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November 30, 2007

Sunflower Sues

After Kansas rejected a coal plant bid from Sunflower Electric Power, the state is being sued. Read about it

Team New York Tackles Climate Change

Bigger & Better?

Think that economic growth and environmental progress can be compatible, but looking for reasons why, start here.[2.4MB]

NYC Climate Bill-The Fine Print

For fans of fine print, here is the NYC Climate Protection Act

Carbon Capture in Utah

The US Department of Energy will fund a carbon sequestration test program in Utah. Learn more

November 29, 2007

The Tax Man Cometh

A carbon tax advocate jumps into the Google "cheaper than coal" challenge. Price that!

Update: One Recovering Pol

Catch up with Al Gore's adventures in venture capitalism. He's here

Grit V. Glamour

The nitty-gritty of green management can outperform green glamour in meeting high performance building targets. Here's how

UN Agency For Carbon Tax

The UN's Development Programme favors a carbon tax over the European Union's cap and trade scheme to combat climate change. It's contentious

UK's Capital Debate

The CBI Report, which calls for quick, large scale action to combat climate change, has provoked a strong reaction by energy intensive industries. Learn more

November 28, 2007

Update on NYC's "Crystal Palace"

One Bryant Park, designed to be an ultra high performing 21st Century "Crystal Palace", is taking shape while shape-shifting the market. Get the latest

4 New N-Plant Sites ID'ed

A UK utility names four sites it wants for building nuclear power plants. Read more

Cheaper Than Coal

Google announces investment plans for electric power from renewables and making it cheaper than coal-fired power plants. How valuable!

What Some Candidates Are Thinking

Catch a glimpse of the energy policies of 6 Presidential candidates, but you'll have to go elsewhere to read about the views of all the others. Some news

City Council Acclimaztizes

The NYC Council is set to pass a law that would mandate the Mayor's goal of cutting carbon emissions 30% by 2030. Bravo

November 27, 2007

Creative Disruption

Venture capital is chasing green and clean tech investments. A big success could change the way we live. Creative? Disrupting?

Up, Up

Rising temperatures are forcing species up an ecological escalator. And then?

November 26, 2007

Setting The Right Price

A new report finds that British business gets the climate challenge and wants public policy that will set market-changing carbon prices by 2020. Read it here[1.3MB]

B-Schools Flunk On Green

Business schools haven't been leaders on sustainable courses or greening their campuses. This may be changing. Pass it on

Lost In Translation

A survey of the public's grasp of green-speak finds a lack of understanding. What?

Australia's Carbon Agenda

Australia's new prime minister will sign the Kyoto Protocol while facing a growing carbon footprint at home. Step in

How Green Was My Alley

Chicago is repaving its alleys with porous pavement. Rainwater will recharge aquifers instead of becoming polluted runoff. A wonderful town

November 23, 2007

Explaining the $100 Barrel

Oil prices are flirting with $100 per barrel and a potent mix of the weak dollar, a hot commodities market, as well as supply, demand and inventory factors is in the driver's seat. Learn more

CAFE Lite For Energy Bill?

Negotiations over a federal energy bill are dividing up the field and could focus on fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks. WSJ [Subscribers only]

November 22, 2007

Outperforming LEED?

A Pritzger prize-winning architect argues that green is all about building performance. Encode that

November 21, 2007

Will LEED Lead The Way

Can LEED build on its current success as carbon constraints become more compelling? Look into it

Climate Could Change Australian PM

John Howard, Australia's long-serving Liberal prime minister, is facing a defeat by Labor and climate change is the cause. Stay tuned

Rating Brown On Green

Read this assessment of Prime Minster Brown's new climate change speech. Can he deliver?

Carbon Rising

Combine growing CO2 emissions from the US, Russia and Australia, with ever-more transportation and a reviving East European for a leap in the world's carbon emissions. Now what?

November 20, 2007

O LED-Lit Tannenbaum

NYC's Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is green this year, in more ways than one. Tis the season

Won't Fade Away

Management consultants say that climate and environmental issues are here to stay. Read on

Capital Recipe

Combine one globe-spanning carbon market with one climate crisis. Stir

News At The Times?

The new home of the New York Times has some green innovations, but no one would know from the paper's own architectural review. Stuck in neutral

November 19, 2007

Climate And Farming

Food supplies are at risk from a hotter planet, salt intrusion into fresh water, not to mention floods and droughts, particularly in the world's warmer and poor areas. Can crops adapt?

Corporate US For Environmental Regulation

American executives support environmental regulation finds national poll. What else?

GE Calls For Atom Incentives

The Bush Administration's nuclear power hopes will fail without a carbon cap and trade scheme says GE, a big producer of nuclear power plant components. Why is that?

Clinton Goes Platinum

Bill Clinton's presidential library is getting greener by upgrading from LEED Silver to a Platinum rating. That's rewarding

Coming Soon: Tough Choices

Shrinking GHG emissions could mean tough energy choices for US cities, even green ones. Look ahead

French Climate Skeptics Fried

Explore this in-depth response to French climate skeptics. Attention SVP

November 17, 2007

New York Times Blog

Dot Earth

Sallan joins the discussion on Andy Revkin's Dot Earth blog about words and actions on global warming. Read Nancy's comment #52 — for Nordhaus & Shellenberger, carbon caps and efficiency standards reek of negative thinking. Their message is just-accentuate-the positive. But their polemic is no substitute for a winning climate strategy strategy. For her book review see Possible But Not Probable.

IPCC: What Does The White House Think?

Find James Connaughton's quote about the IPCC report. Click & scroll

November 16, 2007

Carbon Mapping

Now there's a global map which pinpoints major power plants and ranks their carbon emissions from dirty to clean. Monitor it

Drowning the Everglades

The good news about saving the Everglades may be temporary. Salty tears

Turkey's Up

Your Thanksgiving meal will cost 11% more this year-energy costs a factor. Dig in

UK May Tax Carbon

Carbon taxes that could generate 20% of all government revenues are under consideration in the UK. Poll finds public support. Learn more

Dutch Delta Blues

Anticipating climate related risks, Holland's deltas are devising "soft approaches" to flooding. Tune in

Political Power

Is ethanol losing its appeal as the solution to our energy needs? Find out

November 14, 2007

Australian Greens Seek Carbon Tax

In coal-rich Australia, a $30 per ton carbon tax would boost renewable energy use, according to the Green party. Click here

NJ Wind Power-Maybe Yes

New Jersey is moving forward with a wind power siting study. Locate it

No Supply Problem Say Saudis

Saudi Arabia dismisses fears of a near-term crunch in oil supplies. Look into it

November 13, 2007

NYC's Green ABC's

The Big Apple will build its first green school that will cut energy and water use. A+

1 MP3=17 Lbs. Carbon

China makes them, the world buys them, so who should pay for the carbon emissions? New studies of embedded carbon could change the global approach to climate change programs. WSJ

Caveat Emptor

When buying carbon offsets, good intentions aren't always enough. Be aware

Rethinking Urban Infrastructure

Can we get from NIMBY to civic pride with a sustainable approach to infrastructure? Here's how

November 12, 2007

Back To The Future, Again

Looking back at Detroit's history of cleaner car promises raises doubts about the future. Take a spin

Short Shelf Life for Climate Report

Even as the IPCC climate report goes to press, new science is making it outdated, but not wrong. What's new?

November 09, 2007

Portland's Energy Fee-bate

Portland, Oregon announces a plan that would tax new homes which don't exceed the local energy code while giving rebates to new houses that are ultra energy-efficient. Stay tuned

Cheney Eyes Climate

This year, the Vice President's office is increasingly involved in climate related policy and regulation. Interested?

Australian Drought Hits Hard

Australia's chronic drought is threatening crop harvests, farmers financial security and driving up food prices. Future cloudy

November 08, 2007

Fire Signs

The fires in southern California fit climate model predictions, while adding GHG's to the system. Learn more

Carbon Market Risks

A player in the EU ETS finds risks in trading carbon credits. Look into it

Winners & Losers

US industries are split over responses to skyrocketing energy prices. WSJ[Subscribers only]

Will Glitz Beat Green?

In a struggling residential real estate market where home buyers face escalating energy bills, will luxury extras beat out energy efficiency? WSJ[Subscribers only]

November 07, 2007

World Energy Outlook

By 2030, both global energy consumption and cost could soar. Profits for some but trouble for most

The Biofuels Revolution

Biofuels have the potential to transform the global economy, some good some not so good. Any questions?

Clinton Climate Inititative

In Chicago, Bill Clinton launches a new urban climate partnership. Read more

Links In The Supply Chain

Are companies designing carbon out of their products and services by working with their suppliers? Look into it

Going Up!

Chicago's carbon emissions have increased under Mayor Daley's watch. Can he reverse this trend? Get down

November 06, 2007

Green Taxes Poll OK

A BBC poll conducted in 21 countries found that a majority of people were willing to pay higher taxes to help save the planet. That's news

Hillary Gets Energetic

Hillary Clinton unveils her energy plan-we've come a long way since 2004. Plug in

November 05, 2007

Promises To Keep

American mayors are finding it easier to make green promises than to deliver on them. IOU

What's That Coming From Your Tailpipe?

Catch up on recent books about the US auto industry. Inhale here

More Predictable Energy

A Welsh deep-sea tidal energy farm gets funding from a government agency that supports business and regulatory reform. Dive in

November 02, 2007

Cities Unite In South Korea

Local governments from 136 nations seek to cut GHG emissions and increase use of clean energy. Join them

Say CCS To Coal?

While some say no to coal, others propose to capture and store carbon emitted by power plants. Hot stuff

Signs Of Sluggishness

Are ocean carbon sinks filling up? Look into it

Let's Do The Cabon Tax

NYC Mayor Bloomberg will call for a national carbon tax at a speech delivered to the US Conference of Mayors. Extra! Extra!

November 01, 2007

Japan-Hotter, Faster

Totally paved over, Japan is becoming the concrete Heat Islands. Nature tamer?[Podcast]

Canada "Major Disappointment"

A Canadian government report finds that agencies fail to cut their GHG emissions and aren't making plans to improive. O!

Climate: Uncertain & Sensitive

Global climate trends are inherently "uncertain" because the climate system is "sensitive" to many factors. Why is this important?