August 06, 2013

2012: One Of Ten Warmest On Record

The American Meteorological Society reports on notable things about world weather in 2012

China: Tallest CHP building

When it opens in 2014, the tallest building in China will have an on-site combined heat and power systems

Global Energy Infographic

Map the world in terms of what fuels its power plants

Australia: Conservatives Target Carbon Tax

If elected, Australian Conservatives vow to abolish the nation's carbon tax

US: Energy Innovator Also-Ran

Arnold Schwarzenegger fears that the US economy is losing the global energy innovation race

Don't Waste Waste Sites

Closed landfills or other contaminated sites in NY and other states could be repurposed for solar power and other types of renewable power

Details Details

Check out the design of a super energy efficient home in Utah and ask, "What's in a label?"

The School With The Solar Skin

PS 62 on Staten Island will be home to the northeast's first net-zero energy school, clad in solar panels

$24 Million For Energy Efficiency

NYSERDA will issue $24 million in bonds to provide low-cost loans for energy efficiency upgrades in 1-4 family homes

August 05, 2013

'Help My House'

On-bill financing is key to a South Carolina program to upgrade energy efficiency in affordable homes and save occupants $300 a year

Marine Life: Feeling The Heat

Marine life reacts faster to a heating climate than land-based plants and animals

Palo Alto: All Renewable

Palo Alto, California now requires 100% of its energy to come from renewable sources

Subway Riders Save Money

Reuse of NYC Metrocards soars with $1 fee for buying new ones

China: Better Air For People And Planet

Making China's air safe to breathe goes in hand in hand with cutting GHGs

Teamsters Hall Built By PACE

The energy efficient Teamsters Union Hall is the first PACE-financed project in Los Angeles county

Reinvent Or Go Extinct

Europe's electric utility industry confronts the need to fundamentally change or else

Eco-Consumer Surveys 2.0

What can be done to upgrade consumer surveys on energy efficiency and renewable power?

For Your Consideration

Five ideas for a more sustainable (in every sense) NYC

August 02, 2013

London: Stocking Up On Renewables

Stock market IPO's for renewable energy firms are on the upswing in London

Former EPA Chiefs Cheer Carbon Tax

Four previous EPA leaders confirm that climate change is real and needs to be tackled head on with a carbon tax

Global Climate Report - Coming Soon

Meet climate scientists engaged in the latest report of the International Panel on Climate Change due out this fall

German Green Glow Dims

Great hopes for German leadership on how to end our fossil fuel addiction are fading

Killer Ladybugs

140,000 ladybugs turned loose in Central Park to combat pests without using toxic chemical

Just The Facts Ma'am

Washington DC gets its first real-time, energy use monitoring system for public buildings

Hot Rocks

Could fracking create enhanced geothermal systems to amp up the world's zero-carbon energy supply?

August 01, 2013

Words Fail Me

Scientists' picture of Earth temperatures today and the blistering speed of change by 2100

Helsinki: Density Does It

Residents in a new, densely developed Helsinki neighborhood choose to to trade more space for urban amenities

New Zealand: Adapt We Must

New Zealand must take steps to adapt to climate change but critics note the nation has yet to put a price on carbon


Installing and linking 1,000 high-tech monitors on the US electric power grid could eliminate future blackouts

Germany: Nixes Smart Meters

Calling EU standards for installing smart meters in 80% of homes by 2020 too costly for consumers, Germany won't adopt them

Boston's Bragging Rights

Boston has the software to back up its energy and water conservation claims

Hooray For Hollywood

Film and TV productions can slash their energy consumption 50% with plasma lighting

First Look At 2nd Avenue Subway

Come on down and see the birth of NYC's newest subway line

Microgrids: Get What You Need

$16 million for nine new microgrid systems in Connecticut is nothing to sneeze at, but the power supply will be more local, more resilient and weather-resistant, and produce much less CO2

July 31, 2013

The Heat's Still On

Don't take comfort in reports that global heating is on "pause"

Climate Inaction Is The Economic Threat

In her first post-confirmation speech EPA Chief Gina McCarthy> defines failure to regulate GHGs as an economic threat

Science At Work: Climate And Methane Leaks

Another round in the great fracking debate, which is worse CO2 or CH4?

Red, White And Green

A national environmental group launches a media campaign supporting the President's clean air & climate action plan

First Sandy, Now Sand

Check out this sand castle in the canyons of Lower Manhattan

Ride The Waves, Not The Rails

Added ferry service from Sunset Park to Manhattan will ease problems of R train riders facing a 14 month station shutdown