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Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

Environmental and civil rights activist Michelle DePass evaluates the Bloomberg years, the first 100 days of the de Blasio administration and what it could be doing

Paul Krugman: Renewables Skeptic No More

"I was wrong" to dismiss the power of renewables in combating climate change, writes Paul Krugman

Renewable Power Leaders

Friends of Benchmarking

Second Year White Paper

FOB 2nd Year White Paper

The Second White Paper is an independent, non-partisan assessment of data gathering software and benchmarking data quality. It opens a window for understanding how behavioral and market driven decisions made by property owners relate to effective public policy.

With new leadership in City Hall, it's worth taking stock to see what has been learned to date through energy performance disclosure, and assess what challenges remain.

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Sallan Report Microsite

Start up. Scale up.

Seek durable innovation.

Discover the insights of real world green tech and development trailblazers.

In The Carbon Age

Solar Power: Not Either/Or

Get over the idea that rooftop solar power and utilities must be at war...

Climate Report: Emissions Trends

While the latest IPCC report finds global GHG emissions continuing to rise the meaning of trends within countries needs to be understood in the context of development & trade

Follow The Parks Money

Does Mayor De Blasio's proposed budget for NYC parks advance his equity agenda?


Germany: Utilities' Last Stand

The success of renewable energy spells big trouble for Germany's traditional power utilities

Johannesburg: Green Bond Debut

$138 million in bonds for low carbon buses & buildings will be offered by Johannesburg, S.A. next month

Canada: The Art Of The Carbon Tax

Lessons to be learned from Canada's failed effort to enact a carbon tax

In the Media

Does Climate Change Risk Misperception Matter?

Dot Earth Blog

Risk communication consultant and author David Ropeik takes issue with Andy Revkin's TEDx talk on 'inconvenient minds' and the immense problem of mobilizing political action on climate change. Revkin publishes their communication on Dot Earth and comments pour in.

Nancy Anderson charts a course of action — better building and energy efficiency codes.

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Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.Torchlight

Meet Donovan Richards: NYC's New Environmental Protection Chairperson

Shortly after Superstorm Sandy wreaked its havoc on New York, Donovan Richards won a special City Council election to represent the super-soaked residents of southeast Queens. In January 2014, his Council colleagues tapped him to become Chair of the Environmental Protection Committee. Talk about being fast-forwarded into the center of urban climate change and resilience politics!

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Aleksi Neuvonen & Tuuli KaskinenSnapshot

Gatekeepers: Unsung Heroes Of A Smart Economy?

Ever had to personally refurbish a house? Ever had to think of buying windows, replacing the old roof with a new one or changing the heating system? Have you taken energy efficiency and climate emissions into consideration when making these decisions? Anyone who has gone through all this knows the right answers and solutions can be hard to come by.

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Sallan Events

How Knowledge Saves Power Panel

The Urban Energy Revolution

23 January 2014

How Knowledge Saves Power Panel sponsored by; NYIT, NYLCV, Friends of Benchmarking and Sallan, convened experts who all agree that LL84 may not be perfect but has created positive momentum for change and a bright future for benchmarking.

Michael Bobker, Adam Hinge, Jonathan Flaherty, Ari Frankel and Conor Laver make the case.

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The Urban Energy Revolution

The Urban Energy Revolution

28 Sept. 2012

The Infrastructure Panel sponsored by; NYIT, NYC ACRE, NYLCV, NYECC, Pace Energy & Climate Center and Sallan, considers fast forwarding to a time when cities rely on decentralized systems for heating, cooling and electricity.

Now we know — rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy's devastation means a fundamental rethinking.

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Atlantic Wind Power Panel

Wind Power In New York

21 May 2012

Held at NYIT, the Atlantic Wind Power Panel sponsored by Cleantech Corridor, McCarter & English and the Sallan Foundation, considered New York's prospects for offshore wind energy.

Is Atlantic Wind Energy in Our Future? Sallan is using Storify to stay up-to-date.

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Market Makers

Market Makers: Event Two
The New Energy-Efficient Building Toolkit

15 November 2011

Making Green History By Doing It

Learn how New York property owners, tenants and retrofit teams are leading the way toward making energy efficiency the hallmark of big city real-estate and helping Gotham thrive.

Market Makers

Market Makers: Event One
Developing & Deploying Energy Efficiency Technology

20 September 2011

An exploration of the emergence and growth of New York City's clean tech sector via case studies on green building advances and efficiency technologies — an Official Event of Climate Week NY°C 2011 — took place at the New York Academy of Sciences.

Reimagining Metropolis

Re-imagining the Metropolis:
Visions For A Near Future

26 April 2011

Now, we must accelerate our pace — in understanding and rethinking city functions — to reinvent the metropolis. In this final forum of our series, panelists explored how New York will be challenged and may be transformed by emerging trends.

Reimagining Metropolis

Reimagining the Metropolis:
Revolution is No Joke

2 Feb. 2011

A Banker, A Lawyer & An Underwriter Walk Into A Bar — our 3rd event of a 4-part series — got serious about developing the means to assign monetary value to high performance properties, tracking and comparing their performance as well as tackling thorny issues of code enforcement and LEEDigation.

Reimagining Metropolis

Reimagining the Metropolis:
Making it Happen

30 Nov. 2010

Our second event of a four part series on high performance building in New York City zeroed in on public policy developments, private sector innovation and how they have intersected over the last half-decade.

Reimagining Metropolis

Reimagining the Metropolis:
The Big Picture

28 Oct. 2010

Our sold-out first event at the AIA New York Center for Architecture conveyed the Big Picture — a wide-angle view of what has been achieved, what's been learned and what's next for New York City's revolution in high performance building.

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NY14 Passive House Conference & Expo, Building Big: Going Massive
17 Jun
Get the latest on PH apartment buildings, offices, schools and shops from around the world. Don't miss the Expo of component and service providers that cater specifically to this market. Professionals, policy makers & the public are welcome!
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Author Talk: A Country Of Cities
24 Apr
Vishaan Chakrabarti will discuss his recently released book, A Country of Cities, which argues that well-designed cities are the key to solving America's great national challenges: environmental degradation, unsustainable consumption, economic stagnation, rising public health costs & decreased social mobility.
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NYC Green Festival
27 Apr
There is something for everyone interested in living a more sustainable and healthier life this year's festival April 26 & 27
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Greening Seminar: How to Make Lasting Behavior Change
12 May
Have you been educating your community about topics such as recycling, saving energy, composting, or purchasing green products? Are you disappointed that your staff, members, or tenants know what they should be doing, but they're still not doing it? Help is here!
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Tree Care Tuesdays 2014
2 Sep
The goal of Tree Care Tuesdays is to beautify NYC neighborhoods, create community relationships, promote green space, mitigate air pollution, and prevent stormwater runoff and it's FREE April 22 - September 2
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