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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Living City Block, retrofitting a DC neighborhood to become an environmental model
the SE corner of Living City Block DC (by: NCinDC, creative commons license)

Having already begun a comprehensive energy and environmental retrofit of a key part of Denver’s Lower Downtown, the nonprofit organization Living City Block is now looking to do the same in a neighborhood in the heart of Washington, DC.  It is a fantastic project that stands to become a model for the greening of mixed-use urban neighborhoods across the country.

Read the rest of Kaid Benfield's article about this model project »

Nancy's Comment:

Kick off of the Washington DC Living City Block project is great news for supporters of smart strategies for greener cities. Looking down the road, the prospect of getting real outcome data and analysis of how this project develops is so important. A major message to environmentalists and urban planners from the social sciences and behavioral economists is that we've got to understand how communities react and respond to advocates' ideas.

Benfield's article spells out the vision and rationale. In Brooklyn, the Pratt Center For Community Development just completed a urban block greening pilot program in Bedford Stuyvesant and reported on outcomes. It's an invaluable analysis and opportunity for learning for the future. I wrote about it in Edging Toward Energy Efficiency