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The New York Times

Buying A Home? You May Want To Consider Climate Change.

Consider the purchase of a home in a global warming zone...

Sallan joins with New York Times readers to comment on Ron Lieber's recent article for the New York Times.

"Given that homes are the most expensive thing that many of us ever purchase, it's foolish not to consider the long-term implications of owning one in a growing number of increasingly damage-prone places." — Ron Lieber

Nancy Anderson's NYT Comment:
Great article, important for urban condo/coop buyers too if they are interested in waterfront — or even near waterfront — views. Doesn't matter if the apartment of your dreams is on the 30th floor, if the basement gets flooded in the winter you'll be cold and if the local utility gets knocked out and there's no smart/resilient on-site power source, you'll be in the dark too and walking up and down 30 flights of stairs.

Ron Lieber Responds:
During Sandy, I was up and down 20 flights of stairs delivering water to older folks in Rockaway. It was a tough time for them.