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February 28, 2007

IKEA Races To The Top

This jumbo retailer leads the way on sustainable practices. How Swede

Kicking the Habit

Climate: Our Global Commons

Based on the idea of "contraction and convergence" here's a a plan from New Zealanders to combat global warming that's aimed at every nation. Interested?

February 27, 2007

Capture Carbon-Or Else

A top climate scientist says carbon capture technology is coming soon and coal-fired power plants that don't deploy it should be shut down. Take that

Act Now Or Pay Later

Without the new London Climate Change Action Plan emissions would soar. Get going

Cnidarians Sighted

Melting ice in Antarctica has revealed a whole new underwater world. That's hot

RGGI Goes West

Governors of five western states agree to build a regional cap and trade program for CO2. Follow the trail

8 Down, 150 To Go

Here's a status report on proposed coal-fired power plants around the country. Dig in

Green Works

Labor, business and environmentalists gather at the Apollo Alliance to face the nation's energy challenges. Read more

February 23, 2007

Power Surge

2006 was a good year for the US nuclear power industry - and at bargain basement prices. 1.66 cents/KwH

And The Winner Is-Fargo

That's right, Fargo, North Dakota's gets the best urban environmental report card in the nation. NYC ranks 54th on a list of 72 cities. Go figure

It's A Man, It's A Plane...

Actually, it's the first beaver seen in NYC in 200 years. Smile

February 20, 2007

The 50% Chance

The next installment of the IPCC report on global warming will give even odds to a massive melting of Greenland and Antarctic ice. And then...

Warming Trend in Albany?

A new editorial calls on Governor Spitzer to turn up the heat on global warming-but can he outclass California? Now's the time

A Great Big Town On a Great Big Lake

No, not Chicago - Toronto. It's city government admires its green sister-city in the US but will develop its own yardstick to calibrate environmental progress. Measure up

February 19, 2007


That's 390 parts per million of carbon dioxide just measured in the atmosphere near the North Pole. A new record

It's Not Just Dreamin'

California's shrinking its per person energy consumption while other states' energy appetite has ballooned. Wake up

Don't Trade It-Tax It

Here's another voice heard from the carbon tax, not trade, side of the policy aisle. Click here

February 16, 2007

Let's Look At The Future

A group of Brooklyn students have created a model of the DUMBO waterfront in a warmer world. Get your galoshes

"A Real Change In Mood"

Legislators from developed and developing countries agree that all nations must cut CO2 emissions. It's global

February 15, 2007

Making Haste Slowly

2013 might be the first year for international carbon trades. Six long years

Can't Cut It

An electric power industry organization says that greenhouse gas emissions can't be cut quickly. That means it's time to demand less.

Good News?

Oil prices continue to decline. Let Sallan know if this good news or bad. $57.26 a barrel

February 14, 2007

It's The Other Guy

Brazil is a major source of global CO2, but it seems content pointing to other problem countries. Got a problem with that?

Exxon's Not On Board

Global warming legislation may have to do without Exxon. Why is that?

Business On Board

Testifying before the Senate Public Works Committee, Fortune 500 companies called for action now on global warming. Cap and trade it

February 13, 2007

The Ultimate Carbon Sink

There's good news and bad news in the scientific discovery that manmade carbon dioxide has been found in the ocean depths. Look into it

Kyoto in Japan

Japan lags in meeting its Kyoto goals for cutting CO2 emissions. Now it's raising fuel efficiency standards for cars and investing in the CDM. Read more

Supporting Shareholder Values

Shareholders and pension trustees are demanding to know what corporate managers are doing to lower financial risks from global warming. Get invested

Move Over Oscar

Get Moving

Here's a project to capture the green wave moving through U.S. business and channel its momentum with smart public policy. Surf's up

February 12, 2007

From Sea Energy to Electric Energy

Small companies offer smart energy solutions for coastal communities in Oregon and New York. Are Brazil and Argentina next?. For more wave energy news Jump in

Risks and Opportunities

Killer heat and surging storms aren't good for business. MIT is getting systematic about sustainability. Read more

Green Is The New White

I couldn't resist. Happy Valentine's's Day

February 09, 2007

ARPA-E - Think Ahead

ARPA-E is a bill in Congress that would create an agency to fund and coordinate research for transforming US energy use. What a concept

Market Muscle: Can Cap & Trade Cut Carbon

Visit our latest eBriefing about hot markets for a cool planet on the New York Academy of Sciences website. Free access for Sallan readers.

February 08, 2007

Save While Sleeping

With the launch of Vista, a new computer operating system, environmentalists question its energy efficiency. The sleep mode is key. Don't yawn

LEEDing To Smart Growth

Environmentalists have joined with green architects to fight sprawl and encourage urban development with LEED-ND, a program for growing sustainable neighborhoods. Get smart

Continuous Offshore Energy

The UK announces an offshore wind and gas hybrid electricity scheme that could continuously provide 200MW of clean power. Take a spin

Doing A Heck Of A Job

Read the White House letter on IPCC 4 and global warming

February 07, 2007

Blair Digs Carbon Capture

The British Prime Minister calls for an energy policy with a technical fix, carbon sequestration. Look underground

Climate-Killer Cars

The EU's European Commission is having a hard time with cars. Hitch a ride

Putting Good Ideas To Work

Advocates for high performance building will succeed only if they add job training and green tax policy to their "must have" list. Here's how

February 06, 2007

But What Does Congress Think?

The results of a poll of elected officials in Washington about global warming must be seen to be believed. Click here

I'll Give My Heart to San Francisco

Always one step ahead, San Francisco's on the edge of adopting a comprehensive high performance building law. Step up

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

A major NYC environmental group urge the Mayor to act on his 2030 sustainability plan. There's no time to waste and all eyes will be on what gets done this year. Time flies

February 05, 2007

Carbon Caps Criticized

The EU's Emissions Trading Scheme is having growing pains. Germany is threatening to go to court over its new carbon emissions allocation. Ouch

Needed: An Economic Sea Change

To meet the challenge of global warming, the US economy must change - profoundly. Turning the Ship will examine how to turn the tide. All aboard

Conservative Calls For Concerted Climate Change Combat

French President Chirac got support from 46 countries to create a new organization that will put teeth in the struggle against global warming. Take a bite

Sea Level Rise-Afraid to Ask?

Predictions about sea level rise were difficult for the IPCC 4 report. Here's an introduction to the topic. Jump in

February 02, 2007

Psst-It Will Cost You

US business is adding up the costs of adapting to global warming- it's not cheap. Some seek new business opportunities in a warming world. Find a niche

Teaching the ABCC's

British school kids soon will be learning their ABCC's - as in Climate Change. Spell it out

IPCC 4 Report

How To Repower Gotham

The NYC Apollo Alliance finds environmental and economic opportunities in combatting climate change. Power up here

This Is Smart Growth?

Although the NYC Comptroller calls for "smart growth", he's not talking about sustainable growth or high performance building. See January 25 speech at NY Building Congress

February 01, 2007

Financial Green

A New York investment banker will preside over a new network created by a major green group to mobilize market-based solutions to climate change. Follow the money

Green Peace?

Al Gore has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to focus the world's attention on global warming. That's hot

56.4 Million Greener Urbanites

Mayors of 376 US cities, representing more than 56 million people in all 50 states, call for a $4 billion federal grant to help fight global warming. But they are not just waiting around. Get busy