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September 28, 2007

Energy Star-EPA Annual Report

Catch up on EPA's premiere climate protection programs. Click [1.5MB]

Come Together Somehow

President Bush urges world leaders to reduce GHGs, but not by statute. Golly

What Makes Carbon Markets Work?

The EU-ETS will do its job only when its got effective, comprehensive and independent oversight. FT

September 27, 2007

Cap & Trade & Auction

The potential for sweeping new business opportunities attracts banks to a carbon market position with emissions auctions. Buy in?

All Talk No Teeth

President Bush takes unearned credit for GHG emissions cuts. Have a bite

Gore v Bush

Who can lead the way on combatting climate change? FT

Carbon Tax: The First Bill

Read a summary of Congressman Dingell's carbon tax bill and a first comment by the Carbon Tax Center.

September 26, 2007

UK Opts For Eco-Towns

PM Gordon Brown announces a plan to build ten eco-towns with 240,000 new homes that use locally-produced energy. Start here

Dingell In Cyberspace

The Dingell carbon tax bill will be released on the Congressman's website on September 27. Public comments welcome. How virtual!

Asian Businesses - Ungreen

Asian businesses lag way behind European and US counterparts on going green. FT

Asian Businesses-Carbon Clueless

Asian businesses lag behind European and US counterparts on awareness of their own climate impacts. FT

September 25, 2007

Kiwis Lead The Way

New Zealand pledges to become the planet's first carbon neutral country, but what about its sheep? Look ahead

States Rights? Wrong

The Bush Adminstration stirs up opposition to California's bid to regulate GHGs. Look into it

Blowing Bubbles Or Smart Money?

Is the recent move to invest in green projects just a financial bubble? Read in Full

Three Little Words

"Aspirational", "technology " and "intensity" are words favored by the Bush administration in the current climate debate. Why is that?

Bright Prospects For Auto Suppliers

While US auto makers fight stricter CAFE standards, their suppliers could thrive with new fuel rules. WSJ [Restricted access]

September 24, 2007

Get Closer

Local land use planning and zoning decisions are a major front in the climate change battle. Stop sprawl

Carbon Disclosure Report 5

Read the complete fine print. Summary [1.8 MB], S&P [1.9 MB], FT [3.0MB]

Bill Clinton's For Climate Scorekeeping

President Bill Clinton keynotes the launch of the fifth Climate Disclosure Project Report on both S&P and FT-listed corporations. Measure that Also see Sept. 21 interview transcript. FT

The Best-Laid Plans

NYC's got a plan for what to do if a monster storm hits town, but don't relax yet. Wade in

September 21, 2007

Super Supermarket

Augusta Maine will be the home of the first LEED Platinum supermarket. And that's not the only good green news. Look north

Burned Up

Congressman Waxman wants to know why the EPA approved a new coal-burning power plant without examining its climate change impacts. Just ask

Carbon Devolution

As North Sea oil and gas output plummet, Scotland wants to control what's left. FT [Restricted access]

September 20, 2007

Gray Is The New Green

Buildings are truly durable goods. Can existing structures go green? Could be

Focused Research

NYS sets its research agenda on pollution linked with energy generation and use. See more [2.9MB]

Coney Island Baby

In NYC neighborhoods, think small, think sustainable. Have fun

September 19, 2007

Stop Stalling

Following the recent decision in a Vermont federal court, environmentalists will sue the the EPA if it doesn't grant states the right to limit CO2 from auto emissions. Read more

Cornfed Cars?

Corn doesn't look like a good bet for a biofueled future, but there may be alternatives. Look into it

September 18, 2007

Take The A Train

Commuting in and around NYC by car is getting even slower, wasting 46 hours a year for each rider. Go slow

Skyhigh Farming

Since more than half the world lives in cities, here's a way to grow food in the urban jungle. Raise that

Coming Sooner

The IPCC reports on the rapid onset of destructive changes linked to global warming. Blink

CA Court Dismisses Auto Suit

A federal judge threw out a a lawsuit against auto manufacturers brought by the California Attorney General who was seeking monetary damages. Exit here

Risky Business

State finance and pension fund managers petition the SEC to require corporate disclosure of risks from climate change impacts. Don't hide

September 16, 2007

Is Arthur Pingou Right?

Pingou, an early 20th century founder of environmental economics, inspires 21st century advocates of a carbon tax like Mankiw. Get current

September 15, 2007

Red Tape Isn't Green

Rooftop green energy installations in NYC snagged by antiquated building regulations. Move on

September 14, 2007

Facing Risks

The Prince of Wales and the UK insurance industry kick off an initiative to impact the climate conduct of customers and investors alike. Look into it

The Start of Something Big

If states are the laboratories of democracy, the Vermont court decision on auto emissions could lead the way to federal action. Look ahead

Rein In The Horses

From a US perspective, European car makers want to look greener at big German auto show. Whoa!

September 13, 2007

Congressional Carbon Control

Contrast and compare the cap and trade programs under Congressional consideration. Click [3.6MB]

Govs Take Energy Pledge

The National Governors Association commits to state level clean-energy futures. Count to 50

Capturing The Carbons

Much research and investment lies ahead to make carbon capture and storage a reality. Way to go?

Some Like It Green

Green taxes, not "stealth" taxes, can win public support says Conservative Party spokesperson. FT [Limited access]

September 12, 2007

Court To Car Makers: Cut Carbon

A federal district court decides in favor of Vermont's and New York's CO2 emissions standards for new cars. Read the decision

Slurpers Still Sell

European and US car makers say gas guzzlers lead the markets. Not everyone agrees. FT [Limited access]

How Green Is My Mortgage!

Lenders offer better deals on more energy-efficient homes. WSJ [Subscription needed]

September 11, 2007

Bigger Than Atoms

Soon, Scotland will get more of its electricity from the wind than from nuclear power. Aye

Allocating Ideas

If Congress passed a cap & trade-based climate bill, how should it distribute carbon emissions allowances? Get the options

September 10, 2007

Beyond 2012

Read the UN Foundation's proposal for a post-2012 climate action framework. Don't delay

UK Businesses on CO2 Diet

Working with the Carbon Trust, UK businesses rethink their supply chains to reduce their CO2 emissions, 10 million tons since 2001. Get the skinny

Make War, Make Money

In the global climate change battle, keep an eye on emerging renewable energy stocks. FT [Limited access]

September 07, 2007

Energetic Decoupling

California's electric power rate rules, which decouple use from revenues, are being adopted by other states as a way to slash energy use. Plug in

Face Your Fears

US business leaders report on their biggest worries with natural disasters leading the list. FT [Limited access]

UK Greens Nix Nuclear Talks

English environmental groups withdraw from a national "consultation" about nuclear power. Hear that?

September 06, 2007

Ahoy There

Ocean shipping is a fast-growing source of air pollution and environmentalists are suing the EPA to control it. Gasp

In Denial

Asian-Pacific political leaders can't agree on a joint climate change declaration at the APEC meeting in Sydney Australia. No!

Don't Overestimate

Once again, global surveys that finds green construction is cheaper than you might think. Get on board

Tougher Than We Thought

The world may fail to meet the carbon emissions targets for preventing major climate change says global business group. FT [Restricted access]

September 05, 2007

Ethanol Heats Up Water Wars

The booming ethanol production industry ups tensions over water rights in the midwest. WSJ [subscribers only]

Drip Drip

Climate activists protest PM Howard and President Bush anti-Kyoto Protocol positions with ice sculptures in Sydney Australia. Cool

Take A Green Building Tour

Although the US didn't sign the Kyoto Protocol, its green building movement is growing. Join up

Better, Not Just Bigger

Here's a provocative idea-enact absolute energy performance standards for homes, regardless of their size. Look into it

September 04, 2007

Tax Carbon? Yes!

Read this strong pro-carbon tax essay. It tells you both why and how. It's economic

Lose That To-Do List!

Individual acts of personal responsibility won't win the war on climate change. Make it legal

Burned Up Over Coal

Although coal generates half the electricity in the US, that might change soon. Look into it

Update Earth

A new world atlas graphically shows the impact of climate change and other major shifts on Planet Earth. Don't shrug

UK Accountants Call for Carrots

Tax breaks should be part of public policy for fighting global warming. What's up? [Restricted access]

The Cautionary Principle

Complex scientific models in our hotly contested climates can be misused. Proceed thoughtfully

September 03, 2007

Let's Dish

Ad campaigns in Europe for cleaning products that claim to be greener don't persuade consumers. Buy that?

September 01, 2007

Wave Hello

Waves, wind, whatever--US innovators are harnessing alternative, clean power sources. Coming soon