January 03, 2012

Pssst! Pay Attention

Media coverage of climate issues down 42% from its 2009 peak

Paying The Pipeline Piper

Stay tuned for President Obama's decision on the Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline and the political consequences while a former safety inspector speaks out

India: Auto Expo Split Personality

India's annual auto show will feature both small, energy efficient models and big, energy-slurping SUVs

Germany: Free Is Not Enough For Airline

Despite getting 15 million free carbon emissions permits, Lufthansa will raise air fares to pay for the remaining 35%

Energy Storage Calculations

While developing technology to store sun and wind power is critical to renewable power growth, calculating the cost of storage is another complexity

The Gold Shale Rush

International energy firms scramble to buy US shale gas deposits

Energized For 2012

With an annual energy bill of $4 billion, the Defense Department will be rolling out 27 cutting edge renewable projects

Making It In NYC

If you can make it there, you'll make it any where... clean, green and high tech firms get incubated in NYC

Germany: Bright Spot For Solar Industry

A Chinese solar equipment maker buys a troubled German high-tech PV firm, but the sector is not thriving

January 02, 2012

Generating Jobs

Renewable energy and efficiency projects are are the engines of new job creation in the US, not the Canadian oil sands pipeline

December 31, 2011

Court Slows Smog Rule

A federal court delays roll-ouf of an EPA rule to cut smog-making emissions from power plants

December 30, 2011

Last Words For 2011: Vaclav Havel

Vaclav Havel (d. 2011) closes out the year

Don't Forget 2011

Does this video recap of record-breaking weird weather in 2011 makes you look forward to 2012?

Drowning In Carbon Credits

The glut of CER credits in the EU carbon market combined with Durban climate talk inaction depresses prices and puts the system at risk

Financing Fracking

One way to peer into the future of hydrofracking is to look at the corporate bond market

Cuomo In 2012

Get some year-end hints about Governor Cuomo's 2012 sustainability, energy and transportation agenda

NY's Newest Green MBA

Working from the premise that business solutions are critical to solving environmental problems, Bard College launches a sustainability-rooted MBA program

December 29, 2011

Public Health Costs Of Climate Chaos

Whatever the specifics of a changing climate, factoring in its public health impacts steeply raises the cost of inaction

DOE: Picking Winners

DOE $41.6 million stimulus fund investment in clean energy fuels cells starts to pay off

Buying Newt

A look at corporate contributions in 2008 might offer insight into Newt Gingrich's pivot on climate and energy issues

No Crash Test Dummy

Buying a car? Consider the injury rate of passengers in accidents involving hybrids compared to gas-powered vehicles

UK: Investing in 15x20

Since April 1, 2011, renewable power projects have attracted $3.8 billion in the UK, but critics say this is not enough and call future funding uncertain

Wind: Wins and Losses

A top Massachusetts court upholds a long-term power purchase agreement for Cape Wind but a pending Delaware wind project loses its purchase commitments

Adjusting To Climate Chaos

Get acquainted with efforts around the world to cope with challenging climate changes

Methane Mysteries

Methane is known to be a potent GHG, but why its atmospheric concentrations change is not well-known

December 28, 2011

A Different Us v Them

To understand the uproar at the over the chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, don't think Democrat v Republican

Hydrofracking Happy In Canada

Western Canada speeds down the road to becoming a capital of hydrofracking for fossil fuel extraction

Japan: Sun Signs

Although Japan's CO2 output soared this year, there are hints of solar-powered alternatives on the way

Denmark: Down Year For Wind Turbines

Vestas, the giant wind turbine maker, has had a bad year, facing low cost foreign competition and depressed European demand

Vermont: 90x50

Consider the Vermont plan for getting 90% of its energy from renewable sources by 2050

India: Fuggedaboutit

India announces it will not sign any binding agreement to cut its GHG emissions

Fracking Photo-Op

A snapshot of the conflicting impacts of hydrofracking in one New York community

UK: Low Carbon v Fossil Future

Predictions are the cost of developing a low-carbon energy future is close to the cost of a fossil fuel-filled future.

NYC's Green Build List 2011

Who made it on this top ten New York City green real estate stories for 2011?