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Climate Takes The Heat. How Much?

The myth-busting website Skeptical Science, founded by UQ Global Change Institute lead author John Cook, made this widget available to communicate how much heat our climate is absorbing...

Given the overwhelming scientific consensus agreeing with the causes of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) pie charts below indicate a "do your job" discipline needs to be adopted to bring the science into alignment with what non-scientists understand so that public policy can move in a direction to mitigate global warming.

Skeptical Science pie charts
Image: Skeptical Science Graphics

This coming April of 2015 — learn how to effectively respond to climate misinformation and debunk myths — a climate MOOC about how people think about climate change will be offered on the edX online platform by The University of Queensland Australia. Audit the course with John Cook and other preeminent climate scientists for free.

Making Sense of Climate Change Denial edX course