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Sallan Is Called Out By Forbes

Forbes article about OBR in CA

If there is a lament that unites energy efficiency and clean energy advocates, it is to bemoan the upfront cost of energy efficiency and solar upgrades. Even in California, which has done as much as any government in the world to save its residents energy over the last 35 years, convincing consumers to proactively invest in improvements that save energy is not easy.

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Nancy's Comment:

Nancy comments on Justin's article, California Program Eliminating Upfront Cost Of Energy Upgrades Clears Key Hurdles.

How does this on-bill repayment (OBR) program avoid the death by federal mortgage agency objections to PACE loans? Do the rules stipulate that utility/loaners are issuing subordinate debt when they provide upfront $ for home energy upgrades/solar etc? If so, good for the program, but what are utility bond holders saying? While the fears of mortgage lenders or bond holders about energy loans seem seriously overblown, that didn't save residential PACE programs.

The Environmental Defense Fund believes that on-bill repayment can help unlock the market for energy efficiency upgrades. What do you think?