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March 31, 2008

We're In Hot Water

Dive into an explanation of climate change and ocean warming. Learn what recent "cooling" really means. Get it?

A Big Win For Bloomberg

Contrary to polling predictions, the City Council voted 30-20 in support of Mayor Bloomberg's congestion pricing plan. Now it's up to Albany. Get moving

Suck It Up

Capturing and storing CO2 from myriad small emitters at centralized locations may be more than sci-fi, but no one can price this, yet. Post & comments

See For Yourself

Use meta-modeling to explore assumptions and consequences of the economic impact of US climate change policies. Look in

Weather & Water Prices Wither Grapes

Australia's wine industry could be threatened by heat and drought, which drives up the price of water for irrigating vineyards. New Zealand's grape growers could benefit. Climatewire[Subscribers only]

The Electric Truck Is Coming

Hybrid electric-diesel trucks will hit the US market this year. Start here

Is Google All Wet?

Google server farms devour hydro-power. The company plans to build more of them but not everyone is happy. Search that

Climate Signals

A NYC victory on congestion pricing and a win for wind power off Cape Cod would signal public will on the climate change front. Stay tuned

March 27, 2008

Kansas Coal Plant Risky For Customers

A financial analysis of the coal plant proposal rejected by the Governor of Kansas reveals that it would have put ratepayers at risk. Fine print here

Poll Asks Wrong Question

A Gallup poll finds that Americans value environmental protection above economic growth, but why ask a question that pits green against growth? Rethink, rephrase

Kyoto Flopped. Now What?

Kyoto didn't deliver says one critic, but that's no excuse for climate action inertia. Let's all opt in, tax carbon and get it right this time. Right here

Bad News & Good News In New England

New England lags in cutting GHG emissions, but emissions did fall and might be falling faster now. Get the news

A Greener Pension Portfolio

By 2010, TIAA-CREF will makes its 43 million square feet of real estate holdings 10% more energy efficient. Next up, its 12,000 unit apartment dwelling holdings. Look ahead

A Menu Of Green Building Options

Useful information at your fingertips! Seven easy ways to improve the energy performance of existing buildings and a list of green building certification and upgrade programs. You choose

Will Sugar Be Sweet For Shell?

Royal Dutch Shell invests in research on converting sugar cane into gasoline and producing a 50-50 blend. Look into it

March 26, 2008

What To Do With The Money

It's easy to agree that a carbon tax would create a reliable revenue stream, but it's harder to agree on what to do with that money and what difference it would make. Spend some time

Students Vie In Green Design Competition

Tour the Pratt green design competition. Get inspired

Students Vie For Green Design Prize

Tour the Pratt C40 green design competition. Get inspired

Livingston: Mayor With A Message

The re-election campaign of London's Mayor Ken Livingston will highlight the urban fight against global warming. 60x25

March 25, 2008

Florida Eyes Califorina Sunshine

A Florida power company wants to build a solar thermal plant in the Mojave Desert and sell its renewable power on the California grid. Greenwire [Subscribers only]

Is PV The Next Killer App?

Now that Silicon Valley is getting a Chinese order for thin film solar technology that's five times bigger than semiconductor orders, the cost of photovoltaic power may be ready to fall. Plug in

Greener Cleaner Bathrooms

Hey girls (and guys too)! Here's some useful knowledge. No scrub

Danes Do It Right

Denmark has bragging rights about a carbon tax that cuts emissions. Here's how it's done. Just ask

Top UK Scientist Warns On Biofuels

Requirements for biofuel gasoline additives should be put on ice pending a sustainability review says government's chief environmental scientist. Exercise caution

March 24, 2008

New Climate Investors

Money is flowing into UK climate funds, but only a trickle comes from the US. The energy efficient building technology sector has big growth potential. Spend a moment

Congested Council

Approval of Mayor Bloomberg's congestion pricing plan requires a City Council vote, but now seven "undecided" voters appear to be going negative. Some $350 million in federal transit funding hangs in the balance. Check in

Biofuels Jolt Commodity Prices

The skyrocketing global growth in biofuels is sending up the price of food crops and increasing GHG emissions. Shocked?

Green Your Interior

REGREEN offers guidelines and case studies for sustainable, high efficient home remodeling. Look inside

Limits To Growth: Take Two

Common measures of economic progress ranked in terms of rising consumption are no longer sustainable. Get ready

Netherlands: No To Atoms Now

At present, the Dutch government will not seek more nuclear power. It will look to coal with carbon capture technology instead. Read more

Can Clean Tech Weather The Credit Crunch?

Financing clean tech projects is tough in this stormy investment climate, but long term prospects remain bright. Get the forecast

Censoring Science

Read or hear the interview with James Hansen and author Mark Bower. Click

March 22, 2008

Looks Good Too

Combining green function and good design, new homes are capturing environmental value. Here's how

March 21, 2008

$ For Renewables: Boom Or Doom?

Finance experts gaze into their crystal balls and look into the future of the renewable energy industry. See here

Energy Efficient Building: Locks & Keys

A new report by the International Energy Agency (it's not free) identifies financial barriers to energy efficient building and offers policy makers an array of solutions. Executive Summary

March 20, 2008

Coal Around The World

Take a tour of the booming global business of coal production and consumption. Hop on

Green Blue Water Ports

California's Port of Oakland will require a host of measures to green the operations, shipping and trucking. Los Angeles could be next Ahoy

Carbon Capture Competition

English and German companies compete to be the first to construct a coal-fired power plant with carbon capture and storage features. Look ahead

What's The Real Threat To America?

Climate legislation foes send a letter to Congress. Read it

Grow It Green Part 2

The message of the Good Jobs Green Jobs conference is that combating climate change and renewable energy can be the keys to equitable job growth and sustainable economic expansion. Get an eyewitness account. Click

Technology's The Touchstone

New carbon capture and reduction technologies, rather than markets or taxes, will save the planet writes Jeffrey Sachs. Read more

Wave Hello

Wave and tide power are generating renewable energy right now but when will there be more? Plunge in

March 19, 2008

Under The Sea

Coal-rich Australia will look for potential offshore carbon sequestration sites under an amended Offshore Petroleum Act. Go fish

EU: Climate Leakage

The big climate topic at at the March EU ministers meeting was fear of carbon leakage; that's the possibility of energy-intensive industries moving to less carbon-regulations countries if the EU imposes fees on the auction of CO2 emissions permits. Plug?

Canada: Green Building Best Bet

Energy efficient building construction and alterations are the most cost-effective way to slash 1.7 billions tons of GHG emissions every year finds Canadian study. Way in

Tax Campaign

Analyze? Advocate? Now advertise for a federal carbon tax. Get the back story

Past The Comfort Zone

A draft study by James Hansen finds that current atmospheric CO2 levels of 385 ppm exceed a climate stability level of 350 ppm. Rapid action is urged. Read it here [1.1MB]

Computer Centers Binge On Energy

The energy appetite of computer centers is devouring power at rates up to double EPA projections. Improved energy efficiency lags behind enhanced performance. Chomp, chomp


The London Sustainability Exchange sees the next decade of development as the opportunity to create a high-performance world city. Big plans are afoot, including tri-generation. Learn more

March 18, 2008

Doubts on Canadian Oil Sands For US Military

US Congressman Waxman requests data from the Defense Department about military projects that might use fuel from Canadian oil sands sources; sources that may be banned by a 2007 US energy law. Drill down

Senate Leaders Call For Climate Leadership

Senators Biden and Lugar will focus on international climate treaty work as chair and ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee. They seek members' support. Read the letter

Green Light For A Green Block?

The struggling place-based plan to improve the energy efficiency of one NYC block by retrofitting older buildings still needs a green light. Slo-mo

Missolua for $28.05 A Month

The owners of a 2,700 square foot high performance home in Missoula, Montana had a power bill of exactly $28.05 in February. Here's how

Wind From The East

China's economic development agency recognizes that the country cannot thrive on coal alone and sees wind power as an important resource. What will this mean for other countries' energy options? Look into it

Liquid Cost Comparisons

With gasoline at $3.59 a gallon, it cost less than iced tea ($3.99), peanut oil (($13.89) or Krazy Glue ($2,322.29. Bottoms up

UK: Coal Critics Slam Government

If the British government okays a new coal-fired power plant, critics say that it won't live up to its clean energy promises. Mine that

March 17, 2008

UK: Lowballing GHG Numbers

Official British GHG emissions figures may be 12% too low according to government auditors. What's up?

The Ex-Emerald Isle?

A joint Irish and American report finds that since 1980 Ireland's temperature has soared three time faster than the global average and shifts in rainfall could undermine its agriculture. The Irish at home and abroad must mobilize to combat climate change. Start here

Georgia On My Mind

The Port of Savannah is getting its first LEED-certified industrial building. Tenants could save $100K every year on energy and water bills. Sweet

Utility Cuts Carbon & Customer Charges

Seeing the climate handwriting on the US legislative wall, an electric utility helps customers to cut consumption while shrinking its own carbon footprint to save money on emissions credits. Eyes forward

March 15, 2008

More Than Towels

A new generation of green hotels offers more than the chance to reuse your towel to help save the planet. Check in

Let's Go Mets!

Citi Field, the new home of the NY Mets, will score big on the green. Recycled steel and a green roof on the administration building are just two of the high performance features at this new sports venue. Home run

March 14, 2008

Smog, Schmog

Did President Bush act to weaken the EPA's new smog cut rules? Yes

California Needin'

California needs program funding to cut GHG emissions. Auction or emissions fees may be the answer, but maybe not. Next?

EU: Third Industrial Revolution

The EU is close to a binding agreement on cutting GHG emissions 20% by 2020. Carrying out specific national targets will be key. Move ahead

Growing A Green Urban Economy

The promise of green collar jobs puts US cities on the edge of major changes, but skilled-labor shortages could be a risk. This Apollo Alliance report offers solutions. Read on

March 13, 2008

Renewable Tasks

Chaired by soon-to-be Governor David Paterson, the New York Renewable Energy Task Force links energy policy to economic development policy. Programs like the Renewable Portfolio Standard will require public funding. Coming up

EU: Eyes On Brussels

Will the EU get the agreement of other nations to cut GHG emissions 30% by 2020? Will EU members agree among themselves on renewable power targets? Stay tuned

Watch Out For Leaks

Economists assert that up to 50% of RGGI's projected CO2 emissions cuts could be lost to leaks. Leaks occur when a utility buys lower cost power from a utility in an non-RGGI state. Their solution is a suite of harmonized state taxes on energy consumption to lower demand. [Psst: A national carbon cap policy is another solution] Study it LINK REPAIRED

Cap & Trade & Thrive

In 2007, the global market for trading carbon emissions permits was worth $60 million. Take a look at one market maker - he's got competition. WSJ Profile

March 12, 2008

Concrete: Climate Enemy

Making and moving concrete is responsible for 5-10% of the world's CO2 emissions and there's no obvious alternative yet. Cure that

UK: Drinking & Driving

The British government will raise taxes on alcohol and auto fuel - but delay imposing the "green" fuel tax for six months. Cheers

March 11, 2008

Labor Links Global Warming and Globalization

The AFL-CIO Executive Council urges a national strategy to combat global warming and create good jobs in the US. Read more

Energy Imports at $35.84 Billion

In January 2008, the US paid $35.84 billion for energy imports, wiping out the gains from increased exports in other sectors of the economy. Next?

Canada: Crackdown On Carbon

The Canadian government proposes rules for carbon capture and storage at as-yet-unbuilt oil sands operations and coal-fired power plants. Start here

March 10, 2008

McCain's Record

A quick tour of John McCain's environmental track record in the Senate finds a pattern of contradictions. Read on

How Deep Is The Ocean?

Despite a long-term trend of declining sea levels, projected increases linked to global warming would be much greater. Dip in

A National Security Energy Strategy

High demand for battlespace fuel combined with the military's reliance on the commercial power grid creates unnecessary risks for national security. A Defense Department report recommends five solutions. Yessir

UK: 80x50

A new government climate change committee will consider whether to increase the current goal of cutting carbon emissions 60% by the year 2050 up to 80% and make more use of green taxes. Reach up

Hot & Bothered

New scientific reports indicate that only near-zero global carbon emissions will prevent severe climate change. Listen up

Securities Offical Eyes Carbon Trading

A booming global market in carbon emissions, stimulated by competition with the EU-ETS, is forecast by the US Commodities Futures Trading Commission chief. Someday soon

What Are You Drinking?

Tests reveal a cocktail of prescription drugs in the nation's drinking water -- but many water supplies have yet to be testing, including the Big Apple's. Gulp

Latin America & The Energy Transition

Petro-politics studies the intersections of political power and carbon-fueled power. Compare & contrast

March 07, 2008

Warming To Shareholder Resolutions

Shareholder resolutions on global warming have doubled since 2006. They are calling on companies to step up on clean technologies, be prepared for impending climate legislation and to plan for the impact of climate change on operations and resources. Greenwire[Subscribers only]

Climate: So Last Year!

There are signs that economic turmoil is eroding the climate and CSR enthusiasm of corporate CEO's. How fickle

Forecast The Wind

Texas seeks to improve the reliability of wind power-generated electricity by wind forecasting and linking big power users consumption to availability. Look ahead

Climate Whack-A-Mole

Add to your understanding of advances is climate science since the 1970's and why climate coolers have it wrong. Whack!

From Russia With Love

"Megatons to Megawatts" allows Russia to sell enriched uranium in the US without paying tariffs. Amending this quirk in the international trade laws will be tricky. E&E Daily [Subscribers only]

March 06, 2008

Con Ed Plans For Less

Con Ed launches a plan to cut 67 MW of power demand in lower Manhattan by 2012. Over the next five years the utility will also spend $7.5 billion to improve its electricity distribution system. Greenwire [Subscribers only]

Green Muddle By The Bay

San Francisco's new federal office building, touted as ultra-green, gets the raspberry. Oops

NYC: The Climate Poll

The good news is that New Yorkers think global warming is a very serious problem. The bad news is they are right. Drill down

Spare A Dime?

The cost of generating electricity from solar thermal technology could fall to ten cents a kilowatt. Plug in

UK: Nuclear Real Estate

Auctions begin on land for the next generation of British nuclear power plants and the government will meet with potential investors in new facility construction. Fast-tracking

UK: Castle Goes Solar

Forget dank and dark, hello sunshine. Dunster Castle near the Bristol Channel will install PV on its battlements. Never too late

March 05, 2008

$1.3 Billion Cut For Coal-Fired Power Plants

Four utilities that proposed rural coal-fired power plants won't build because a federal loan program has been suspended. Officials cite concern over climate change and escalating construction costs. Money matters

March 04, 2008

UK: Working On A Carbon Budget

Companies developing carbon budgets find that the hardest part may be the metrics. Take account

No To Coal In Carrol County

A rural electric co-op in Carrol County, Missouri opts for renewables and energy efficiency instead of a new coal-fired power plant. Show me

Can We PAYGO for Renewables Support

A House bill would create $18 billion in tax incentives for renewable energy and pay for them by repealing oil companies' tax breaks. Chances for Senate passage are dim without other revenue streams. E&ETV [Subscribers only]

March 03, 2008

Measuring LEED

An analysis of 121 LEED-NC buildings finds that 'on average' they save energy. Get the nitty-gritty

Transferrable Skills?

Gurus of Silicon Valley's high tech revolution are switching to green-tech start ups. Risky business

Talkin' About Adaptation

The risks and costs of climate change impacts are on the way. The time is now for adaptation planning. Start here [1.3MB]

Biodiesel? That Depends

Tests find that retail biodiesel can range from under 50% to over 300% of the posted alternate fuel content. Bad news for the environment and engines. Undependable