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November 28, 2008

Managing A Nuclear Capital Risk

Construction costs for new nuclear power plants pose big risks. Now contractors and vendors could become project investors. Look into it

Marine Energy As Job Engine

Scotland's marine power industry could generate more jobs than North Sea oil and gas. Dive in

Concentrate On The Sun

This could be the dawn of solar thermal power. That's bright

Pass A Climate Law Now

"A recession isn't a bad time to get started on climate legislation." True or false?

November 26, 2008

GHG Records Shattered

The WMO reports that atmospheric levels of CO2, methane and nitrous oxide reached all time highs in 2007. Break down here

Coastal Calamity

The Pacific Ocean coast is acidifying fast and CO2 is the culprit. How base!

NYC Transported

NYC's innovative Transportation Commissioner hasn't been stopped by the congestion pricing fiasco. Green light

EU: Hits & Misses on Renewables

Some EU nations are on target to get 20% of their power from renewable sources by 2020, others are not. Political will and money are the usual suspects. Plug in

Keys To An Urban Agenda

A recent conference, "Imagining Cities: Urban Design After the Age of Oil" spotlighted sustainable transportation, infrastructure and money as keys to greener cities. Open here

November 25, 2008

NY Wind Power Forecast

The future of wind power in New York looks partly fair/partly cloudy. Plug in

The Gas Price Rollercoaster

Will American return to a trance state now that gas prices have plummeted and what would that mean for government policy and revenues? WSJ

Crisis, Climate And The Media

The media looks at itself in this moment of political transition and economic crisis to see what's happening to coverage of the climate crisis. Don't despair

Q: What's Green But Not LEED?

A: The New York Time Building. It's saving a bundle on its high performance energy efficiency. Good news

LEED-ND & Preservation

Draft LEED standards for neighborhood development (ND) are available for public comment. Here's a preservationist perspective. Learn more

November 24, 2008

Cap & Trade v. EJ In CA

Public hearings in Sacramento about the California climate cap & trade plan brought out calls for mandatory GHG controls and community protection. It's about location

On The Grapevine

Obama's transition team may be reading this climate blueprint that makes do without a new climate law. Check it out

Light Up

Beyond CFL's - bright ideas for energy efficient lighting. Seek illumination

Cap & Trade v Tax: Graduate Level

The debate rages over whether cap & trade or taxation is the best way to cut carbon emissions. Take notes

Nuclear Tech: Pressing Ahead

With government funding a UK firm could get an open-die press for making major nuclear power plant parts. Look into it

Portugal Plugs In

Starting in 2010, Portugal will have an expanding network of recharging stations for its growing fleet of electric cars. Get connected

Boston Real Estate's Green Values

Poll finds Boston's real estate aspires to green, energy efficient buildings, even under tough market conditions. Learn more

November 22, 2008

Drill Through Red Tape

It was easier to drill through bedrock than cut through a bureaucratic maze to construct a geothermal heating and cooling system for NYC's General Theological Seminary. Start here

November 21, 2008

Jolting Drop In Power

Electric utilities are shocked by falling power use around the nation. WSJ

Spreadin' Research Around

Spearheaded by California, governors pledge to share their states' climate knowhow and technology with the world. Learn more

Do Green Buildings Do It?

Find out if LEED-rated commercial buildings deliver on their promises. Start here

Willing To Pay More

Polling finds wide support in 21 countries for a shift to renewable energy, even if this means higher utility bills. Plug in

Store CO2 In Brine

Engineers find potential for efficiently capturing CO2 emissions in salty water. Learn more

Bay Area's Plug-In Potential

Looking ahead to a generation of electric cars, Bay area leaders look to building a plug-in infrastructure. Get energized

A Hotter World Is A Sicker World

The spread of malaria and dengue fever are linked to climate change. Learn more

EU Auto Bailout?

European auto makers are asking for bailout money. Environmentalists weigh in. Start your engines

November 20, 2008

Delay is No Longer An Option

How to repower America and fix the economy. It's not either/or

Changing Climate In China?

Breaking with the past, Chinese delegates at a California climate conference did not call for the US to act first. Stay tuned

Less Carbon, More Jobs

Analysis of five low-carbon technologies by Duke University researchers sees major economic growth potential. Read it

Chicago Codes For Climate

Chicago aims for 400,000 code-compliant energy-efficiency home retrofits to help shrink its carbon footprint 25% by 2020. Climate Wire

More Muscle

Bicep, a new coalition of US companies promoting climate protection, calls for more ambitious actions than USCAP, another business coalition promoting climate action. Curl up

November 19, 2008

Think Concretely

Concrete, used in construction since Roman times, is a major source of CO2 emissions. Now, green builders are using more climate-friendly concrete. High performance!

Just Add Vapor

Scientists report that water vapor in the atmosphere doubles the warming impact of CO2. Find out more

Russian Nukes Head West

Russia will build Venezuela's first nuclear power plant. Going Hugo

UK Is #1

The UK is the first nation to enact legislation that makes 80% GHG emissions cuts the law. Start here

Wind Turbine Slowdown

GE's wind turbine business encounters delivery delays linked to financial slowdown, but 'strong growth' is expected with renewables requirements. Turn, turn

Richmond Rail Renaissance

Revived in 2007, the CSX rail freight link from Staten Island to the US mainland is expanding. That's moving

Those "C&S" Words

Analysts argue that carbon capture and sequestration are within our technical reach. The key will be in what kind of climate policy is adopted.Look into it

November 18, 2008

Indonesia: Climate v Palm Oil

The boom in palm oil speeds up deforestation in Indonesia and the government retreats from its global warming goals. And the winner is...

Taking The Temperature

Get a glimpse of how climate scientists practice their calling. Fine print

'Delay Is No Longer An Option'

President-elect Obama delivers a message to the international climate change conference in California. Get it here

Taxing Thoughts

Ever wonder about the best way to finance renewable energy projects? Start here

EU: No Cash To Capture Carbon

A $14 billion proposal to build twelve pilot coal fired power plants equipped with carbon capture-and-bury technology fails to win support in Europe. Why?

UK: Expect Delays

Government lawyers warn that plans to build a generation of new nuclear power plants in the UK will meet legal challenges and delays. Questions raised about siting and investor reaction. Look ahead

Going For Green Infrastructure

Private investment researchers call for a green national infrastructure bank as a smart strategy for hard times. Spend time here

November 17, 2008

Not A Pretty Picture

For the first time, Energy Star rates tvs' energy use when the sets are on. Guess what? Even the best flat-screen tvs are energy hogs. Plug in

No New Coal Now

EPA halts construction of new coal-fired power plants for now. Read the fine print [1.5MB]

Look (Far) Ahead

Based on Joe Romm's review, it looks like the Dingell-Boucher climate bill gets traction in 2026. ASAP?

High Hopes Or Cynical Ploy?

Governor Schwarzenegger hosts a global gathering to boost cooperation on clean tech and cutting GHG emissions. Stay tuned

Plug Into Bolivia

Bolivia has half the world's lithium reserves and that could be the key to a world of plug-in cars. Learn more

US: Climate Action Not Urgent

While nearly 80% of US poll respondents see a strong need for climate action, that's a lower number than gathered from five EU-polled countries. Oh

Kicking The Habit

For a nation addicted to oil, experts look beyond today's low energy prices for the Rx. WSJ

Bicycles Built For You

Bike business up, auto industry not. Gear up

Media Mogul Warm To Carbon Disclosure

The Chair of the News Corporation calls for mandatory corporate carbon disclosure and emissions controls. Deadline 2010

November 14, 2008

Airborne Costs For Offshore Wind

Skyrocketing costs cast doubt on new UK offshore wind power plans. Plug in

EU Seeks Energy Independence

Along with developing access to Central Asian natural gas, the EU's strategic energy plan includes energy efficient buildings and more renewable power. End run Russia?

The Light Goes On - And Off

Sun and wind will light up a giant billboard in Times Square. When there's no sun or wind, the sign goes dark. What a concept!

Just In CASE

CASE, the Center for Architecture, Science and Ecology, is a joint project of hands-on architects and academic researchers to speed the deployment of greener building materials. Learn more

November 13, 2008

Measuring Up

In 2008, the Obama campaign proposed very specific energy goals. Here's a recap and a look ahead to 2009. Plug in

It's Not The Sun

New research find that sunlight is responsible for just 10% of the Earth's recent warming. Learn more

November 12, 2008

Flex Those Brains

The Financial Times is sponsoring a competition for the best ideas about how to combat climate change. Find out more

Let Them Eat Coal

If you find the first part of this story alarming, don't miss the last sentence. Warmer

Japan: Took It Higher

Japan's GHG emissions rise to a record high. Closure of a nuclear power blamed. Now what?

India: What's Small Is Big

The PV revolution pays off for an Indian fisherman. Learn more

Silver Linings

Global companies can gain a competitive advantage by rising to the climate change challenge says business group. Here's how

November 11, 2008

Weighing Our Energy Options

Read Michael Klare's thoughtful piece on the tough choices facing the new president - and all of us. It's not either/or

Learn From Labels

How do carbon labels on supermarket products influence UK consumer choices? Check it out

Might Be Micro-Nukes

Got $25 million? Then you could order a 'garden shed' size nuclear power plant from a company in New Mexico. And then?

Oil-Sand Investments Sink

As global oil prices plummet, energy companies scale back exploration in Canada's oil-sands. Stay tuned

Rx: The Low Carbon Cure

The European Commission sees adoption of low-carbon technologies as a cure for economic woes. Start here

November 10, 2008

Earthly Advice

NYT Dot Earth Blog

Nancy takes up Al Gore's call for investing in 21st century technologies. Read Nancy's Green Auto Aid comment in response to Andy Revkin's post.

Al Gore was right to call for "an immediate and large strategic investment to put people to work replacing 19th century energy technologies... with 21st century technologies".

Today, President-elect Obama and Congress have a chance to start down this 21st century path as they consider financial aid for the US auto industry. If the industry gets public aid (and this is a big if), it should be contingent on three things. First it must accept that California can implement its own CAFE standards and drop objections to any state that adopts California standards. Second, the industry must accept regulation of CO2 emissions for all classes of on-road vehicles. Finally, the auto industry should adopt agreed-to annual sales targets for both ultra fuel efficient and hybrid fuel vehicles.

The terms for repaying federal aid should be contingent upon meeting these targets, with penalty payments for missing them. Success should matter.

Travel Plans

Arctic warming has revived age-old dreams of sailing through the Northwest Passage. Learn what scientists are saying. Brrrr

Treasury Could Be The Key

Obama observers think the Treasury Department will play a critical role in shaping energy and climate policy. "We have a new situation in which energy, climate and the economy very much affect each other, and as a result, that is going to take much broader and more effective coordination inside the U.S. government". Greenwire [Subscribers only]

Saving Australia's 'Alps'

By putting the Snowy Mountains on its National Heritage register, Australia acts to curb climate impacts in this special area. Visit

Clean Energy Threatens The Grid

A US utility group sees the reliability of the electric grid threatened by shifts to natural gas and renewable energy. Plug in

New Climate Partners?

Post-Kyoto climate negotiations could advance on an EU offer to African countries to share renewable energy technologies. Stay tuned

November 07, 2008

Calling For Energy Innovation

Heard on the grapevine - Obama's staff is reading this report. Yes, you can too [4.3MB]

Extreme Nuclear Make Over

Would more attractive architectural designs make nuclear power plants more popular? Nip and tuck

Start At The Top

Global warming impacts in the Arctic mean rethinking the fundamentals of national security policies. Start here

Will Duke Distribute Its Energy?

Utility giant Duke Energy favors rooftop PV as a path to smaller-scale, renewable power supply. Plug in

November 06, 2008

IEA: Things Must Change

The 2008 International Energy Agency report finds that global energy supply and consumption trends are unsustainable and must be changed. Learn more

On Obama's Short List?

There's buzz that Robert Sussman is on Obama's short list for EPA chief. In 2007, Sussman testified before Congress about coal and carbon sequestration. Learn more

Free Permits

The EU's plan to start selling CO2 emissions permits, instead of giving them away for free, was slammed by business. Gee whiz

Get Smart

What's the difference between the dumb electric grid we've got now and the smart grid we could have? Find out here

November 05, 2008

Your Ideas For Obama

Andy Revkin's asking for readers suggestions on climate and energy for the new President. Read & post your own And now some words from our environmental leaders. Read Grist

Europe Hopeful On Obama

Europeans see Obama's election as boosting chances for global climate cooperation. Next stop Poland?

What Should Obama Do?

Climate activist Bill McKibben offers a domestic and global agenda for the Obama administration. Take notes Other views in the news. Here

What Will Obama Do?

A renewable energy bill could be the Obama administration's first carbon-critical legislative initiative. Stay tuned

'Feed-In Tariffs' Trashed

This UK critic holds a dim view of 'feed-in tariffs' as a tool in the renewable energy kit. Small isn't beautiful

November 04, 2008

Arnie & The Atom

Governor Schwarzenegger is interested in new nuclear power for California. Learn more

Green Agenda For #44

The new president will face an urgent need to face climate change, starting November 5. Transition now

Berkeley FIRST

Starting November 5, Berkeley CA will pay the upfront costs of installing PV and energy efficiency upgrades. Costs will be recovered through property tax payments over a 20 year period. Plug in

November 03, 2008

Stock Up?

Although it's tough on Wall Street now, experts look ahead to the potential role of 'securitization' to finance alternative alternative energy and infrastructure. Plug in [2.7 MB]

Greenroots For A New Green Deal

Here's a strong statement of where the US could be going and how to get there. Van Jones

Fuel Subsidies Are For Fossils

UK PM Brown wants a tax code with a 'level playing field' for clean energy and an end to fossil fuel subsidies. New deals ahead

November 01, 2008

Turning the Rust Belt Green

“'The green we’re interested in is cash,' says Norman W. Johnston, who started a solar cell factory called Solar Fields in Toledo in 2003." Work it out