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The New York Times Dot Earth Blog

Sallan stays in the mix on Andy Revkin's Dot Earth blog.

This time, Nancy points out that climate change strategists cannot put all their eggs in market-based baskets. Smart and serious climate laws must also set performance standards for everything from apartments to autos.

Paying People for the Costs of Climate Control (Part 2)
January 3, 2008

Now back to the latest responses from Peter Barnes on his plan at the national level: Respondents raised several good questions with regard to cap-and-dividend. Let me address the main ones. — Peter Barnes

9. What about laws such as better efficiency standards? (Nancy Anderson)

New York Times columnist Tom Friedman has made a crucial distinction between incremental policies and transformative ones. Cap-and-dividend is transformative. It will get us to 80% emission reductions and create a clean energy infrastructure in the process. Raising efficiency standards for autos, appliances and buildings is a good thing to do, but it won't transform our economy or cut emissions 80%.

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