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NYC High Performance Buildings (4 of 4) Event Wrap-up

December 31, 2005

Fourth in a series of four panels that looked at New York City's high performance buildings.

The December 6, 2005 panel brought together key environmental, architectural, public and economic development policy makers, the "practical visionaries" who are transforming the City's built environment.

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Around Town
NY Organics Summit
7 April

The 6th annual NYS Organics Summit: Food as a Resource — Expanding Opportunities is an opportunity to connect with over 150 NYS materials management professionals to share success stories + discuss creative solutions to barriers that restrict the sustainable management of organic materials, with a specific focus on wasted food and food scraps. Click for Summit agenda

Sponsor: NYS Association for Reduction, Reuse + Recycling

Date: April 7–8

Location: Albany Capital Center, 55 Eagle Street, Albany, NY 11207


The Sallan Foundation improves the urban environment by advancing useful knowledge for greener, high performance cities on the front line in the fight against climate change.

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