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The Wall Street Journal

The City of the Future Echoes the Past
Julie V. Iovine

A visit to "China Prophecy: Shanghai," now at the Skyscraper Museum through April, is a handy way to get a better grip on the changes under way in this clamoring, glamorous city.

Built around the plausible conceit that Shanghai today is experiencing the explosive urban creativity and convulsive growth last seen during the skyscraper age of New York in the '30s, the show sets out to "juxtapose a retrospective of American visions of the skyscraper city of the future from the early 20th century with an exploration of Chinese cities today, pursuing the parallel conditions of rapid modernization and urbanization."

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Nancy's Comment
A current museum exhibit links Shanghai's new crop of super tall buildings to New York's Depression Era skyscrapers. Nancy wonders if Shanghai's 21st Century structures are more energy efficient. Read Nancy's comment.


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