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NYC High Performance Buildings (4 of 4) Event Wrap-up

December 31, 2005

Fourth in a series of four panels that looked at New York City's high performance buildings.

The December 6, 2005 panel brought together key environmental, architectural, public and economic development policy makers, the "practical visionaries" who are transforming the City's built environment.

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Hudson Rising
4 August

Hudson Rising explores 200 years of ecological change + environmental activism along “the most interesting river in America” through artifacts, media, and celebrated Hudson River School paintings. The exhibition reflects on how human activity has impacted the river and, in turn, how the river environment has shaped industrial development, commerce, tourism + environmental awareness. The exhibition also explores how experts in various fields are currently creating ways to restore and re-engineer areas of the river in response to climate change.

Much more than a body of water, the Hudson + its surroundings have been the home for humans + hundreds of species of fish, birds + plants; offered an escape for city-dwellers; + witnessed battles over the uses of the river valley + its resources. For over 200 years, writers and artists have captured the river in paintings, drawings, literature, + photographs + surveyors + scientists have mapped and measured its every parcel.

Location: New York Historical Society, 170 Central Park West

Through August 4, 2019

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Taking Action
2 September

Most Americans are worried but inactive about the climate crisis + tend to underestimate the public consensus that already exists on climate. Because the problem exists on a global scale, it is easy to feel powerless about addressing it. While this dynamic has changed dramatically in a hopeful way over the last year, the self-reinforcing cycle of passivity + silence remains largely intact. Taking Action aims to help reverse this cycle by providing guidance + support on specific civic actions we can take together for climate progress. It is staffed largely by high school volunteers inspired to share information about climate solutions, barriers to their implementation + effective civic engagement.

Sponsor: The Climate Museum

Location: Governors Island. Governors Island Ferry Schedule

Opening Times: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday - 11:00 am — 5:00 pm, Friday, Saturday - 11:00 am — 9:00 pm

July Special Event Information: Click here

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Global Climate Strike
20 September

At the request of the young people who have been staging school strikes around the world, we’re walking out of our workplaces and homes to spend the day demanding action on the climate crisis, the greatest existential threat that all of us face. It’s a one-day climate strike, if you will – and it will not be the last. This is going to be the beginning of a week of action all over the world. And we hope to make it a turning point in history.

We hope others will join us Naomi Klein + Bill McKibben

As local details become available, Sallan will post them here

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Taking Action
27 October

Young people around the world are demanding that society confront the climate crisis with a new level of urgency — the urgency required for them to have a future without dread. They are demanding intergenerational justice + giving us all an opportunity to rethink and recommit.

This new youth movement inspires our exhibit featuring hands-on learning about solutions for the climate crisis; a space to understand barriers to their implementation; + a concrete invitation to meaningful civic engagement and collective action.

Sponsor: The Climate Museum

Date: June 1 – October 27, 2019 Taking Action will be staffed primarily by high school students, open 11am–9pm on Fridays and Saturdays, 11am–5pm on Thursdays and Sundays prior to the end of the public school year, with extended hours during the summer months.

Location: Nolan Park on Governors Island

The Climate Museum Hub at Nolan Park on Governors Island

The Sallan Foundation improves the urban environment by advancing useful knowledge for greener, high performance cities on the front line in the fight against climate change.

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