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Memories of Next Summer

Crank Up The AC, NOT

An On the Street slideshow by New York Times Photographer Bill Cunningham prompted Nancy Anderson to pen Memories of Next Summer. That was seven years ago. With respect to air conditioning on the subway, commuter rail and at the office it's been 2008 every summer for the last 7 years.

Standards have been set. The American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers; they say 76 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal in summer, and 72 in the winter. July 29th Mayor de Blasio hosted a press conference on extreme heat, requesting that air conditioning be set at 78 degree to reduce energy usage.

Why is air conditioning still so fierce on the subways and at the office that it is directing fashion — the scarf as a style element!

It's as hot as hell and the humidity is tremendous... give the grid a break — it hasn't changed much since Miller's remembrance of things past.