January 09, 2019

The Weekly Question

Why Cities Should Support A Green New Deal

Infrastructure. Mass transit. Resilience.

Sunsetting Fossil-Fueled Power Plants

Stay tuned for a NYC Council bill that would require the City to develop a plan by the end of 2019 for the phase out of all natural-gas fired power plants + replacing them with renewable energy generators

January 08, 2019

Climate Science For Climate Justice

Preview how climate science could impact Juliana v United States, a law suit brought by young people against the federal government, claiming the “nation’s climate system” is critical to their rights to life, liberty + property + asserting the federal government has violated their substantive due process rights by allowing fossil fuel production, consumption, + combustion at
'dangerous levels'

Today's Quote

"Imagine if our efforts, from community-driven renewable energy enterprises to climate policy, integrated a new kind of "emotional intelligence" - which can say, yep, we know, this is hard, scary, exciting, overwhelming, + you may be feeling x and y. Let's talk about it, let's figure it out together." Renee Lertzman, psychologist

Help Wanted: NJ Assistant Attorney General

The New Jersey Office of the Attorney General is hiring an Assitant Attorney General responsible for management of affirmative environmental litigation with a priority on civil enforcement actions, natural resource damage suits, litigation involving the federal government + promoting environmental justice.

World: Heritage Sites Threatened

UNESCO World Heritage sites with "outstanding universal value" are at risk from climate disruption impacts

Carbon Emissions Spiral Up

US carbon dioxide emissions rose 3.4% in 2018, per new expert report

January 07, 2019

Unpacking The GND

What's the deal with the Green New Deal? Not at all definitive, but a place to start

Congestion Pricing, What It Is And Isn't

Here's what congestion pricing is - a map to a fairer + more rational transportation system - not a death threat to taxi drivers or an arbitrary tax

Lahore: Where Inhaling Is Ugly

Clean Energy Innovation - It's Not Magic

Take a closer look at what the GOP calls "innovation" for solving our climate crisis + what's well known about how it actually works effectively + large scale

January 04, 2019

A Green New Deal For NY

First takes on what a Green New Deal for NY could mean, including some legislative + policy ideas already on the table

Euro-Banks: Low Carbon Loans

5 major European banks adopt low-carbon lending practices + collaborate on means to track their progress + determine where to cut investments

116th Congress - First Climate Hearings

The House Energy + Commerce Committee will devote its first hearing to the economic + environmental impacts of climate change

January 03, 2019

Japan: Cold-Shouldering Coal

A Japanese steel maker/utility consortium scraps plans for a coal-burning power plant after government signals environmental concerns

New York Politics - The L Train

Gov. Cuomo derails de Blasio's 15 month L train repair shut down by announcing a no-shut down fix

Help Wanted: Environmental Legal Fellow

Reinventing Climate Finance

What are the top financing levers for driving decarbonization across critical industry stocks?

Belt And Road And Coal

If you think China's global Belt + Road infrastructure plan won't affect you, you'd be wrong

UK: No Place For Chimney Sweeps

Double good news for UK electricity, generating levels at their lowest since 1994 + renewables producing 33% of that power. BTW, population is up + economy's doing OK