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NYC High Performance Buildings (4 of 4) Event Wrap-up

December 31, 2005

Fourth in a series of four panels that looked at New York City's high performance buildings.

The December 6, 2005 panel brought together key environmental, architectural, public and economic development policy makers, the "practical visionaries" who are transforming the City's built environment.

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Climate Mobilization Act Series: Unlocking Tenant Efficiency
9 July

As office buildings across NYC grapple with the implications of Local Law 97 improving the energy efficiency of major office tenants has become a critical issue. Tenants often account for 40-60% of direct energy use in commercial buildings and anecdotal data gathered during the COVID-19 pandemic suggests that the near complete absence of occupants during this period has had a surprisingly small impact on total building energy use. From lighting to smart plug load management to high efficiency heating and cooling systems and smart IT infrastructure­–there are myriad ways in which tenants can dramatically improve their energy use. Our esteemed panelists will outline these solutions and discuss how owners and tenants can more effectively work together to implement them.

Sponsors; Natural Resources Defense Council + the Building Energy Exchange

Welcome: Richard C. Yancey, Executive Director - Building Energy Exchange

Opening Remarks: Donna DeCostanzo, Director, Northeast Energy and Sustainable Communities - Natural Resources Defense Council

Moderator: Sofia Melo, Associate Director of Energy Practice - CodeGreen Solutions

Panelists: Karen Oh, Director of Energy Solutions - Vornado; Narada Golden, Vice President, Built Ecology - WSP; + Dana Schneider, SVP, Director of Energy and Sustainability - Empire State Realty Trust, Inc.

Date: Thursday, July 9, 9 -10:30 AM


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