ

Under The Sea

The UK's National Grid Plc wants to pipe CO2 from coal-fired power plants to North Sea gas fields for sequestration. Let's see

Empire State Green

A New York-based, LEED certified firm launches a line of green modular homes. How stimulating

Canadians Want More

Ontario Canada's alternative energy feed-in tariff program met its target in year one of a three year program. Plug in

The House Climate On Climate

See this February portrait of House member sentiments on passing a climate change law. Come closer

The Train In Spain

Passengers can travel from Barcelona to Madrid at 310 mph on new high-speed trains. BTW, domestic air travel is down. Get on board

February 10, 2009


European industrial electricity use declines for the first time since WW II. What's up?

On Fire!

Climate scientists will meet to get out an emergency call-to-action aimed at global policy makers. Listen up

Not So Smart Grid

A skeptical take on the smart national grid idea from an environmental perspective. Plug in

NJ Loves PV But LH Loves ST

A New Jersey utility will spend $774 million on photovoltaics while an Op Ed writer's heart beats faster for solar thermal hot water devices.

Fallout From Falling Economies

The deep downturn in industrialized economies means falling funds for GHG curbs in developing ones. Consider that

Canaries In The Climate Coal Mine

The north-moving range of more than 300 bird species is a clear sign of a warming US. Be warned

Revkin's Nightmare

Andy loses sleep over a world where limitless solar energy could fuel limitless appetites on a finite planet. How about you?

Beat The Clock?

A leading House Democrat presses for a US climate law before the December UN treaty meeting in Copenhagen. Tick tock

February 07, 2009

Don't Mourn - Measure Better

The Energy Star label may overestimate energy savings on consumer appliances. How can the program improve on the real numbers? Make it count

February 05, 2009

Fish Getting Lost

Scientists find evidence that acidifying sea water resulting from elevated atmospheric CO2 levels can impair fish navigational abilities. FInd out more

February 04, 2009

China +Clinton=Climate

Secretary of State Clinton will soon visit China, with the climate crisis on the agenda.Details emerging

Far-Sighted Or Near-Sighted?

How the President's clean energy goals look depends on where you look from. Start here

Will Nation's Oldest N-Plant Stay Open?

New Jersey's aged Oyster Creek nuclear power plant faces an NRC delay in renewing its operating permit. Stay tuned

Obama To OMB: Change

President Obama launches a make-over of the Office of Management and Budget. Scientists are optimistic. Fine print matters

Alt Energy On Ice

Economic and credit woes add up to trouble in the emerging US solar and wind power industry. Brrrr

Russian-German N-Power Talks

Vladimir Putin and German energy giant Siemens discuss cooperation on nuclear power projects. Look into it

February 03, 2009

Stimuli: Compare & Contrast

Get a graphic comparison of House and Senate stimulus funding for energy efficiency and alternative energy. Surprised?

UK Climate Progress Doubted

The official 1.7% drop in UK GHG emissions in 2007 is called 'creative accounting' by critics. Look into it

Moving The Wind

A $5 billion investment for new electric transmission lines will send Texas wind power from prairies to consumers. Read more

Fuel Costs Pinch Military Plans

French, UK and US military budget makers, pressed by recent high fuel prices, seek energy efficiency and alternative fuel options. Learn more

Start Your Engines

Wal-Mart's truck fleet test drives hybrid diesel electric vehicles. Ready, set

The Bronx, Yes Thonx

Intervale Green, a $39 million, 128 unit, Energy Star-rated, low income apartment building opens its doors in the Bronx. Welcome

February 02, 2009

Davos: Energy Infratructure Needs

The recent World Economic Forum in Davos called for billions in new infrastructure investment plus government action and regulation to combat climate disaster. R U listening?

Green U?

University research labs are pressing for federal stimulus funds to fuel new clean and efficient energy technologies. Stay tuned

Working Up A Sweat

A scorching summer in Australia gives some clues about what it's like to live with climate change. Whew!

Too Cheap To Matter?

The EU market price of CO2 is down two-thirds since last summer and may no longer influence energy investment decisions. Dig down