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December 31, 2006

Let's Do It

Northeast states do it, Europeans do it, next, even the US might do it. Let's trade carbon

It Might Take A Weatherman

Some say wind power's too fickle, other say think again. Turn here

December 25, 2006

Marketing California's Global Warming Law

As the state in the lead on, global warming law, California's devil, will be in the details. Here's some fine print

December 22, 2006

The High Performance 'Burb

Babylon, Long Island has jumped onto the high performance bandwagon. It's building code now requires most new construction, except single family homes, to meet LEED standards. Read on

December 20, 2006

Dingell Bells

As incoming Chair of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, you'll want to know about John Dingell's views on the auto industry and climate policy. Ding dong

For Boston The Secret's in the Zoning

Boston's going green by requiring private developers to meet high performance building standards. And, this law has teeth because the requirement goes into the City's zoning code. Go Beantown!

Lighting Up With The London Array

By 2011, an ambitious offshore wind farm could be lighting up London. Not everyone's pleased. Get the story

December 19, 2006

Do the Grist

Been away over the last twelve months? Here are some top 2006 global warming stories you missed. Catch up

December 18, 2006

Will Carbon Trading Fly?

The EU is considering how to bring the airline industry into to the ETS. But a carbon allowance auction isn't in the cards. Whats' up?

December 15, 2006

Governor Spitzer-Action Ideas for the First 100 Days

A major New York environmental advocacy group offers incoming Governor Spitzer an ambitious agenda. Read it here

December 14, 2006

They're Mad As Hell

Plans in Texas to build seventeen new coal-fired power plants is creating an uproar. Get energized

Business & Brass To Bush - Kick the Habit

CEO's and military brass urge the White House to end America's addiction to imported oil. Here's their report

Comng Soon - Lots More GHG's

Asian greenhouse gas emissions are predicted to skyrocket with economic growth. Look into it

December 12, 2006

Utility Company Wants to Cap Carbon Emissions

Duke Energy wants to limit its carbon emissions. Why's that?

Freezing Carbon at the Grassroots

Al Gore's got a new idea for using grass roots power to jumpstart a freeze on carbon emissions. Listen up

December 08, 2006

How To Get There From Here

Here's a clear and clearly provocative argument for energy efficiency as the killer app for fighting our oil addiction. But I bet it's not the last word. Read it and react by e-mail.

Fast Food? Slow Food? Hot Food!

Governments around the world are funding research into crops that can withstand climate change. Dig in

December 07, 2006

While England "Tinkers"

Although Americans might be green with envy over the UK's climate change policy, some folks there are less enchanted. Why?

Seward Park Goes Green With Steam

The vast lower east side apartment complex, Seward Park, has replaced its old oil buring heating system with a cleaner, greener central steam system. That's hot

December 06, 2006

Take the Slate Green Challenge

I calculated that my dailly life adds up to emitting 30,971 pounds of carbon every year. How embarassing. What about you?

Will California Lead the Way?

The Senate's new Chair of the Environmental and Public Works Committee will invite Governor Schwarzenegger to testify on his climate change plan for California Start here

More Green in the Big Apple

Take an eye-opening look at some high performance buidings in NYC that are off the beaten track. Visit here

Hot Alps - Help!

Scientists report that temperatures in the Alps are hotter than any time in the last 1,300 years. Get your feet wet

December 05, 2006

The Climate's Warming Canadian Politics

With the election of Stephan Dion as leader of Canada's Liberal Party, issues of climate change are resurfacing. Go north

December 01, 2006

Green In Queens And Brooklyn Too

Yes! Green businesses are manufacturing green products and good jobs. Good news

EU Struggles With Carbon Caps

The European Union's plan to slash carbon emissions is struggling; only the UK plan makes the grade.
Now what?

London Bridge Is Standing Up

London's booming. Unlike NYC, it's got congestion pricing that works while it pays for new buses and its got an urban energy policy (that fights climate change too, (a plus this article overlooks). Cheers