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January 31, 2008

A Conservative Carbon Cutter

"Rewards" not "subsidies" would spur research & development of climate friendly technologies. But who'll pay for the research?

Long Shot For Renewed Renewables Incentive

Although the Senate economic stimulus bill includes a one year extension of tax incentives for renewable energy projects, the President has vowed to veto any bill that differs from the House legislation, which lacks support for renewables. E&E News [Subscribers only] THIS JUST IN Senate folds

January 30, 2008

Power Plants Fear Carbon Curbs

Electric power utilities see potential curbs on carbon emissions as one of their biggest worries. Greenwire [Subscribers only]

Honda Finds Gold In Green

Honda's energy efficient cars are selling briskly in China, Europe and North America. Wake up Detroit!

The Control Factor

IT controls can play a crucial role in making older buildings greener. Get smarter

The Control Factor

IT controls can play a crucial role in making buildings greener. Get smarter

Bullish On Oil & Wind

Business is good in the old energy and new energy sectors, but futures on Bush's climate meeting are downRead more

January 29, 2008

Costly Coal

With global coal prices spiking at record highs, expect impacts on other energy sources. How demanding!

January 28, 2008

Fair Trade?

Governors of ten states urge the Federal Trade Commission to impose stricter standards for carbon offsets and renewable energy credits. That's fair

What, Me Worry!

Survey finds that just one out of 10 corporate leaders rates climate change a business priority. Worried?

Guns & Greens

A major military contractor offers energy conservation services as a way for clients to save money and enhance their global security. Go to it

Calculating The Wind

It would take just 6.8 months for a 3 megawatt wind turbine to put out as much energy as went into its manufacture. Go figure

January 27, 2008

From Gray To Green

Now existing commercial buildings can be high performing. It's a question of making the most of what's you've got. Here's how

January 25, 2008

Reversing Johnson

With the refusal of EPA Administrator Johnson to grant California a waiver to regulate its auto emissions, a new bill in the Senate would ensure the state's right to limit them and protect the climate. That's right

Who's On First?

A view from the bleachers on congestion pricing gamesmanship. Play ball

Coming Soon: Global Energy Shortages

In seven years, world demand for oil and gas could exceed supply says Royal Dutch Shell. Then what?

State of Urgency

Looking ahead to January 2009, here's an urgent call for government leadership based on "The State of the Climate". Hear that?

Decongestion Update

The work of the Congestion Pricing Panel is complete. Get the inside story. Enter here

January 24, 2008

Will Economic Chill Freeze Out Climate Agenda?

UN leaders urge World Economic Forum to focus on solving climate challenges ahead despite the current economic turmoil. Brrrr

Hot & Cretaceous

Ever wonder what made the Cretaceous Era so hot and what's different now (besides no dinosaurs)? Science at work

EU ETS: On To Phase 2

The EU sets the second round of ETS carbon goals, renewable energy targets and national emissions allocations. Learn more

Working For Green Roots

Sustainable communities need good jobs and there's great potential in the green, clean energy economy. Dig in [3.1MB]

Roam, Roam On the Range

Leaders in the high-tech industry launch the Eco-Patent Commons. It will allow access to and application of green intellectual properties to speed up environmental progress. Share that

On The Bus

More New Yorkers are taking buses. The MTA reports ridership up 11.1% in 2007. Ride on

January 23, 2008

Renewable Stimulus?

The clean energy industry and some environmental advocates call for extending current tax credits as part of an overall economic stimulus package. Not all renewables advocates agree. E&E Daily [Subscribers only]

Coal, Climate & Congress

The National Mining Association predicts a growing demand for coal, setting up a battle over climate legislation and federal funding. E&E Daily [Subscribers only]

UK & US Ire Over EU Carbon Import Tax

A proposed EU "tax" on imports, if no post-Kyoto deal is reached, dismays the US and the UK, calling it protectionist. Import that
As for a potential US "tax" on carbon imports go to FT

It's Better In Switzerland

Of 149 nations, Switzerland ranks #1 and the US is #39 on the Environmental Performance Index. Drill down to the targets and data that make up the rankings. Enter here

Empowering Everyman

Read this saga of going solar in Washington Heights. Plug in

January 22, 2008

Don't go Near The Water

A new agreement among nations bordering the Mediterranean could push development away from the water's edge-but enforcement will be the key Promise?

MA: Getting Down To Business

It's good to have a goal, but it's essential to have a plan and Massachusetts legislation leads the way on combating climate change. Details

Could Macy's Test Gimbels?

How and when market competition can spur testing for toxics in consumer electronics. [Q: Could it work to improve the energy efficiency of consumer products?] Read on

January 17, 2008

15 Climate Briefings

Dig into this encyclopedic assessment of US climate policy options. Kopp&Pizer

January 16, 2008

Don't Count Your Chickens

The US SEC might allow oil companies to count Alberta Canada's oil sands as equivalent to conventional crude oil reserves. Subprime oil?

Green Roots In NYC & SF

NYC and San Francisco have many sustainable promises to keep. Will they reach the grassroots? Fairly green

Delivering On The Promise

High performance building design holds out the promise for sharply reducing energy consumption--but does it deliver? Measure it

Expect Delays

Money to repair roads and bridges comes from the federal gasoline tax, last increased in 1993. Since the Administration opposes tax hikes, expect delays. How taxing!

Read The Fine Print

Despite headlines about the cost of greener power in the UK, global increases in the cost of oil and natural gas are much greater. Follow up

January 15, 2008

Arctic Rules

Anticipating open seas and natural resource exploitation, international shipping rules for the Arctic Ocean are needed. Adaptation?

Power Company Thinks Longer Term

National Grid has backed away from its refusal to enter into long-term contracts with renewable energy providers. Read more

Backing Off Climate Cuts

Individual EU members look to renege on collective GHG emissions reductions targets. And then?

Hamburg Goes For Hydrogen

Fuel cell-powered passenger ferries soon to be launched in Hamburg Germany. Visit!

UK Row Over New Nuke Plants

While one British ministry is calling for new nuclear power plants, a government watchdog opposes the policy. Stay tuned

$$ Moves To Renewables

GE will up its investment in renewables to $6 billion by 2010. Up, up

The Limits Of "Social License"

Social pressures and norms may have limited power in driving environmental policy to regulate certain industries. Here's a case study of the trucking business. Look into it

January 13, 2008

New Intellectual Property

Here's a thought experiment. Congress is planning to amend patent laws. At the same time, many climate policies call for sweeping technological innovations. Although the linked article focuses on computer tech and drug research, how could carbon capture innovations be affected by altered patent laws? Think

January 11, 2008

"Is Detroit Relevant?"

A question that answers itself. Tata

Up From Under

A former skeptic about investing in clean energies like geothermal and wind changes his mind. Why?

Noisy Weather

When modeling climate change, how to capture the "signals" without being distracted by weather "noise". Buzz in

Brighter Prospects for PV

Solar power suppliers are seeing better times, but costs still cast a shadow. Plug in

January 10, 2008

Fight Climate Change, No Coal Needed

"Plan B" bets on a carbon tax, green lighting and clean wind power to slash GHG emissions 80% by 2020. Read on

Fight Climate Change With Taxes

"Plan B" relies on a carbon tax, green lighting and clean wind power to slash carbon emissions 80% by 2020. Read on

Not Oz, Kansas!

Greensburg Kansas, destroyed by a tornado last year, is rebuilding to LEED Platinum standards. Wizard

Bridging Decongestion

A report on options for cutting Manhattan's traffic congestion, raising revenues too, now available. Read it

Carbon Storage Capacity At Risk

Warmer fall weather could cut carbon uptake levels due to increased plant respiration. Absorb that

January 09, 2008

What Were They Thinking?

Cities rely on their infrastructure, but a new study of the the Hudson Yards plan find that it's missing some essential details about finance and construction. Thinking?

Kyoto-Lite Not Al-Rite

Japan's climate proposal, Cool Earth 50, could eliminate mandatory emissions reduction targets. How retro!

Read The Fine Carbon Print

If you're wondering about those carbon credits you got, read the rules proposed by the Federal Trade Commission. Now comment

Bali-Beyond The Climate Headlines

This analysis of the recent Bali climate conference rates it as a qualified success. Look into it

January 08, 2008

New York Times Blog

Dot Earth

Sallan stays in the mix on Andy Revkin's Dot Earth blog. This time, Nancy points out that climate change strategists cannot put all their eggs in market-based baskets. Smart and serious climate laws must also set performance standards for everything from apartments to autos.

January 3, 2008
Respondents raised several good questions with regard to cap-and-dividend. Let me address the main ones. -- Peter Barnes

9. What about laws such as better efficiency standards? (Nancy Anderson)

N.Y. Times columnist Tom Friedman has made a crucial distinction between incremental policies and transformative ones. Cap-and-dividend is transformative. It will get us to 80% emission reductions and create a clean energy infrastructure in the process. Raising efficiency standards for autos, appliances and buildings is a good thing to do, but it won't transform our economy or cut emissions 80%.

January 07, 2008

Plug Yourself In

Impatient and ingenious, some folks aren't waiting for Toyota or GM to sell plug-in hybrid cars. Get energized

Energy Turmoil in NJ

New Jersey's Energy Master Plan is bogged down in multiple disputes. Now what?

On The Road in Holland

Here's a new way to use road heat that Jack Keroac would dig. Cool!

Campaign Climate Content

Sharp ears caught these carbon cap & trade comments by Obama Barrack and Bill Richardson. Better than nothing

January 05, 2008

Drink & Re-Think

What's in that plastic bottle? What can you use instead? Old is new

January 04, 2008

Let's EAT

EAT=Earth Atmospheric Trust to cap and price carbon emissions globally, send a check to everyone on the planet and use the remaining proceeds for GHG technical innovations. Idealistic! Realistic?

Burned Up?

Biofuels made from plant material are no panacea. Read on

CA: Cut Car Carbon Quicker

California car rules would cut carbon emissions faster and deeper than the new federal law. Compare

Look East-Far East

In case you missed Paul Krugman's call to refocus US foreign policy from the Middle East to the Far East. Go Sino

January 03, 2008

Japan's G8 Promises

As the new Group of 8 leader, Japan promises to focus on climate and environmental issues, despite its own poor domestic track record and alliance with US climate policies. Stay tuned

Greening Global Trade

Is global carbon pricing a better tool in the climate change kit than import tariffs? Mull it over

Carbon's Shadow Price

All government project and investment plans in the UK will have to factor in a carbon price, starting now at £25.50 per ton and rising to £59.60 by 2050. Add it up

UK: High Performing Office Buildings

New British office buildings can become zero-carbon emitters. Here's how[2.6MB]

Costly Oil Changes Everything

Skyrocketing oil prices will transform industry, global politics, climate advocacy and the way we live. WSJ[Subscribers only]

January 02, 2008

Solar Plans-The Comments

Scientific American posts hundreds of comments on its grand solar plan for the US. Keep on scrolling

Congestion Pricing For Milan

Milan launches a traffic fee scheme. Revenues will pay for buses, bike lanes and green vehicles. Buongiorno!

Local Produce Slow To Market

NYC may get permanent markets for local produce, but it's not a sure thing. Dig in

More On Salt & Sunshine

Here's a follow-up on molten salt solar technology; moving toward commercialization. WSJ[Subscribers only]